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Makkah: millions observe 27th night of Ramadan

READ: 280,000 Palestinians mark 27th night of Ramadan in Al-Aqsa Mosque Source

Mind Control: WEF Technocrats Openly Plot to Observe and Track Human Thoughts With Implants

Mind control is the final frontier of the technocratic revolution. What you say, do, buy, and sell is increasingly trackable through technology. Yet, so far, the human mind remains a sanctuary free from prying foreign eyes – the last refuge. This will not last if the technocrats have their way. [embedded content] “Can you imagine […]

Palestinians Observe General Strike Denouncing Illegal Home Demolitions

Above Photo: Palestinians protest against planned demolitions in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir. Activestills. Around 800 Palestinian homes are facing the threat of demolition by the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem. It plans to replace them with 500 new illegal settlement units and a shopping mall. Palestinians in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of […]

Orthodox Christians observe Christmas amid virus concerns

Orthodox Christians in Russia, Serbia and other countries began Christmas observances on Thursday amid restrictions aimed at dampening the spread of the coronavirus, but few worshipers appeared concerned as they streamed into churches. The majority of Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas on 7 January, with midnight services especially popular. The churches in Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and […]

CERN Physicists Observe Nonzero Mass Difference between Charm Meson and Its Antiparticle

CERN Physicists Observe Nonzero Mass Difference between Charm Meson and Its Antiparticle  Jun 9, 2021 Physicists from the LHCb Collaboration at CERN have proved that a subatomic particle called the charm meson can switch into its antiparticle and back again. Using data collected during the second run of the Large Hadron Collider, they’ve measured a […]

CDRO Supports Farmers Call To Observe Black Day On 26th May

CDRO SUPPORTS FARMERS CALL TO OBSERVE BLACK DAY ON 26th MAY CDRO stands in solidarity with the Samyukta Kisan Morcha’s call for observing 26th May 2021 as a Black Day. The second half of 2020 saw protests against the Farm Bills passed by the BJP-led government. It is now well-known that the central government had […]

Scientists Observe A ‘Paranormal’ Connection Between Twins

The Facts: A recent article published in The Lancet medical journal explains that PCR tests can be “positive” for up to five times longer than the time an infected person is actually infectious. Reflect On: Why are certain viewpoints, opinions, studies, scientists and doctors being censored and/or ignored for presenting data that completely contradicts what […]

Observe what has happened to a woman who received the Moderna vax for CV

Two videos which may not last censorship … know the risks (which are clearly not being told to people) before you make your informed choice about being vaccinated. This dear woman has made this public in order to warn people, hear her speak for herself in the second video … EWR Shawn Skelton at Facebook, […]

Scientists observe ‘quantum sense’ which may EXPLAIN HOW animals ‘see’ magnetic fields for first time

Scientists from the University of Tokyo claim to have observed a reaction showing quantum physics directly impacting biochemistry, which they suspect explains how certain animals can perceive the Earth’s magnetic field. Researchers have long suspected that some part of various animals’ visual systems, including migratory birds, allows them to perceive the Earth’s magnetic fields, affording […]

EU leaders observe minute’s silence to honour late French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing

The heads of EU27 countries that had gathered for Thursday’s summit in Brussels fell silent for a minute in honour of late French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing. Giscard d’Estaing was the president of France from 1974 to 1981 and became a champion of European integration. Giscard d’Estaing’s office said he passed away on Wednesday in […]

Worshippers observe final day of Hajj amid COVID-19 restrictions

The masked pilgrims, dressed in white and separated in marked places to observe social distancing, threw seven stones each on a wall that symbolises Satan. It comes on the final day of the Hajj pilgrimage on Sunday and is one of the final rites. But Instead of collecting the pebbles as in previous years, the […]

Photos: People in Tehran observe Night of Decree

ISNA | Peyman Yazdani: Tehrani people observed Night of Decree in the 19th night of Holy Month of Ramadan.   Source Article from

Doctors Observe Man Go Without Water & Food For 15 Days & It Has Huge Implications

Next Story “We realized that, if this whole phenomenon really exists in a human being even for 15 days, it would have immense application in unraveling secrets of medical science and its application for human welfare.” Those were the words that came from the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences in India along with […]

MSF teams in Gaza observe severe, devastating gunshot injuries

by MSF Since 1 April, MSF teams in Gaza have provided post-operative care to more than 500 people injured by gunshots during the Great March of Return demonstrations. The number of patients treated in MSF clinics over the last three weeks is more than the number they treated throughout all of 2014, when Israel’s military […]

Photos: Iranians observe Hajj rituals in Mecca

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on August 31 Iran Front Page- IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Thursday, August 31, and picked headlines… Source Article from

Observe This

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Here is an article which addresses the KGB ties to the Alt-Right and what happened in Charlottesville: Richard Spencer and His Kook-Right Ilk Are Agents of Russian Influence: Kremlin intelligence is manipulating the far-right. It’s time to push back. Unfortunately, it only tells half the story, leaving out the relevant facts that […]

How Personal Transformation Works: Just Observe the Natural World

4th June, 2017 By Rachel Horton White Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you ever noticed that our own lives are reflected in nature? That we are actually so connected to our Earth that all that exists within it can be viewed as the macrocosm of our personal development as souls? While connecting with […]

A huge, mystery dwarf planet’s been hiding in our Solar System this whole time

     Astronomers have just announced that an unnamed, overlooked object lurking at the back of our Solar System is actually way bigger than they previously thought. In fact, it’s only slightly smaller than Pluto and Eris, which suggests that it is, in fact, a dwarf planet – the third largest dwarf planet we know of […]

World premiere of ‘The Salesman’

Renowned Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi’s newest film ‘The Salesman’ (released as ‘The Client’ in French) will have its world premiere on May 21 at Cannes Film Festival 2016. The movie, which is the only Iranian production in this year’s Cannes competition lineup, will be screened just a day before the closing of the event after […]

Shukrallah Karam: a hero and healer of south Lebanon

Thirty-nine years ago, on 17 February 1977, Shukrallah Karam, 63, the only resident physician in the south Lebanese town of Khiam, where he was raised, was doing what he did best — tending to the sick and wounded at his house-turned-makeshift-clinic. Outside, Israeli tanks and troops were approaching on one of their many incursions into Lebanon. […]

Zarif chosen GRI Person of the Year

Tehran, Dec 25, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was chosen Global Risk Insights (GRI) Person of the Year in Political Risk 2015. GRI is a world leading online publication that provides analysis on political risk & geopolitics for the business community. Political risk analysis at GRI examines local, national, and international politics […]

As National Homeless Rates Drop, Why Are NY Populations Exploding?

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals November 19, 2015   Speaking at an event hosted by the conservative organization, the Manhattan Institute, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said that the city’s homeless population has “exploded” between 2013 and 2015; as the epidemic spread across the nation. Bratton blamed […]

Civil Disobedience Can Be Tough | Being Prepared Is Key

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