Kurt Schmid-Ehmen: German Sculptor of the Reichsadler

Kurt Schmid-Ehmen (born October 23, 1901 in Torgau, Germany, died 14 July 1968 in Starnberg) was a German sculptor.

Wikipedia: He is regarded as the creator of the Reichsadler and the Nazi emblem. He studied at the Leipziger Akademie with Adolf Lehnert and Münchner Akademie and was master-master Bernhard Bleekers . He first attracted attention with numerous busts, including one of the famous pianist Josef Pembaur , the teacher of the concert pianist Hetty Haelssig (later Schmid-Ehmen). His entry into the NSDAP in the early 1930s and his acquaintance with the architect Paul Ludwig Troost gave him first orders and his personal acquaintance with Adolf Hitler. Thus he designed the memorial for the fallen of the 9th century. November 1923 in the Feldherrnhalle, or the eagles at the party buildings in Munich, at the Reichsparteitagsgelände in Nuremberg, or the Adlerrelief for the smoke room in the New Reichskanzlei. Schmid-Ehmen produced the largest bronze eagle at a height of nine meters at the German Pavilion in Paris in 1937 and received the Grand Prix de la Republique Française. Since 1936 he belonged to the Presidential Council of the Reichskammer der bildenden Künste , on 30 January 1937 Adolf Hitler appointed him as a professor. n 1938 Hitler bought his spearhead . In 1939, Schmid-Ehmen was represented at the Great German Art Exhibition in the Munich House of German Art with the bronze sculpture Female figure. The work “Girl with branch” was exhibited by him at the exhibition Deutsche Künstler and the SS 1944 in Salzburg.

Schmid-Ehmen had been artistically active again at his new residence in Starnberg since 1948, creating portraits, tombstones and figurative works. His late works include a mourner in 1961, a mother’s fountain as a commission for a retirement home in Schweinfurt, as well as a monumental phoenix with a 3.5 m wing span and a height of 2.10 m, which he used as a casting plaster model two months before his death in 1968 completed. The bronze was cast in 1990 under the supervision of his widow.

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