Anon Proves That Jews Were Expelled from at Least 359 Locations

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2017

For some reason, everyone seems to hate these people.

Most people reading the Daily Stormer should be familiar with the fact that Jews have been expelled from 109 locations around the world. This little piece of information is, after all, one of the sharpest arrows we have in our quiver when debating cuckolds who still believe that the Jews have a right to exist.

Sometimes, however, we underestimate just how thoroughly Jewish the Jews actually are. 109 times in almost two millennia? Yeah, that always did seem a little low to me.

It seems that an anon from 8chan’s /pol/ board felt the same way. Armed with nothing more than a computer, spare time, and the power of autism made manifest, the diligent anti-Semite decided to compile a more in-depth list of locations in which the Jews were expelled.

His number? 359 at minimum.

Yeah, that sounds more like the Jews we all know and love.

Here is the OP (the thread is still available here):

And here is the list:

(Here’s the list with full sources that wouldn’t fit properly on the page.)

I’m not into numerology, but even I can’t overlook the obvious symbolism of the 359 number.

If the Jews are expelled from one more location (e.g. Planet Earth) then, according to this list, they will have been expelled from 360 locations.

360 degrees = a full circle.

The word for “circle” in Yiddish is “keikl.”

“Keikl” is the origin of “kike”!

Lord Kek is still with us, goys. He never left our side for a moment.

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