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Mommy Tells Puppy She Loves Him, Starry-Eyed French Bulldog Mouths “I Love You” Back

Although dogs can’t speak, they always find a way to tell their owners how much they love them. After all, our canines are there to stay by our side through thick and thin, and that’s really how they show their emotions. However, hearing the words “I love you” coming from the furry pals’ mouth must […]

French Bulldog puppies left to die in freezing temperatures in heartbreaking case

The 15-week-old pups, who are suffering from a skin condition, are now being cared for by Dogs Trust Merseyside and will be re-homed. Georgina Lowery, manager at Dogs Trust Merseyside, said: “It is always shocking when dogs are abandoned in this way, particularly on a cold winter’s day. “Luckily, they were found before they came to […]

Chinese Pet Store kills Dogs

Chinese Pet Store kills Dogs Chinese dog owner shoots video of her bulldog drowning at pet shop pool A worker similarly looked on and didn’t pull the animal out until it was too late. If you ask me, both owner and staff conspired to drown dog for dog meat. It was the easiest no fuss […]

Flying bulldog’? Researchers uncover GIANT BEE thought to be extinct for 3 decades (VIDEO)

A Global Wildlife Conservation search team found and photographed Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) nesting in a termite mound in the forests of Ternate, an Indonesian island in the North Moluccas, in January. They had spent years researching where the ideal habitat for the long-lost creature – which co-discoverer and bee enthusiast Clay Bolt affectionately describes as a […]

Bottled water finally being delivered to Flint, MI, residents four days after emergecency is declared. Are you prepared?

(NaturalNews) There are several lessons to be learned regarding the ongoing water emergency in Flint, Michigan, but the most important of these is that being prepared on a personal level for unforeseen disasters is absolutely crucial – because the authorities cannot be depended on when the SHTF. The continued slow and inadequate response […]

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