France: African Refugee Admits to Setting Fire to Nantes Cathedral

Blacks are trying to burn down Western civilization.

Daily Mail:

A Rwandan refugee could face up to 10 years in prison after admitting setting fire to Nantes cathedral.  

The 39-year-old man, who has solely been identified by his first name Emmanuel, worked as a volunteer security guard at the 15th-century Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paint which set alight last week. 

Three fires had been started at the site on July 18 and it took 104 firefighters to control the blaze which tore through the building and caused millions of pounds worth of damage. 

The Rwandan refugee was questioned for a second time yesterday by prosecutors and he was placed under formal investigation early this morning after confessing to setting fire to the cathedral, French newspaper Le Monde reported.

Prosecutor Pierre Sennès said Emmanuel had been charged with causing the destruction of property by fire an offence that can be punished with a 10-year sentence and fine equivalent to £136,000.

Sennès added that Emmanuel had previously denied any involvement in the fire. 

His lawyer, Quentin Chabert, said his client bitterly regretted his acts and ‘cooperated’ with police. 

Emmanuel was being housed by the Nantes diocese, having arrived in France five years ago, and was one of seven security guards at the cathedral. 

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