Zionist-subverted West Ignores Desmond Tutu’s Opposition To Israeli Apartheid

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The world has been universally paying homage to Nobel laureate and world hero Desmond Tutu (7 October 1931- 26 December 2021) for his opposition to  apartheid through non-violent boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS), and his involvement in truth and reconciliation in post-apartheid South Africa. However a mendacious, hypocritical, Zionist-subverted, pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-apartheid West ignores Tutu’s resolute opposition to the ongoing criminal obscenity of Israeli apartheid.

No sooner has the world hero Desmond Tutu passed than mendacious, Zionist-subverted Mainstream media and politicians have commenced re-writing history through outrageous lying by omission. The least that I can do to honour the wonderful Archbishop Desmond Tutu is to expose this Mainstream Western lying and hypocrisy. Before attempting an adequate sketching of this extraordinary Western hypocrisy over anti-apartheid hero Desmond Tutu  it is necessary to summarize the appalling realities of the ongoing Palestinian Genocide and of egregious Israeli apartheid. Summarized  below are details of (1) the ongoing Palestinian Genocide , (2) Israeli apartheid, (3) Israeli Covid apartheid,  (4) Desmond Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid, and (5) pro-apartheid Western ignoring of Desmond Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid.

(1). The ongoing Palestinian Genocide.

In 1880 the 0.5 million population of Palestine was about 90% Muslim and 10% Christian, with about 25,000 Jews, half of them immigrants. Britain invaded Iraq in 1914 for oil and hegemony, and in 1916 the Sykes-Picot Agreement divided up the Arab world between the UK and France. The British war on the Ottoman Empire was associated with a Palestinian Famine and a demographic deficit of 100,000 people. In 1917 the charge of the Australian Light Horse gave victory over the Turks at Beersheba, and was followed 2 days later by the despicable UK Balfour Declaration to British Zionist Lord Rothschild offering Palestine, the land of the Palestinians for millennia, as a Jewish Homeland (according to leading British historian and Jewish Zionist, Professor Sir Martin Gilbert, the Balfour Declaration was actually designed to get Jewish Zionist Russian Communists to try to keep Russia in the war against Germany). The 1918 Surafend Massacre of Palestinians by Australian and New Zealand Anzacs (about 100 men and boys massacred) was the start of violent killing in the century-long Palestinian Genocide. Post-WW1 Zionist immigration to Palestine under the racist British caused conflict with the Indigenous Palestinian inhabitants (notably with tenant farmers forced into deadly penury by sale of land to Zionists), and in 1939 a British White Paper stopped further immigration for fear of Muslim disaffection in a British Empire engaged in WW2. In 1944 the British War Cabinet decided to Partition Palestine (this very likely being the basis of the Australian Intelligence-based decision of wartime Australian Labor PM John Curtin to veto the previously widely supported Freeland Scheme for exclusive Jewish settlement of North West Australia that had been substantially depopulated in the ongoing Australian Aboriginal Genocide). By 1947 the population of Palestine was 1,970,000 comprising 630,000 Jews (32.0%), 143,000 Christians (7.3%) and 1,181,000 Muslims (59.9%) i.e. two thirds were Indigenous Palestinians.

1n 1948 the non-Semitic European Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist colonizers rejected calls by Palestinians, anti-racist Jews, the UN, the Arab World and civilized humanity for a secular, democratic and multicultural state, and seized nearly 80% of Palestine, emptied 500 villages, forcibly expelled 800,000 Palestinians (about 60% of the Indigenous Palestinian population) in the Nakba (or Catastrophe), and proclaimed the race-based settler state and democracy-by-genocide pariah state of “Israel” (but better described as “Apartheid Israel”). The key geopolitical role of Apartheid Israel for the racist and imperialist West was revealed in 1956 when Apartheid Israel joined with the UK and France in war criminally invading Egypt but were forced to withdraw by the US. In 1967 a now nuclear-armed Apartheid Israel attacked all its neighbours and seized all of Palestine plus a huge slab of Egypt (the Sinai), a huge slab of Syria (the Golan Heights) and part of Lebanon (the Shebaa Farms), with another 400,000 Arabs being expelled in the process of the Naksa (Setback). Apartheid Israel subsequently returned the Sinai to Egypt in return for “recognition“ in a deal brokered by a now firmly Zionist-beholden US. With US backing Apartheid Israel recently annexed the Syrian Golan Heights and in December 2021 announced doubling the Zionist  settlement of this illegally and war criminally occupied, ethnically cleansed and annexed territory. The ongoing, WW1 onwards and century-long,  Palestinian Genocide has been associated with 2.2 million Palestinian deaths from violence (0.1 million) and from imposed deprivation (2.1 million). see [1-15].

(2). Israeli apartheid. 

A Zionist-subverted West ignores the present reality that Apartheid Israel rules all of a 90% ethnically cleansed Palestine (plus ethnically cleansed parts of Syria and Lebanon) and of its 14.4 million Subjects 6.8 million (47.0%) are Jewish Israelis, 0.4 million (2.8%) are non-Jews and non-Arabs, 2.0 million (13.9%) are Palestinian Israelis, and 5.2 million (36.1%) are Occupied Palestinians with zero human rights and excluded from voting for the government ruling them (apartheid). Despite a century of a Palestinian Genocide involving violent killing, huge avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation and repeated mass expulsions, Indigenous Palestinians still represent 50% of the Subjects of Apartheid Israel in Palestine but over 72% of the Occupied Indigenous Palestinian Subjects of Apartheid Israel are excluded from voting for the government ruling them i.e. egregious Apartheid. Significantly, Dr Henrik Verwoerd, the neo-Nazi pro-Apartheid Israel architect of Apartheid in South Africa stated: “Israel is an apartheid state” [16, 17]. The Israeli Human Rights Group B’Tselem also says that “Israel is an apartheid state”. Ronald (Ronnie) Kasrils (anti-racist Jewish South African hero in the fight against Apartheid) (2007):Like the Gaza Strip, the West Bank is effectively a hermetically sealed prison. It is shocking to discover that certain roads are barred to Palestinians and reserved for Jewish settlers. I try in vain to recall anything quite as obscene in apartheid South Africa” [18].

In 1880 there were 0.5 million Palestinians and 25,000 Jews (50% immigrants) in Palestine. Today there are about 15 million Palestinians in the world including over 8 million Exiled Palestinians (most of them impoverished and ”state-less” refugees, comprising about 10% of the world’s 70 million refugees, and forbidden on pain of death to enter the Homeland continuously inhabited by their forebears for millennia), 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians (with zero human rights and highly abusively confined under Israeli guns to the blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp, 2 million, or to territorially ever-dwindling West Bank ghettoes or Bantustans under military rule, 3.2 million), and nearly 2.0 million “lucky” Palestinian Israelis (permitted to vote for the government ruling them but as Third Class citizens of Apartheid Israel under 65 Nazi-style, race-based laws imposed by genocidally racist invaders) [19-24]. Arabic has been spoken by Indigenous Palestinians for at least 1,400 years [25] but has recently been removed as an official language by the Zionist Knesset [26], which also recently rejected a motion ensuring full equality between all Israeli citizens i.e. that Indigenous Palestinians who are Israeli citizens be accorded the full human rights accorded other Israeli citizens [27]. This blatant racism would not be tolerated in democratic Western countries today (although it was tolerated in racist White Australia prior to the 1967 Referendum that finally recognized Australia’s Indigenous (Aboriginal) subjects as citizens able to vote for the government ruling them).

(3). Israeli Covid apartheid.

Apartheid Israel is among world leaders in Covid-19 vaccination for its Israeli Subjects and by December 2021  5.9 million out of 9.2 million Israelis (64%) were fully vaccinated, and 4.2 million (46%) had received a booster.  However Apartheid Israel has categorically refused to vaccinate its 5.2 million Occupied Palestinian Subjects except for 5,000 front-line medical workers and 120,000 Occupied Palestinians who work in Israel or in illegal West Bank settlement as “cheap captive labour” (this being in the interests of “herd immunity” to protect Apartheid Israeli’s minority of Jewish Israelis) [28]. Al Jazeera has reported that Apartheid Israel had stopped 1,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine from entering the Gaza Concentration Camp [29]. As a consequence by December 2021 only 1.5 million out of 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians  (29%) were fully vaccinated and only  2,779 (0.1%) had received a booster [28]. Presently (30 December  2021) “Covid-19 deaths per million of population” is 882 for Occupied Palestine (population 5.2 million) as compared to 10 for New Zealand (population 5.0 million) [30]. The Occupier Apartheid Israel is grossly violating Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention by refusing to supply its Occupied Palestinian Subjects with life-sustaining food and medical requisites “to the fullest extent of the means available to it” [31].

So far (December 2021) many Occupied Palestinians have died from COVID-19 (4.656 deaths or about 1% of 439,231 cases) but notional extrapolation to a maximum of 5.2 million cases would indicate that Apartheid Israel has a deliberate intent to kill 52,000 Occupied Palestinians. The per capita GDP (nominal) is a deadly $3,400 for Occupied Palestinians as compared to $46,400 for Israel (UN, 2019) [32], and the utterly deprived and impoverished Occupied Palestinians are particularly vulnerable. This is deliberate, intentional mass murder by Apartheid Israel. Similarly, in relation to supply of ventilators Apartheid Israel ensured that its severely ill Occupied Palestinian Subjects were massively deprived. Thus ventilators per million (/M) people are 504/M (Occupier US), 173/M (Occupier Australia) and 407/M (Occupier Apartheid Israel) versus 8/M (Occupied Afghanistan), 38/M (Occupied Palestine) and 13/M (Gaza Concentration Camp) [33], this further revealing gross violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention by Apartheid Israel and its most fervent supporters (Australia is second only to the US as a fervent supporter of Apartheid Israel) [33].

Zionist-subverted and perverted Western media initially reported the remarkable and hence “newsworthy” refusal of Apartheid Israel to provide vaccines to its 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians. However in the subsequent year of lavish reportage about Apartheid Israel’s world-leading vaccination efforts (it is now giving a fourth or second booster shot to fully vaccinated and boosted Israeli citizens) [34], the deeply racist and anti-Arab anti-Semitic  Western journalist, politician,  academic and commentariat presstitutes resolutely ignore the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli Covid apartheid.

(4). Desmond Tutu opposition to  Israeli Apartheid.

Zionism is genocidal racism (as set out explicitly by all its leaders from Theodor Herzl onwards [35])  and Nazism without gas chambers but with 90-400 nuclear warheads. The global anti-apartheid movement against Apartheid South Africa and its supporters  was sparked by the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960 (69 Africans killed and 189 wounded) [36]. Nobel Laureate and famed anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela stated: “The UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years, an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” [37]. Numerous anti-racist South Africans including anti-racist Jewish South Africans have condemned Israeli apartheid and supported Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against  Apartheid Israel and all its supporters of the kind that eventually brought down apartheid in South Africa.  For similar opinions of anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarians see [37- 47]. Desmond Tutu has been eulogized by the world for his opposition to apartheid in South Africa. However as set out below Archbishop Desmond Tutu also forcefully expressed opposition to Israeli apartheid [37, 38, 48-50].

(a). Desmond Tutu in a speech to  the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York (1984): “The Arabs should recognize Israel, but a lot must change also. I am myself sad that Israel, with the kind of history and traditions her people have experienced, should make refugees of others. It is totally inconsistent with who she is as a people… I was immediately accused of being anti-Semitic [for criticizing Israel].  I am sad because I think that it is a sensitivity in this instance that comes from an arrogance — the arrogance of power because Jews are a powerful lobby in this land and all kinds of people woo their support” [51].

(b). Desmond Tutu in a speech to British Jews criticizing Israel for continuing to work with South Africa on military matters despite apartheid (1987): “Israel’s integrity and existence must be guaranteed. But I cannot understand how a people with your history would have a state that would collaborate in military matters with South Africa and carry out policies that are a mirror image of some of the things from which your people suffered” [51].

(c). Desmond Tutu (1989): “I’ve been very deeply distressed in my visit to the Holy Land; it reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa. I have seen the humiliation of the Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks, suffering like us when young white police officers prevented us from moving about” [52].

(d). Desmond Tutu on Apartheid Israel (1989): “If you change the names, the description of what is happening in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank would be a description of what is happening in South Africa.”[53].

(e). Desmond Tutu on Occupation, Apartheid and Divestment from Apartheid Israel (2002): “The end of apartheid stands as one of the crowning accomplishments of the past century, but we would not have succeeded without the help of international pressure– in particular the divestment movement of the 1980s. Over the past six months, a similar movement has taken shape, this time aiming at an end to the Israeli occupation. Divestment from apartheid South Africa was fought by ordinary people at the grassroots. Faith-based leaders informed their followers, union members pressured their companies’ stockholders and consumers questioned their store owners. Students played an especially important role by compelling universities to change their portfolios. Eventually, institutions pulled the financial plug, and the South African government thought twice about its policies. Similar moral and financial pressures on Israel are being mustered one person at a time. Students on more than forty campuses in the U.S. are demanding a review of university investments in Israeli companies as well as in firms doing major business in Israel. From Berkeley to Ann Arbor, city councils have debated municipal divestment measures. These tactics are not the only parallels to the struggle against apartheid. Yesterday’s South African township dwellers can tell you about today’s life in the Occupied Territories. To travel only blocks in his own homeland, a grandfather waits on the whim of a teenage soldier. More than an emergency is needed to get to a hospital; less than a crime earns a trip to jail. The lucky ones have a permit to leave their squalor to work in Israel’s cities, but their luck runs out when security closes all checkpoints, paralyzing an entire people. The indignities, dependence and anger are all too familiar. Many South Africans are beginning to recognize the parallels to what we went through. Ronnie Kasrils and Max Ozinsky, two Jewish heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle, recently published a letter titled “Not in My Name.” Signed by several hundred other prominent Jewish South Africans, the letter drew an explicit analogy between apartheid and current Israeli policies. Mark Mathabane and Nelson Mandela have also pointed out the relevance of the South African experience” [54] (see also [55]).

(f). Desmond Tutu in a 2002 address that was  published in The Guardian (2002):In our struggle against apartheid, the great supporters were Jewish people. They almost instinctively had to be on the side of the disenfranchised, of the voiceless ones, fighting injustice, oppression and evil. I have continued to feel strongly with the Jews. I am patron of a Holocaust centre in South Africa. I believe Israel has a right to secure borders. What is not so understandable, not justified, is what it did to another people to guarantee its existence. I’ve been very deeply distressed in my visit to the Holy Land; it reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa. I have seen the humiliation of the Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks, suffering like us when young white police officers prevented us from moving about… My heart aches. I say why are our memories so short. Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation? Have they forgotten the collective punishment, the home demolitions, in their own history so soon? Have they turned their backs on their profound and noble religious traditions? Have they forgotten that God cares deeply about the downtrodden? Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice…. Israel has three options: revert to the previous stalemated situation; exterminate all Palestinians; or – I hope – to strive for peace based on justice, based on withdrawal from all the occupied territories, and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state on those territories side by side with Israel, both with secure borders… We should put out a clarion call to the government of the people of Israel, to the Palestinian people and say: peace is possible, peace based on justice is possible. We will do all we can to assist you to achieve this peace, because it is God’s dream, and you will be able to live amicably together as sisters and brothers” [56] (see also[57]).

(g). Desmond Tutu advocating Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against an Apartheid Israel (2012): “The Jewish Holocaust, engineered and implemented primarily by Europeans, gave some ideologues within the Jewish and Christian community an excuse to implement plans that were in the making for at least 50 years, under the rubric of exceptional Jewish security. In this way began the immense oppression of the Palestinian people, who were not at all involved in the Holocaust. Not only is this group of people being oppressed more than the apartheid ideologues could ever dream about in South Africa, their very identity and history are being denied and obfuscated. What is worse, is that Europe and the USA are refusing to take responsibility for their actions with regard to both the Holocaust and the over-empowering of the Israelis, their disregard for the international conventions and regulatory framework of the nuclear industry and their continued oppression of the Palestinian people. But God, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, neither slumbers nor sleeps. Prophetic voices have been calling this empowered people who were once oppressed and killed, to their deepest values of justice and compassion, but they have refused to listen even to the most reasonable voices. The human community cannot be silent in the face of the gross injustice being meted out to the people of Palestine. If international courts and governments refuse to deal with this matter, we in the churches and in the rest of civil society really have no choice but to act in small ways and big ways. God is busy doing a new thing. And God is using all of us to be partners with him. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians have to be liberated, but at this stage the greater onus is on the Israelis since they are the ones who are in power, economically, politically and militarily. We have to think about ways that will allow them to reflect deeply on what it is that they are doing and bring them back from the brink, not out of spite or revenge, but because we love them deeply. I therefore wholeheartedly support your action to disinvest from companies who benefit from the Occupation of Palestine. This is a moral position that I have no choice but to support, especially since I know of the effect that Boycotts, Disinvestment and Sanctions had on the apartheid regime in South Africa. May God bless your conference as you deliberate on this matter, and I pray that your decision will reflect the best values of the human family as we stand in solidarity with the oppressed. God bless you. Archbishop-Emeritus Desmond Tutu Cape Town, South Africa” [58].

(h). Desmond Tutu in support of BDS against Apartheid Israel (2012): “ Black South Africans and others around the world have seen the 2010 Human Rights Watch report which “describes the two-tier system of laws, rules, and services that Israel operates for the two populations in areas in the West Bank under its exclusive control, which provide preferential services, development, and benefits for Jewish settlers while imposing harsh conditions on Palestinians.” This, in my book, is apartheid. It is untenable. And we are in desperate need of more rabbis joining the brave rabbis of Jewish Voice for Peace in speaking forthrightly about the corrupting decadeslong Israeli domination over Palestinians. These are among the hardest words I have ever written. But they are vitally important. Not only is Israel harming Palestinians, but it is harming itself. The 1,200 rabbis may not like what I have to say, but it is long past time for them to remove the blinders from their eyes and grapple with the reality that Israel becoming an apartheid state or like South Africa in its denial of equal rights is not a future danger, as three former Israeli prime ministers — Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and David Ben Gurion — have warned, but a present-day reality. This harsh reality endured by millions of Palestinians requires people and organizations of conscience to divest from those companies — in this instance, from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and Hewlett Packard — profiting from the occupation and subjugation of Palestinians. Such action made an enormous difference in apartheid South Africa. It can make an enormous difference in creating a future of justice and equality for Palestinians and Jews in the Holy Land.” [59] (for my detailed argument for trade bans on Apartheid Israel see [60]).

(i). Desmond Tutu to the Washington Times (2013): “I wish I could keep quiet about the plight of the Palestinians. I can’t!” [61].

(j). Desmond Tutu in an article in Haaretz (2014): “The past weeks have witnessed unprecedented action by members of civil society across the world against the injustice of Israel’s disproportionately brutal response to the firing of missiles from Palestine… Besides the recent devastation of Gaza, decent human beings everywhere – including many in Israel – are profoundly disturbed by the daily violations of human dignity and freedom of movement Palestinians are subjected to at checkpoints and roadblocks. And Israel’s policies of illegal occupation and the construction of buffer-zone settlements on occupied land compound the difficulty of achieving an agreement-settlement in the future that is acceptable for all. The State of Israel is behaving as if there is no tomorrow. Its people will not live the peaceful and secure lives they crave – and are entitled to – as long as their leaders perpetuate conditions that sustain the conflict. I have condemned those in Palestine responsible for firing missiles and rockets at Israel. They are fanning the flames of hatred. I am opposed to all manifestations of violence. But we must be very clear that the people of Palestine have every right to struggle for their dignity and freedom. It is a struggle that has the support of many around the world. No human-made problems are intractable when humans put their heads together with the earnest desire to overcome them. No peace is impossible when people are determined to achieve it. Peace requires the people of Israel and Palestine to recognize the human being in themselves and each other; to understand their interdependence. Missiles, bombs and crude invective are not part of the solution. There is no military solution. The solution is more likely to come from that nonviolent toolbox we developed in South Africa in the 1980s, to persuade the government of the necessity of altering its policies. The reason these tools – boycott, sanctions and divestment – ultimately proved effective was because they had a critical mass of support, both inside and outside the country. The kind of support we have witnessed across the world in recent weeks, in respect of Palestine. My plea to the people of Israel is to see beyond the moment, to see beyond the anger at feeling perpetually under siege, to see a world in which Israel and Palestine can coexist – a world in which mutual dignity and respect reign. It requires a mind-set shift. A mind-set shift that recognizes that attempting to perpetuate the current status quo is to damn future generations to violence and insecurity. A mind-set shift that stops regarding legitimate criticism of a state’s policies as an attack on Judaism. A mind-set shift that begins at home and ripples out across communities and nations and regions – to the Diaspora scattered across the world we share. The only world we share. People united in pursuit of a righteous cause are unstoppable. God does not interfere in the affairs of people, hoping we will grow and learn through resolving our difficulties and differences ourselves. But God is not asleep. The Jewish scriptures tell us that God is biased on the side of the weak, the dispossessed, the widow, the orphan, the alien who set slaves free on an exodus to a Promised Land. It was the prophet Amos who said we should let righteousness flow like a river. Goodness prevails in the end. The pursuit of freedom for the people of Palestine from humiliation and persecution by the policies of Israel is a righteous cause. It is a cause that the people of Israel should support. Nelson Mandela famously said that South Africans would not feel free until Palestinians were free. He might have added that the liberation of Palestine will liberate Israel, too” [62].

(k). Desmond Tutu in a widely quoted statement: ‘When I see Palestinians at a checkpoint, it reminds me of South Africans at checkpoints during apartheid” [63].

(l). Desmond Tutu in an address to the Presbyterian General Assembly biennial meeting (2014): “As the Presbyterian General Assembly gathers for its biennial meeting, I reach out in prayer and solidarity that the Assembly will make a strong witness for reconciliation, justice and peace. I am aware that the Assembly will consider eight overtures on the confounding and intractable conflict in Israel and Palestine, however I am especially urging the Assembly to adopt the overture naming Israel as an apartheid state through its domestic policies and maintenance of the occupation, and the overture calling for divestment of certain companies that contribute to the occupation of the Palestinian people. Both are worthy of adoption, by speaking truth in the first instance, and owning up to the Church’s complicity in maintaining the occupation through its investments in the second. The sustainability of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people has always been dependent on its ability to deliver justice to the Palestinians. I know firsthand that Israel has created an apartheid reality within its borders and through its occupation. The parallels to my own beloved South Africa are painfully stark indeed. Realistic Israeli leaders have acknowledged that Israel will either end its occupation through a one or two state solution, or live in an apartheid state in perpetuity. The latter option is unsustainable and an offense to justice. We learned in South Africa that the only way to end apartheid peacefully was to force the powerful to the table through economic pressure” [64].

(m). Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on US president Donald Trump supporting  Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (2017): “God is weeping over President Donald Trump’s inflammatory and discriminatory recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is our responsibility to tell Mr. Trump that he is wrong” [63].

(5). Pro-Apartheid Western ignoring of  Desmond Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was famed for his peaceful but resolute opposition to apartheid in South Africa, his post-apartheid involvement in the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and his support for  human rights around the world, notably for the Indigenous Palestinians suffering under Israeli apartheid as outlined in sections 1-4 above. US- and UK-backed Apartheid Israel backed US- and UK-backed Apartheid South Africa and indeed helped Apartheid  South Africa acquire nuclear weapons (subsequently relinquished after the fall of apartheid in South Africa). The world has universally praised Desmond Tutu for his peaceful but resolute opposition to apartheid in South Africa but the responses fall into 3 categories: (a) Western media and politicians confining their eulogies to Desmond Tutu’s opposition to apartheid in South Africa, (b) Zionist commentators noting Tutu’s opposition to Israeli policies (c) media and commenters praising Desmond Tutu for his opposition to human rights abuses generally, and (d) media and commenters acknowledging Tutu’s opposition to Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

(a). Western media and politicians confining their eulogies to Desmond Tutu’s opposition to apartheid in South Africa.

Pro-Apartheid Australia is second only to pro-apartheid America as a fervent supporter of Apartheid Israel and hence of Apartheid, with pro-Apartheid UK and pro-Apartheid Canada coming equal third. Mainstream Australian, American UK and Canadian media and politicians have eulogized Desmond Tutu for his opposition to apartheid in South Africa  but ignore his opposition to Israeli apartheid. Such Zionist-subverted Western media are lying,  racist, and anti-Arab anti-Semitic by ignoring Desmond Tutu’s support for the sorely oppressed Occupied Palestinians, and indeed anti-Jewish anti-Semitic  by variously ignoring and implicitly defaming anti-racist Jews utterly opposed to Israeli apartheid. Western media in this despicable category have issued hypocritical obituaries ignoring Desmond Tutu’s strong opposition to Israeli apartheid as sketched below:

Australian Mainstream media. In Zionist-subverted Australia editorial comment by The Australian  (flagship of the Zionist Murdoch media empire)[65], the Sydney Morning Herald [66], and The Age (Melbourne)[67] ignored Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid, as did letters published by The Age on the subject [68].  Initial news reports by the  Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the repugnantly Zionist-beholden ABC is the taxpayer-funded Australian equivalent of the UK BBC), and the Special  Broadcasting Service (SBS, serving multi Australia but with a fervent Jewish Zionist presence on  its board) ignored Tutu’s support for Indigenous  Palestinian human rights, as did an analysis  by prominent conservative Indigenous  ABC journalist Stan Grant [69].

UK Mainstream media. The disgracefully Zionist-beholden BBC ignored Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid in its reportage [70, 71], as did a eulogy by Bob Geldorf in the normally relatively progressive newspaper The Guardian. [72].  An extensive obituary  by The Guardian  ignored Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid [73], with this prompting the following indignant response from a decent reader: “I was disappointed that your obituary of Desmond Tutu made no reference to his support for Palestine, and his powerful statement in 2014 when he made a direct comparison between the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories and the apartheid regime in South Africa against which he had fought so hard. Archbishop Tutu was a remarkable and principled man and an inspiration to many. His fight against apartheid and racism was not just confined to one country; he challenged it wherever it occurred. Ann Kramer, Hastings, East Sussex” [74].

US Mainstream media. An obituary in  the New York Times ignored Tutu’s fervent opposition to egregious Israeli apartheid but included the following plea for Palestinian opera lovers: “In 2010 he [Tutu] unsuccessfully urged a touring Cape Town opera company not to perform in Israel, invoking South Africa’s struggle against apartheid in criticizing Israel’s policy toward Palestinians. He said that the company’s production of “Porgy and Bess” should be postponed “until both Israeli and Palestinian opera lovers of the region have equal opportunity and unfettered access to attend performances”” [75]. The American ABC ignored Tutu’s resolute and public opposition to Apartheid Israel but  remembered Tutu as “committed to racial equality in his home country of South Africa and abroad” [76]. In a lengthy obituary The Washington Post allowed that Tutu “repeatedly compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to South Africa during the apartheid regime”[77].

Canada. The mendacious, racist and Zionist-subverted Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC, the Canadian equivalent of the UK BBC) reported extensively on Desmond Tutu’s life of opposing racism and apartheid, but of course there was no mention of Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid [78, 79]. Canada was repugnantly slow to finally  oppose apartheid in South Africa in 1986 (only 7 years before the end of apartheid in South Africa) and has an appalling record of supporting Apartheid Israel and hence of supporting the crime of apartheid that is condemned by various UN conventions, most notably the “International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid” that was rejected by Apartheid Israel and by its consequently pro-Apartheid Western supporters including all members of the 5-eyes club [80-83].  Occupied Palestinians are excluded from voting for the government ruling them i.e. they are subject to egregious apartheid, and those denying this are simply lying. Canada belongs to the Anglosphere 5-eyes intelligence-sharing club (the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), but the US shares intelligence on Australians (and probably on the citizens of all the 5-eyes members) with Apartheid Israel [84]. Apartheid Israel, the  US, the  UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a core commonality in all being based on genocide of Indigenous peoples [85, 86].

Pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-Apartheid Western politicians. A range of pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-Apartheid Western politicians have displayed egregious hypocrisy by eulogizing Desmond Tutu for his opposition to apartheid in South Africa but making no mention of Tutu’s opposition to Israeli apartheid. The list of these fervently pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-apartheid hypocrites includes former presidents Bill Clinton and  Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris (US), PM Boris Johnson and Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer (UK), President Emmanuel Macron (France), PM Justin Trudeau (Canada), and PM Scott Morrison and  Labour Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese (Australia).  Desmond Tutu notably asserted that former UK PM Tony Blair and former US president George W Bush should be taken to the International Criminal Court in The Hague over their key role in the  Iraq War [87] – I found no comments by these war criminals on the death of Desmond Tutu.

(b). Zionist commenters noting Tutu’s opposition to Israeli policies. The Australian Jewish News (AJN) marked the passing of Desmond Tutu by labelling him a “controversial Israel critic” and detailing some statements by Tutu (properly) critical of Israeli policies, (properly) critical of  Israeli military collaboration with Apartheid South Africa,  and asserting (correctly) that “Jews are a powerful lobby”. The AJN: “Those comparisons [with South African apartheid], along with remarks that some Jewish leaders called antisemitic, earned Tutu criticism from some Jewish leaders” [88]. Outstanding anti-racist Desmond Tutu’s response to the inevitable Zionist smear of anti-semitism against people critical of Apartheid Israel: “I was immediately accused of being anti-Semitic… I am sad because I think that it is a sensitivity in this instance that comes from an arrogance — the arrogance of power because Jews are a powerful lobby in this land and all kinds of people woo their support” [88]. The Zionist medium Algemeiner responded to the New York Times quoting Tutu (correctly) urging a boycott of Israel by a South African opera company: “The New York Times is marking the death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu with a new push to depict Israel as a racist state like apartheid-era South Africa” [89]. The Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel came out with a much more moderate line on anti-racist hero  Desmond Tutu [63, 90].  The Jerusalem Post described world hero Tutu “Not a friend of Israel, but a man of great achievement, heroism and bravery” [90]. The Times of Israel commented: “Tutu was also an outspoken critic of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians and what he called their “humiliation” by Israeli security forces, calling for sanctions and a global boycott to compel Israel to change its policies and likening the situation to the apartheid he experienced in South Africa” [90]. It is remarkable that while the Zionist-subverted Western media are too scared, too racist  or too partisan to report Tutu’s opposition to  Israeli apartheid, the Zionist press does report it! In contrast to this Zionist media constraint,  US Zionist lawyer Alan Dershowitz responded to Tutu’s  death by falsely berating this outstanding anti-racist and altruist as an “anti-semite” and a “bigot” [91].

(c). Media and commenters praising Desmond Tutu for his opposition to human rights abuses generally.

American ABC News: “[Tutu] committed to racial equality in his home country of South Africa and abroad” [76].

Dalai Lama: “We have lost a great man, who lived a truly meaningful life. He was devoted to the service of others, especially those who are least fortunate. I am convinced the best tribute we can pay him and keep his spirit alive is to do as he did and constantly look to see how we too can be of help to others” [92].

Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary-General): “A towering global figure for peace and justice, voice of the voiceless and inspiration to people everywhere. We will continue to draw strength from his humanity, passion and resolve to fight for a better world for all.” [92]

Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya President): “[Tutu’s passing was] a big blow not only to the Republic of South Africa, where he leaves behind huge footprints as an anti-apartheid hero, but to the entire African continent where he is deeply respected and celebrated as a peacemaker. Archbishop Tutu inspired a generation of African leaders who embraced his non-violent approaches in the liberation struggle” [92].

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England: “I am joined by the whole Royal Family in being deeply saddened by the news of the death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a man who tirelessly championed human rights in South Africa and across the world” [93].

The Nelson Mandela Foundation: “[Tutu’s] contributions to struggles against injustice, locally and globally, are matched only by the depth of his thinking about the making of liberatory futures for human societies” [71].

President Ramaphosa (South African president): “[Tutu was] an iconic spiritual leader, anti-apartheid activist and global human rights campaigner”… patriot without equal; a leader of principle and pragmatism who gave meaning to the biblical insight that faith without works is dead….A man of extraordinary intellect, integrity and invincibility against the forces of apartheid, he was also tender and vulnerable in his compassion for those who had suffered oppression, injustice and violence under apartheid, and oppressed and downtrodden people around the world” [71].

(d). Media acknowledging Tutu’s opposition to Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

ABC News (2021): “On the global stage, the human rights activist spoke out across a range of topics, from Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories to gay rights, climate change and assisted death — issues that cemented Archbishop Tutu’s broad appeal” [94].

BBC News (2021): “He was never afraid to voice his opinions. In April 1989, when he went to Birmingham in the UK, he criticised what he termed “two-nation” Britain, and said there were too many black people in the country’s prisons. .Later he angered the Israelis when, during a Christmas pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he compared black South Africans with the Arabs in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. He said he could not understand how people who had suffered as the Jews had, could inflict such suffering on the Palestinians” [95].

Haaretz (progressive Israeli paper) (2021):  “Tutu was one of the most eminent figures in the struggle to dismantle South Africa’s apartheid system … Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and veteran of South Africa’s struggle against white minority rule, has died aged 90… Read Tutu’s opinion piece in Haaretz: Plea to the people of Israelo: liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine” [70].

The Washington Post: “[Tutu] repeatedly compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to South Africa during the apartheid regime” [77].

(v). Individuals acknowledging Tutu’s opposition to Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

John Allen (a white journalist who later became Desmond Tutu’s official biographer): “[To the Whites] Tutu was the devil incarnate. Literally. One of our family friends said that. He was the embodiment of evil, and the hatred was just extraordinary… remembered. It was an era when the leadership of the liberation movements was banned, jailed or in exile, and here was this person who was saying what most black South Africans felt. Tutu really was public enemy number one, when Mandela was out of sight, out of mind. He had this extraordinary power to communicate. He would not honey his words so as not to offend white Anglicans” (quoted in [70]).

George Browning (president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) and formerly  Anglican Bishop of Canberra Goulburn 1993 -2008) (2021): “For a long time he [Desmond Tutu] had a particular passion for the plight of one of the Indigenous peoples of the Middle East, the Palestinians. Their fate has not been dissimilar to that of Australia’s Indigenous people who had long suffered under the doctrine of Terra Nullius, until it was overturned by the High Court in the Mabo case of 1992.  Israel was created under the equally erroneous slogan of “a people without a land for a land without a people”. Following the events of 1948 and 1967 Palestinians have become a dispossessed people. Desmond became increasingly alarmed at growing apartheid instigated by policies of the Israeli government and compared it unfavourably with his own experience of South Africa. He was a strong supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, calling it an important weapon in the arsenal of non-violent resistance” [97].

George Galloway (former UK Labour MP): “[Tutu] dedicated his life to tackling injustice and standing up for the oppressed… The anti-Apartheid champion of #BDS [against Apartheid Israel] the late Archbishop #DesmondTutu would already have been expelled if he had been a member of the #keirstarmer Labour Party. So would #NelsonMandela Just think about that…” [98].

John Minto (national chair of Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa (PSNA) and former national chair of HART (Halt all Racist Tours) (2021): “Tutu was outspoken against injustices all around the world and in particular he condemned the racist policies faced by Palestinians from the Israeli regime. He frequently described Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as “worse” than that suffered by black South Africans. He said international solidarity with Palestinians such as through BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) was critical to ending injustices like apartheid… In relation to Israeli policies towards Palestinians, Tutu said the world should “call it apartheid and boycott!” In honouring Tutu’s legacy, freedom-loving people around the world should follow his advice and spurn Israel till everyone living in historic Palestine has equal rights. Aotearoa New Zealand, the Palestinian struggle and the world have lost a dear friend and a great humanitarian” [99].

Professor Stuart Rees (Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Sydney, recipient of the Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize and author of the recent Policy Press book ‘Cruelty or Humanity’) (2021): “Tutu was an internationalist. To express the ideals of a common humanity, he took from the Ngomi group of languages the notion “ubuntu”. This, he explained, means being generous, hospitable, friendly, caring and compassionate. It means you are human because you belong. “Belonging” referred to policies regarding the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, to the plight of any groups — Rohingya, Palestinians, Hazara, Tamils, African-Americans — who are stigmatised and denied basic human rights. He taught that their oppression affects all, because we are part of a greater whole, each one of us diminished when others are tortured or oppressed, or treated as if they were less than who they are. Even the supporters of apartheid, he wrote, were victims of the same vicious system.
Armed with inclusive views of humanity, he crossed borders, challenged nationalism and advocated justice, not least regarding the plight of Palestinians. With his inimitable friend Nelson Mandela, he shared the view that South Africans would never be truly free until Palestinians were free. As a supporter of the world wide Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign for Palestinian rights to self-determination, Tutu challenged the cautious, often cowardly views of governments and institutions which opposed BDS even as they mouthed support for human rights” [100].

David Rovics (US  songwriter, podcaster, and part of Portland Emergency Eviction Response) (2021): “Desmond Tutu opposed capitalism, Israeli apartheid and US/UK imperialism, Too..The following year there was a rally in Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts against Israeli apartheid.  It was very windy, and there were hundreds of people filling the area in front of the big church there on Boylston Street.  I don’t remember who else spoke, but Tutu was the main speaker, and he spoke at length, after I sang “They’re Building A Wall” and other songs related to the anti-apartheid struggle in Palestine, as it was an event in solidarity with Palestinians.  Being such a well-known leader in the struggle against South African apartheid, when he would compare Israeli apartheid to the South African version, this was just the kind of support the movement to boycott Israel needed, and Tutu did his best to provide it, over and over again” [101].

Mohammed Shtayyeh (Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority):  “Tutu’s death was] a loss for justice, truth and peace in the world. … He loved Palestine and Palestine loved him” [92].

Wasel Abu Yousef (member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization): “ [Tutu was] one of the biggest supporters of the Palestinian cause. He had always advocated the rights of the Palestinians to gain their freedom and rejected Israeli occupation and Apartheid” [92].

Final comments.

Zionist-subverted, pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-apartheid Mainstream Western journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes remorselessly ignore the ongoing Palestinian Genocide by a nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, serial war criminal, Geneva Convention-violating and grossly human rights-abusing Apartheid Israel. This massive lying by omission is topically exampled by routine Mainstream ignoring of Israeli Covid apartheid – while Apartheid Israel is daily reported as a leader in COVID-19 vaccination (it is now unique in giving a fourth (booster) shot to Israelis), its refusal to vaccinate its 5.2 million Occupied Palestinian Subjects  is simply ignored as “old news”.

The death of the wonderful humanitarian, anti-apartheid hero and advocate of non-violence and reconciliation, Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  has  been followed by similar Mainstream Western ignoring of his sustained opposition to Israeli apartheid. Decent people around the world must respond by (a) informing everyone they can,  and (b) urging and applying comprehensive Boycotts, Divestment  and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and all people, parties, politicians, collectives, corporations and countries supporting Apartheid Israel and  hence the vile crime of  apartheid.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History”. He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2021). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/  .

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