Ex-Cop: UK Police Too Afraid of ‘Racism’ Accusations to Adequately Fight Black Crime

The UK police are too afraid of being called ‘racists’ so they don’t even bother trying to stop black crime.


Young black men are 25 times more likely to be murdered, yet any initiative to try to discuss why this is, or to use software to identify whether different ethnic groups “specialise” in particular types of crime, is deemed taboo.

I have spent thirty-five years in policing, most of it in inner city London trying to keep people safe. People of all creeds and all colours.

Along the way, I had daily leadership of Operation Blunt 2, the Metropolitan Police attempts to reduce murder amongst teenagers from a peak in 2008 of 29 a year, with 26 of them caused by stabbing or shooting, to a low by 2012 of only eight, with just six caused by stabbing and none by the gun.

Judging by the trends of 2007 onwards, that operation probably saved the lives of over 100 teenagers by 2012. Not to mention the probable 250-plus who would have got life in prison or long sentences for involvement in what were principally gang-related murders. The key tactic of this operation was the stop-and-search targeting of gangs of black inner-city youths by specialist units.

It would be wrong not to give due credit to the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and his Deputy Mayor for Policing, Kit Malthouse, who gave unstinting support to police efforts trying to stop this carnage among our young people.

People know little about this success; in today’s woke world we dare not talk openly about how it was achieved and whose lives were saved or stopped from being wasted on a lifetime in prison. To do so risks being vilified in the mainstream media, being subjected to massive abuse on social media, and seeing their careers blighted and their future job opportunities disappear.

That is why I am taking a chance telling you this: Nearly all the teenagers doing the dying were black and so were nearly all their murderers, who will still be in prison now, twelve years later.

The sad fact is that the success we had back then is long gone. Things are much worse today as turf wars and “beefs” over street drug dealing and county lines trafficking have grown. To put this into perspective, last year 671 people were murdered in the UK. Of these, 97 were black, mostly all young males. In a population of 67 million, there are of the order of 250,000-300,000 black males between the age of 15 and 30. That’s less than half a percent of all UK residents. Yet this tiny number make up nearly 15 percent of all murder victims. Why?

It’s an interesting but shocking aside to realise that the only reason that the murder rate amongst young black males is not higher is because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the techniques used to stop traumatic blood loss from wounds have been brought back to our civilian hospitals and frontline ambulances by NHS staff serving in the Army Reserve who treated our terribly injured young soldiers. An unexpected legacy of these brave young people.

The reasons for this need to be discussed. You would have thought that members of the black community would be anxious to discuss this slaughter of their young men and to find solutions to stop it.

But these are matters that are rarely aired, for fear of being shouted down or being labelled a racist. I appeared on a TV show in June and tried to make some of these points, you can see a recording here. What I was trying to say there was principally three things: that most of this violent crime is perpetrated by young black men on other young black men; that early “upstream” social intervention is needed at the age of three or four when children are being raised in single-parent families, particularly among Afro-Carribean women; and that police officers in London have given up trying to stop black youths carrying guns and knives because they know that to do so puts their careers and mortgages at risk. It’s all extremely depressing.

Movements like Black Lives Matter and their supporters use misinformation to try to paint a picture that this is all about racist white police officers deliberately targeting and killing innocent black people. The facts that show otherwise are suppressed or ignored: of the 16 people who died (mostly from drug overdoses) in police custody last year, only one was black. As was one of the three people shot dead by officers last year.

Young black males are 25 times more likely to be murdered than the rest of the population. Why?

People from BAME backgrounds constitute only 14 percent of the general population in England and Wales, but make up 25 percent of its prison population, with many more times that in the youth justice system, on probation, license or on community orders. Why?

This is the same reason that stopped the impotent UK police from prosecuting Paki grooming gangs for years. People with swarthy skin have systemic privileges to be able to commit heinous crimes and have police look the other way simply so they won’t be called ‘racist’ by some rapist pooskins.

What this cop won’t admit is that these vastly disproportionate homicide and delinquency rates among the UK’s black youth has as much to do with their race as their ‘culture’. The culture and race of blacks is intertwined. Blacks have extremely low impulse control. They’re savage brutes who use violence as a first resort, not a last resort like most civilized humans, during a conflict. When a black sees a shiny object that he covets, he steals it.

The hood rat gang culture that most blacks partake in is built into their genetics. Africa has taken this to another level. Instead of small roving black gangs terrorizing cities like London, African countries are menaced by armed militias who rape and slaughter at will. Each decade there’s some new genocide or mass killing taking place on the dark continent. Mass rape and cannibalism are commonplace, part of daily life.

These beasts are simply bringing to our shores the indignities that are customary on their shores. And willfully blind, vapid white liberals continue to tolerate it and make up innumerable asinine excuses for black behaviour until the day comes when the groids want another white victim.

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