Shock to US Media when commentator tells truth about Syria, how the CIA started it, and Saudi’s will pay for it all!

Shock to US Media when commentator tells truth about Syria

The Jimmy Dore Show

With a forward from Dark Politricks

Jimmy Dore and guests looks at debunking the false flag Sarin gas attacks that keep the US in the war.

Despite their supposed total destruction and disposal on a US ship with Russia’s help they seem to still possess them and want to use them at the most inopportune times for the regime.

When a President says if gas is used then that’s a red line for war, gas seems to be used straight after. Strange don’t you think since the UK papers and the UN debunked the previous gas attacks by Assad saying it was probably the rebels that had committed the atrocities to get the US into the war on their side.

One of the following videos has an University professor commentating on Morning Joe, telling the shocked MSNBC staff, how the USA and CIA started the wars in the Middle East breaking all global treaties incidentally. Russia was invited by Syria to help and did a far better job coordinating with Syrian forces on the ground to almost push ISIS out of the country. We just bomb freedom and democracy from the sky. Don’t worry SkyNet is just fantasy…

It was probably the CIA arming and training of jihadists who are one minute the worst people in the world and enemies to the state and then we find out they are being trained by the Axis of War, UK planes being shot down by Iraqi forces dropping supplies to the enemy and the DOD actually ending up fighting the CIA.

The sad thing is that the US is funding the rebels who morphed from al-Nusra Front, FSA and Al-Qaeda into ISIS, who the CIA still train and give weapons to.

As John Kerry laughed in Congress, he said the Saudi Arabians were willing to pay for the destruction of Assad’s regime and the full cost of a US invasion.

This is not just about competing pipelines from Iran and Saudi Arabia but the money made my the MIC from selling weapons to the enemy – whoever they are.

I thought they were Al-Qaeda and ISIS but with the CIA training them they seem to be the rag tag Gladio 2 group of Afghanistani rebels from the 80’s who helped repel the USSR from Afghanistan and give the opium trade over to us.

There is only so long the US can stay in the Stan, it’s already the states longest war, and to claim that it’s to protect girls schools and not the opium they bring back in NATO planes is plain lies. Guess what? The Saudi’s offered to pay for the whole operation (straight from John Kerry’s lips in Congress), to wipe out Syria. All tied in with the Petrodollar and the forcing of nations to buy oil in dollars.

As I have been saying since day 1. We should just leave as we have done no good but kill hundreds of thousands of people. Russia, Iran and the Kurds were doing a good job of clearing out ISIS until the Russians had two planes shot down by NATO ally Turkey and they proved the Turkish President and son were buying oil from the jihadists, shooting down planes with US weapons, and filming themselves killing surviving pilots.

Are we that sick a nation that the rules of international law no longer apply to the USA?

As Trump said on the campaign trail and Tweeted to Obama whilst he was in office. “Get out of Syria”, “no more foreign costly miss-adventures”.

That soon changed once the deep state got their claws into him with phony dossiers and claims of Russia collusion making it hard for him to fight for his campaign promises.

Drop a few bombs, show us your not a pussy, said ex peace candidate for the Democrats Howard Dean. I have a collection of videos from the Jimmy Dore show in-case you have missed them, not seen him or been unsubscribed without your permission and added to CNN or MSNBC’s list of millions of subscribers.

To say there is no link between the Silicon Valley Complex and the US Government is plainly proved otherwise by Google taking CIA seed money to get started and now helping on their totally AI drone system. Killed by SkyNet on your holiday in India or Pakistan, with no apology. That’s the powers the US president now has.

You have no civil rights left in the USA.

There is a deep permanent state, the ever present groups of people that make money from war and depressions and as Presidents come and go they use their trade craft or blackmail to ensure their policies are carried out whoever wins the election. Just compare Obama’s first campaign and what he was promising to what he actually did, same for Trump.

Obama didn’t close Gitmo or stop the wars he expanded them. He didn’t help the poor get free health care he helped Insurance Companies get more money. He didn’t put Bush and Cheney on trial for international war crimes under the Geneva convention he let them go on their golfing tours and retire.

Police shoot unarmed people and get told by squadron chiefs to plant guns near the bodies. No suspensions. They get tanks and ex US Military equipment from the government to make you fear your local cop more and more.

There will soon by totally AI Robocops patrolling your street. In microsends they could hook into the web or the NSA’s database of journalists and trawl through Facebook, Twitter and your files saved on Google Drive to see what kind of person you are.

Is a future Robocop / Judge Dredd going to consider you worthy to kill, be put in a prison complex to make free goods for the Prison Industrial Complex owners or be let off for crossing the road or being too drunk.

AI was said by Stephen Hawking, who recently died, said in a speech: “The rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.”by the new AI police patrol or not – hopefully the cops union will stand up for them and stop it, because that is coming. Artificial Intelligence and your job might be going.

Here are some videos I think are worth watching from the Jimmy Dore Show.

Proof American Wars Are All Lies & For Oil

Professor stuns MSM with the TRUTH about Syria

Chemical Attacks In Syria Proven To Be False

Watch on The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks

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