IT must BE noted THAT THE SO CALLED ‘ANTI-SEMITIC’ MESSAGES FOUND THROUGHOUT THE PARK HAVE ALL BEEN said and ADMITTED BY JEWS ! read for yourself the jew joel stein’s la times article !


from Sep 23, 2016

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio –A 25-year-old Canfield man was arrested after allegedly placing various anti-Semitic and offensive graffiti at various locations at Mill Creek Park.

Scott Spencer was booked into the Mahoning County jail on Thursday ( SEP 23, 2016)  facing charges of ethnic intimidation and criminal mischief that were filed in Boardman Court. Ethnic intimidation is a felony under Ohio law.

Scott Spencer

Scott Spencer’s mugshot

According to (((Lorilyn Shandor))), park Director of Development & Community Engagement, park police have been investigating reports of the graffiti since September 15.

The graffiti was discovered in several locations, including the East Cohasset, Lanterman’s Mill, and Boat Dock areas, according to Shandor.

A park visitor witnessed the graffiti being written and called police.

(smoloko note – this turned out to be a lie, there are no witnesses involved in the case.)

The graffiti, written in chalk, included messages like, “Hitler was right”, “Jews highjacked (sp) America”, and “Jews are behind the race mixing agenda.”

Shandor says all of the graffiti has been washed off by park personnel.

(smoloko note – since when is chalk considered graffiti ? It easily washes away)

A court hearing for Spencer is scheduled for Tuesday.

Update. Spencer goes to trial June 2nd, 2017. Will keep you posted on the outcome.


So the Jews are now pressuring the courts to nail Spencer with a ‘ethnic intimidation’ charge. Here’s the legal definition for ‘ethnic intimidation’.

(1) A person is guilty of ethnic intimidation if that person maliciously, and with specific intent to intimidate or harass another person because of that person’s race, color, religion, gender, or national origin, does any of the following: (a) Causes physical contact with another person. 

According to this definition, Spencer is not guilty because he did not harass any specific individual jew, he did not deface any jewish owned property and did not come into physical contact with any Jew. So the entire case against him is political persecution without legal basis. This is an outright assault on the first amendment by the Jews. This so called ‘ethnic intimidation’ law is totally unconstitutional and was created for the sole purpose of shutting Americans up from exposing the jewish control over their country. Already in Europe, it is against the law to question the holohoax and will land you in jail. The Jews are planning on exporting their ‘holocaust denial’ laws here to America.

WHITE MEN CREATED THE FIRST AMENDMENT, JEWS CREATED ‘HATE SPEECH’ TO DESTROY IT. Whites are the victim of jew-inspired and jew-led and jew-minded campus attacks, shutdowns, no-platforming, kicks off every common-carrier utility. Whites are the victims of jewish bigotry. Not jews. Jews can be queers, pedophiles, wear dresses as males, do whatever they want – and the System embraces them. Whites say one word, they’re gone. This whole notion that Jews are persecuted is a total lie. The Jews are the most powerful and wealthy group in America and Europe and exercise total control over the banks,media and each branch of government. It is in fact the Jews who are persecuting the White gentiles and destroying them through usury and multiculturalism ! The Jew Samuel Roth said himself that the Jews are not the persecuted, but in fact the worst persecutors of all !

The bottom line is that the JEWS are the worst offenders of so called  ‘Ethnic Intimidation’. read the quotes below and judge for yourself ! i think you’ll agree with me.

does the jewish talmud preach ‘ethnic intimidation’ ? Judge for yourself !

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Source Article from http://smoloko.com/?p=16788

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  1. Nicolae says:

    I’m a Canadian citizen,, live in Transylvania,,i really like your work,,very good information-right on the money..In the end,those snakes from synagogue of satan are going to lose,,,but-first,they will destroy USA-PAX Americana,,next,,another empire will emerge,,Pax JUDAICA–SATANICA…666-PISRAEL FLAG.Antichrist,.Prophet Obadiah show us the destruction of pax judaica by God people,,the lost tribe of real Israel,,white country.America is one of the country.Zechariah 2 ,,I lifted up mine eyes again, and looked, and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand.

    2 Then said I, Whither goest thou? And he said unto me, To measure Jerusalem, to see what is the breadth thereof, and what is the length thereof.

    3 And, behold, the angel that talked with me went forth, and another angel went out to meet him,

    4 And said unto him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein:

    5 For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her..America is the NEW JER-USA-LEM,,,,Keep on fighting ,,God is on your side,,,never give up your guns,,,buy some gold-silver,,they will crash the dollar,,i believe forth knox is empty,,the jews stole everything,,gold is gone-they have some tungsten left…God bless.

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