Evidence the Boston Marathon Bombing was a Hoax


Boston Bombing COMEDY SHOW BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! – ‘Blood Powder’ Showers! Click on Video below:

uploader trying to convince us not the real video clip, but it is the real tv show and I have seen it and it is a combination of part 1 and part 2 ending of episode. Its real. dont let the zionists fool you.

By B’Man’s Revolt

(Advisory: The following images may be considered graphic, though when one understands this event was nothing more than a Hollywood creation, the gore is no more graphic than countess Hollywood movies. Greg)

I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of
Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal
bleeding, fatalities, doa’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

Here is a telling photograph of the amputee actor. I encourage readers to view the photo side by side with my analysis.



If you lose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is
gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you’re dead after two.
Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because
flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular
tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really
happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in
it. You would also see whats called arterial spurting from the injury.
Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then
turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would
literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied.
There’s no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a
gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior
proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no
blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting
up the fake leg wound prosthetics.  His attention and hands are right
there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
Frame 6


Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this
chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put
on his sunglasses which is a signal.
Frame 8


Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.
Frame 9


In frame eleven after receiving the go signal the woman makes an open hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling
the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises
his left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No
blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee,
no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.
Frame 11


Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still
holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man
again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the
woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still
no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.
Frame 14


Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The
amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the
cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh
blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry
and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.
Frame 20


These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.


Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have
you ever heard of someone with a blown off leg not bleeding? Some make
the claim that it was cauterized,
but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the
wheelchair shows ‘blood and gore’ (a cauterization is a burn that seals
the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled
him out in front of the cameras.
And there is more analysis from Fist-Of-Freedom:
This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the
first explosion. There is clear evidence of false flag staging here. The
man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down
giving directions to the guy in
the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman
sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses who set up
the double amputee prosthetics.
Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also
the calm prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right.
See how her shirt sleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is
clean and clear of injury and blood. From where she’s sitting look right
to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake
Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there doing
nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of
the fake amputee actor later on. Look to center of the photo and you will see the african woman moving
herself away from the amputee actor since her shielding him from
camera’s job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair leaning on
her elbow.
Missing Legman
Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side by side is very helpful.
The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking
fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actor’s prosthetics, is
now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his
jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red
hair however is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile the
double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is
clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of
fake blood around him where the african lady shielding him used to be,
she has disappeared  What happened to her? Compare this photo with the
first in my post.
The african woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and
amputee actor’s prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left
and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood
and strapped into a spine board stretcher.
In a real medical scenario the amputee would receive immediate treatment
or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the
scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is
ludicrous. He would be dead from blood loss before they could even begin
spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a
stretched. Not to mention his blood loss would be over five liters,
enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.
2d1c4b60d453d6c2b6de52e90a76264cFrom firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/AscensionEarth2012/~3/2FNqHqk-haI/evidence-boston-marathon-bombing-was.html

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