Zionist Zombie Pig S#it Headline-Trump Was Right: Sweden Finally Cracks Down On Illegals With Mandatory Reporting

Let us investigate who was really right, Sweden or the Trickster Trumpster IsraHell’s Bitch?

The Ratschild’s have used the very evil Khazarian Jew cult members to start wars and make war on humanity.

Now that more and more humans are becoming aware they are not descended from biblical Israelites and Judeans, but are a red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian tribe

which mass converted to the End of Times pedophilia Death Cult in the Steppes of modern Russia & Ukraine in the year 0740 AD so that it is impossible ANY god gave them the Semitic Palestinian’s land, they are becoming no longer useful idiots used as tools against humanity, but a liability so the Ratschild’s forced killer jabs on the very people who they claim to represent.

Trump forced health harming mandatory dust masking on American, Communist penal code Lockdowns and death dart killer jabs on Americans.

Sweden did not force killer jabs on their people like the Ratschilds did the IsraHell useful idiots and Trump’s Ratschild Masters had trump force on Americans, and very few Swede people died while shitloads of IsraHell Khazarians and Americans did.

So who the hell was right, the Swedes or Ratschild’s bitch, the Trickster Trumpster?

And no matter which wing of the same carrion slurping vulture

is running Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, the flow of 3ed world American hating criminals has never been stopped or even slowed significantly.

The Ole Dog!


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