Zarif chosen GRI Person of the Year

Tehran, Dec 25, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was chosen Global Risk Insights (GRI) Person of the Year in Political Risk 2015.

GRI is a world leading online publication that provides analysis on political risk & geopolitics for the business community. Political risk analysis at GRI examines local, national, and international politics to determine their impact for corporations and investors.

‘Like our 2014 GRI Person of the year Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Zarif has given Iran the opportunity to engage in active dialogue with the international community and the global economy after many years of isolation,’ according to the Globalriskinsights website.

2015 has been an exciting year regarding political risk. There have been political upheavals throughout the globe and many a region marred by violence.

‘However, looking positively on the international scene the Iranian nuclear deal on the 14th of July between Iran and the P5+1 stands out as the most important and influential event that has occurred this year,’ outlined the website.

The following are some excerpts from the website:

‘Although it is significantly early to say whether the deal will be a complete success, Zarif’s skilled diplomacy and rhetoric has allowed Iran and the United States to come to the table and negotiate a deal and remove sanctions from the Iranian economy.

‘This is a significant feat, worthy of this year’s award. Zarif has demonstrated that he is a formidable political operator and skilled negotiator whose continued role at the helm of Iranian foreign policy will spell new exciting possibilities for post-sanction Iran.

‘Zarif’s somewhat apt and memorable role in spearheading the Iranian nuclear negotiations has produced two positive developments. Firstly, the ability for Iran to come to a compromise with the P5+1 about its nuclear capabilities means that it is no longer isolated from the international community.

‘Iran has now cooperated with the IAEA and other international agencies in securing the terms of the deal, but it demonstrates a willingness to remove its previous status within the international community.

‘Secondly, the conclusion of the deal has secured Iran’s role as a regional power. It now has the ability and potential to use its expanding influence on other regional issues and crises.

‘Zarif’s prominent role in the recent talks in Vienna on the future of a political solution to the Syrian Crisis demonstrates this.

‘An invitation by the US to this event signifies Iran’s role in the Syrian conflict and its growing ability to influence Middle Eastern Politics. With Zarif continuing in his capacity as the Foreign Minister, there is potential for constructive cooperation with Europe and the US in fighting the rise of Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

‘It may take some time for developments to transpire and progress, but the cool-headed way that Zarif has dealt with the nuclear issue and maintained a strong Iranian position shows a positive development in the possible normalization of US-Iranian relations.’


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