The truth movement did not “like” Trump.


This blog is not here to make friends. This blog is not a “friend’ of the so called truth movement. The Narcissistic Truth Movement is awful. And I don’t just mean Alex Jones. I mean all of it. Do I like The Saker, E Michel Jones and Hoffman Ryan Dawson and Syria Girl? Of coarse I like their writing and their efforts. I am sorry to bitch about them all the time on this blog. But they all failed to back the President when it meant something.

Keep it simple you truth movement fools. The Alex Jones crowd and the American Free Press blew it when they backed the no one died at Sandy Hook deluded BS.

James H Fetzer - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

I am a huge fan of Philip Giraldi who is “an American columnist, commentator security consultant and former CIA man.” As well as the man who writer under the name “The Saker”. They are both brilliant. But both men have bashed Trump endlessly. When they know darn well Trump is interested in business and not war. So if your looking for “the ugly truth” about things they don’t completely provide it.

Pompeo and Trump have bull-shitted their way out of war with Syria, Iran and North Korea. Did you expect them to come out and say what they were doing? Oh but blame it all on them! Do you assholes think these kind of men are dumb enough to fall for every little thing Kushner says?

Did intellectual snobs who went on Russia Today and Press TV and bash Trump think they were helping? One after the other shitting on Trump. Did they even do damage to Trumps back channel relationship to Iran and Russia? I sure hope not.

This blog is not here to save you. That is your “religion” This blog is not here to make friends. Sign up for “info-wars and David Icke if you want “friends.”

How much success has the beloved activist movement of the Palestinian people had? Where is Ahed Tamimi now? They have failed. Trump has some power and he has blocked the “illuminati” from war many many times.

Police reportedly set to recommend indictments in submarine affair | The Times of Israel

I am sorry Trump had to take out Gen. Qasem Soleimani  but he avoided deeper conflict with Iran. The CIA did not topple the government of Iran. They could have.

” As of 28 April 2020Houthis control all of North Yemen except for Ma’rib Governorate.” Why? Is this not better for Yemen? Also under Trump.

Epstein is dead Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail. Under what President? Come on Hoffman and Jones put away your OT.

Who is worse the truth movement people who love the book of war and death known as Old Testament ? Or the liberal snob crowd who shit on “The Donald” to sound cool on the internet?

Everyone from JFK to the crew of the USS Liberty has failed. Now we must all pray that Trump can survive.

If Trump is defeated then get ready for the “winter of death”.

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