dog tied from back of car and dragged

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6 Responses to “dog tied from back of car and dragged”

  1. Taylor says:

    That is absolutely horrible! I hope whoever do this will get jail time! I hope the dog survived!

  2. Tracy says:

    Why would anyone do this to a poor animal. This is so disgusting it makes me sick. I am crying for this poor thing. Why? Why? Why?

  3. Ashley says:

    I know right its like um, what the heck did this animal ever do to you? I would honestly just put the dog to sleep just to put him out of his misery I honestly can’t believe someone would do that to a DOG i am disgusted. -.- i pray for people like that.

  4. enforcer says:

    if it was an accident I am sure the owner feels terrible.
    if it was delibrate , shoot the asshole

  5. Jadlynn says:

    I sit here and look at this dog and think why people say things about how dogs are bad and there evil but it seems that dogs only act this way because they are scared of the world cause of what some humans do to these help creatures that were once called mans best friend !!!!!!:( 😥

  6. Tony says:

    This is absolutely horrible why do people have the thought in their minds to do things like this to animals people like that I honestly say should be shot I pray this dog is ok after these tragic events hope ur ok dog would say ur name but I don’t no it but I feel so sorry for u and I pray ur ok and u can gobon and live a happy life x

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