Hard Proof the Shooting in Canada is a Hoax

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Hard Proof the Shooting in Canada is a Hoax

Absolutely, the so-called shooting of up to five Mounties, three of them shot dead, is a fake. It simply didn’t happen. This was orchestrated by the great ones of the Canadian Zionist cabal.

There was no active shooter, no real bullets fired, no actual Mounties targeted, and, most importantly, no one killed or wounded. The mayor, police chief, various police associates, and all other key public officials are collaborators in this fraud.

This was a drill or simulation which was falsely created into a live event. There actually was a drill in the area less than a week before this phony event:


Distance between Sackville, NB, Canada and Moncton, NB 

Driving distance from Sackville, NB, Canada to Moncton, NB, Canada 31 Miles / 50Km. How many hours? 35 mins.


The Canadians should abandon the hoax business, leaving it to the Americans and, perhaps, Kenyans (Nairobi hoax). It was just an all-around poor job. The police chief wins the award, and may well be deemed the Robbie Parker (the give-away hoaxer) of the Canadian shooting scam.

The captions state that the loss of his men brought him to tears. Really?


DailyMail caption: Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Damien Theriault holds back tears while addressing the media

Zoomed in, there can be no doubt about it. The claim, and the act, of crying is a lie.


The fact that he must fake the crying is hard proof that he lost no colleagues in any shooting and that the entire claim of a real shooting is a fraud and a hoax. 

Shattered: A Codiac Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer drives with the rear door window shot out by a bullet in Moncton, New Brunswick

After this, that is the existence of the drill and the fake crying by the police chief, the rest becomes almost moot. Here, a police car has been damaged by the police themselves – or their Zionist handlers. Only the window is knocked in, which is easily replaced. Note that there are no bullet holes anywhere on the body of the car. Therefore, in all likelihood that window was smashed in by hand rather than being shot out.

Note: the fact that only windows are busted out, while the car frames are not pock-marked by bullet holes from a long-gun, is also proof of the fraud.

There appears to be an officer in the front seat; the car is merely a prop.

What in God’s name is this monstrosity? It has an armored turret on top. This is purely for purposes of intimidation. There is no way such a vehicle would e on hand in Moncton without being pre-arranged.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police armored vehicle moves to a location as the search for a heavily armed gunman continues

Broken glass and blood stains: the intended targets of these shootings was unclear as the cars appear to belong to civilians rather than police

There is fake blood smeared in a long streak that makes no sense of any kind, that is unless someone drug a freshly and severely wounded person from the car. Yet, with that much blood on the street there surely should be significant contamination of the car:

Looking for clues: Police said Thursday that they are conducting a thorough investigation into the suspect's background
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Damien Theriault holds back tears while addressing the mediaMayor George LeBlanc addresses the media
Dramatic: Twitter user Matt Arsenault took this picture of police surrounding a house in Moncton, New Brunswick, after a shootout with suspect Justin Bourque
Firepower: Police say Bourque is carrying two military-style rifles with high capacity magazines, a bow and a knife
High alter: Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers use their vehicles to create a keep a perimeter in Moncton

The water isn’t a waste, though. It does help independent bloggers determine the nature of any such scam or hoax. How is Mr. SWAT going to fare if that gunman surprises him with his strategic left arm tied up in the water bottle? It’s no matter, the only danger is dehydration (sarcasm), and surely there would be every effort to prevent anyone from being hurt; a lawsuit would constitute devastatingly damning publicity.

Keeping residents safe: Police officers walk around a strip mall urging merchants to shut down their stores as a precaution
Life as usual: A teen rides his bike past a trailer where murder suspect 24-year-old Justin Bourque resides in Moncton, with an armored police vehicle parked out frontA McDonald's Restaurant on Mountain Road, in the lockdown area of Moncton, displays a sign apologizing for its closure in the midst of a manhunt for Justin Bourque
Duck and cover: Police officers take cover behind their vehicles in Moncton
Manhunt: Residents of Moncton are being urged by police to stay indoors


Source Article from http://nodisinfo.com/hard-proof-shooting-canada-hoax/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=hard-proof-shooting-canada-hoax

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