Holohoax “Survivor” Says She Survived Gas Chamber Because Order Was to Kill Only 500

This is one example of the deluded hucksterism of these phony holocaust “survivors”.

The Germans were so meticulous about numbers that they spared this wench because she surpassed the approved number of gassing victims.

Only very low-IQ or emotionally-driven women would believe this tall tale.

Why didn’t the Germans just gas her the next day or the day after that? They would’ve had endless opportunities to gas this woman but miraculously let her live.

She also claims that jews died while standing up in a train.

As my readers are astutely aware, jews are pathological liars and make up the most harebrained atrocity stories. The best Hollywood fiction writers wouldn’t even put these types of asinine stories into movies. Jews lie pathologically in order to fleece the goyim. They also do it because they’re mentally ill and have a genetic impulse to lie to non-jews about their fake suffering.

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