Watch a RACIST Snowflake go Ballistic over Seeing a White Man holding a Black Baby

Will a stay in a mental hospital help this poor dear?

A New York City Education Council member blew up on another white attendee for showing up to a Zoom meeting for having his friend’s nephew – who isn’t white – on his lap. Andrew Klavan breaks down the insanity as only he can.

Watch the face of unhinged hate on this hater’s face. That’s what’s coming for white America.

[embedded content]
Wrocklage asked “I would like to know before this meeting adjourns, how having my friend’s nephew on my lap was hurtful to people and was racist. Can you please explain that?”

“Tom! I’ve explained it to you!” Broshi screamed. “You can Google, you could read a book!”. “Read Ibram X. Kendi! Read White Fragility! Read How to Talk to White People… It is not my job to educate you! You’re an educated white man! And you could read a book! And you can educate yourself!”

Oh BTW, she’s a Jew.

NO wonder our educational system is so fucked when hateful nuts like this are on education boards.

City of Seattle teaches white employees to ‘undo their whiteness’ in bizarre ‘diversity training’ sessions

If a white employee speaks too much, that’s “imposition” or “paternalism.” If a white employee speaks too little, “silence” is also “violence.”

Maybe NYC should cut all contracts with racists? If so, they’d have to drop all from the most racist state on the planet, Israel.

UPDATE: Wonder how this idiocy will be blamed on white people?

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