More Hard Proof Terror Attack at Jerusalem Synagogue is an Arch-Zionist Hoax

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More Hard Proof Terror Attack at Jerusalem Synagogue is an Arch-Zionist Hoax

What a miserable, treacherous and criminally-minded cabal the Zionists are, once again faking the deaths of fellow Jews, among others, for mere material gain. It is absolutely a fake, and it is impossible, categorically, for anyone to prove otherwise.

The criminal minds of the Israeli Zionists created this as a sympathy-generating hoax “We poor Jews, look at us. We are always being attacked just because of our faith. They even came, those eevillll Palestinians, those horrible dark-skinned terrorists, to our own Talmudic religious seminar and attacked defenseless, unarmed worshippers. World, help us attack and brutalize the Palestinians. We’d like to murder them all in retribution. Do turn a blind eye to our forthcoming revenge, as we slaughter them wildly, drive them from their homes, destroy their assets, and steal their land.”

A fake is a fake, proven by the Zionist moles themselves


Could it get more inane than this? What are these Zionists attempting to achieve? Their ludicrous hoax is a true hack-job. It’s time for the Mossad and Shin Bet to take lessons in quality, believable hoaxing.


Rivers of blood, is this what the Zionists seek to portray? What a way to deal with the forensic evidence, just take a push broom and drag it through the tempura paint. There is no actual traumatic injury that could duplicate such a systematic, organized pattern of blood distribution. Regardless, if this was a real crime scene spreading the blood about in a pattern of smear such as the above amounts to an absolute corruption of the crime scene.

Additional push broom effects are seen, here. Why would the pattern begin outside the institution, and how could it be so organized, following a virtual straight line with brush-like-strokes throughout? Too, there is no police tape guarding a goodly portion of the red matter: how bizarre.


Yet, the Zionists always get there men. How did their shoes come off? Moreover, where are their entrance and exit wounds? Where are their axes, meat cleavers, and guns? Moreover, why in the world is one of the men half in a cadaver bag? When in the world has this ever before been seen? By the way no entrance or exit gunsnot wounds are seen on these individuals.

They chopped people up with meat cleavers and axes. Why, then, can no wounds be seen anywhere? There is blood-like splatter near the left arm. Where is it coming from? There is no wound, there.

The image lightened up and red coloring added, clearly, it can be seen that there is no visible injury to account for the reddish-colored splatter. Too, it can be clearly seen that the red matter is fixed in that region under the arm and is not arising from either the hand, wrist, or forearm. Additionally, the red material separates, diffuses, into a water phase in the cloth, clearly seen in this image. Would it not, too, be convincing to see one wound, a single laceration, some evidence of blunt trauma, an exit or entrance wound, anything to corroborate the official story?


Let’s take a closer look, zooming in:


This is not blood splatter. It separates readily. It is simply not plausible that this is a real blood pattern injury. There are expected patterns from blood splatter. Here, they simply do not exist:





The images below are from real crime scenes. Note the nature and color of bright red, oxygenated arterial blood. Note the tiny spatter marks about the circular stains of actual blood descending through the forces of gravity:


Notice the lack of separation, the opposite of what is seen in the Israeli government shots. There are a few similarities. Yet, the pattern is lacking, and the color is not the same as what is seen in known crime scene images.

“When blood leaves the body whether due to a gunshot wound, knife wound or blunt force trauma, it follows some basic principles of physics. Blood falling from a wound forms a spherical droplet and is not deformed, like happens with many other liquid droplets. The reason for this is the surface tension of the blood droplet, a force which tends to keep the molecules pulled tightly into the blood droplet.

When the blood droplet comes into contact with a surface, it will produce a specific pattern. This pattern is determined by the size of the blood droplet, its angle of impact with the surface, the composition of the surface and most important, its velocity on impact.”

How does any of this follow such patterns? Instead, the only pattern is paint-like, with images resembling heads of dinosaurs. There is no patterned splatter to be seen anywhere. Let anyone find blood splatter patterns as demonstrated by the article. Such patterns of directional deformation do not seemingly exist. Instead, the droplets and any splatter are merely random. So is the smearing. The smearing on the books follows no pattern, at least none that would seem to mimic real arterial spurting.



No, in fact, no rabbis were slaughtered at this Synagogue; it is all staged. Regardless, where are the actual wounds on this fraudster?


How professional is this? They are dealing with people hacked up by axes, and they are handling water bottles, drinking away, at the crime scene?



The world no longer believes the Zionists just because they send out video uploads and still images. All that the arch-Zionist criminal minds produce will now be thoroughly analyzed. The fakes will be revealed. That is the truth-seeker guarantee.



Here is the crisis actor again. Why fake it? If there is an attempt to mimic crying, then, how about shedding real tears? Too, no one appears to be in shock. There is no actual crime scene. People are allowed to randomly corrupt the forensic site.


It’s water bottles abounding. Despite claims otherwise this is a staged event. There is nothing real about it.



And yet more water bottles as a part of the staging:


See also:






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