A globalist Jewish rat’s nest amidst the rise of Asia

A globalist rat’s nest amidst the rise of Asia.
by Tony CartalucciAddendum: A description of Lowy Institute’s involvement regarding the formation of a planetary regime, as illustrated in selected articles:Regarding the climate change hoax: The [Australian] PM’s Address to the Lowy Institute via The Australian.Regarding US-Australian military integration: “Planners make the case for US bases” via The Australian.

Regarding the contrivance of an World Internet Organization to regulate the Internet globally: “The Shadow of Cyber Regulation” via ISN, by Lowy Institute’s Jonas Rey.

Promoting Australia’s commitment to endless war in Afghanistan: “More to do in Oruzgan ” via The Sydney Morning Herald, by Lowy Institute Non-Resident Fellow, Dr Rodger Shanahan.


Bangkok, Thailand July 5, 2011 – Meet the Lowy Institute. Filled with big business interests, it poses as an “independent international policy think tank,” whose objective is to “generate new ideas and dialogue on international developments and Australia’s role in the world.” The word “independent” is somewhat confusing, but what is clear is that it is yet another Fortune 500 run policy and propaganda clearinghouse serving not Australia, but rather the global corporate-financier elite.

Notable corporate members include JP Morgan, Rothschild, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, and Cheveron. While Australian brands like Qantas, BHP Billiton, and the National Australian Bank appear more “indigenous” in nature, the reality is that their boards, like everything in the globalist realm, are an ongoing game of musical chairs between all of the worlds globalist, multinational corporations. For example, BHP Billiton’s board of directors alone features Jacques Nasser, formerly of Ford Motor Company and JP Morgan, John Buchanan formally of British Petroleum and Vodafone, Carlos Cordeiro formally of Goldman Sachs, David Crawford formally of Bank of America, and the list goes on and on.

The Lowy Institute’s board of directors is something to behold. Sitting at the top, is 80 year-old,accused tax evader, Australian-Israeli Frank Lowy, after whom the institute is named. He currently oversees the Westfield Group, was a board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and sits upon the board of directors of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) – not of Australia, but of Israel. Joining him is son Peter Lowy, who is also a Lowy Institute board member, a RAND Corporation trustee, and a board member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council – not of Australia, but of the United States. Also on the board amongst several others, is Professor Ross Garnaut of the University of Melbourne as well as Australian National University (ANU), Ian Macfarlaneformally of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Goldman Sachs, and Temasek Holdings, Professor Robert O’Neill of the corporate-stacked International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), and a former head of ANU’s Strategic and Defense Studies Centre.

Perhaps most disturbing however is the inclusion of Brookings Institution’s Martin Indyk, the co-author of the, frankly speaking, insane “Which Path to Persia?” report where Indyk, fellow Lowy associate Michael O’Hanlon, and others conspired against the nation of Iran to fund known terrorist organizations, engineer fake street protests, buy off members of the Iranian military, and even attempt to provoke Iran into a war it was disinterested in fighting – not for national security, but for what Indyk, O’Hanlon, and others called, “American interests and influence throughout the Middle East.”

It then appears that the Lowy Institute is nothing more than a collection of banksters, criminal conspirators, and multinational multi-corporate interests. It is an institute of big business, by big business, and for big business. What is alarming is the vast reach it has within Australia’s universities and the alleged “free-press.” The name Australian National University comes up more than once and various members of Lowy’s staff are also contributors to both Australian and international papers and television networks. Also alarming is the “cross pollination” reflected in Lowy’s staff between the institute and other notorious corporate-funded corporate-serving organizations like the Brookings Institution, the International Crisis Group, the fraudulent Harvard Belfer Center, and the warmongering Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Our People: Ties to globalist think-tanks and the media.

Dr. Khalid Koser: Non-Resident Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Dr. Michael Fullilove: Non-Resident Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, Rhodes Scholar, has published articles in The New York Times, the Financial Times, The Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, Slate, The Daily Beast, the Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, the Australian Financial Review, The Spectator, The Washington Quarterly, The National Interest and Foreign Affairs.

Whit Mason: International Crisis Group while in Kosovo, then speechwriter for the UN Kosovo mission, and USAID in Pakistan.

Paul Kelly: Editor-at-large of The Australian, previously Editor-in-Chief of The Australian. Is a regular commentator on ABC television (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Dr. Michael Wesley: Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Fiona Cunningham: Interned at the Belfer Center at Harvard University and the International Crisis Group.

Fergus Hanson: Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Own Harries: Published over 200 articles in leading journals and magazines, including Foreign Affairs, Commentary, New Republic, Harper’s, Orbis, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The American Scholar, National Review, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Times (London), The Spectator, The Reader’s Digest, as well as in his own journal, The National Interest, and in various Australian publications, including Quadrant , The Bulletin, Policy , The Australian Outlook, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. (It should be noted that the “National Interest,” Harries’ own publication, features such warmongering, illegal conspiratory articles as “Free Baluchistan,” and “The Chinese Cozy Up to the Pakistanis” where it is suggested that the United States should fund and arm rebels inside Pakistan to carve up the nation to balk Chinese-Pakistani relations.)

Ties to the Australian National University
The Lowy Institute appears to maintain close ties with all of Australia’s prominent universities. The Australian National University, however, is one that is stumbled across over and over again, with Lowy co-hosting events, tapping ANU’s professors for research papers, and airing its propaganda under a pseudo-academic light. Additionally, many of Lowy’s own members have been drawn from ANU’s alumni as well as prominent heads of various ANU departments.

Martine Letts: Lowy Institute Deputy Directory, appointed to the ANU Council in 2004.

Professor Hugh White: Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow, professor of Strategic Studies at ANU. Also a regular columnist for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Professor Warwick McKibbin: Lowry Institute Professional Fellow, Director of ANU Research School of Economics, and also a Non-Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Dr. Milton Osborne: Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University.

Professor Alan Dupont: Senior Fellow at ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre.

The first search result that comes up within Lowy Institute’s publication archives is an interesting document titled, “Thai studies in Australia.” Under “Specialists Consulted,” no less than 9 “specialists” came from ANU, including the notoriously intellectually dishonest Andrew Walker of ANU’s “New Mandala” blog. Walker is fond of taking regional corporate agendas and shoehorning them into something resembling that of academia to lend them legitimacy they’d otherwise lack. He is also adept at giving the corporatocracy talking points a decidedly liberal spin, drawing in well intentioned people to consider his “work” when otherwise they’d be revolted.

Walker spends his time berating Thailand’s self-sufficiency economy, suggesting that encouraging people to be self-reliant agriculturally, the very principle that throughout history has produced the strongest, most resilient nations on earth, somehow excludes them from participating in the “national economy” as well as participating in “electoral democracy.” He and his partner, Nicholas Farrelly, post up articles promoting the very worst aspects of the corporate-financiers’ NGO creep into sovereign Asia, as progressive and justified.

Right on cue, as National Endowment for Democracy-funded “Bersih 2.0” was preparing for mass demonstrations in Malaysia, Walker’s “New Mandala” blog posted the following, “The biggest threat – as perceived by the present administration – to Malaysia’s internal security is a demand for free and fair elections.” What Walker failed to research and tell his readership, was the fact that Bersih is on record, with organizers themselves admitting to it, having received funds from the National Endowment for Democracy-funded National Democratic Institute, as well as from globalist bankster George Soros’ “Open Society” foundation. The threat then, contrary to what was written on “New Mandala” is not “free and fair elections,” but rather foreign-funded sedition led by foreign-proxy, Ibrahim Anwar.

Lowy’s propaganda outfit

Walker’s “New Mandala” blog also dutifully hits on all the key talking points being pushed by the global corporate-financiers. When an ex-Reuters journalist penned his disingenuous, conveniently timedWikileaks-based hit piece titled, “Thai Story,” Walker was right by his side providing an outlet and badly needed legitimacy for his hackery. But in addition to Walker, there was the Lowy Institute’s propaganda mouthpiece, “The Interpreter.” After the July 3, 2011 Thai elections, the Interpreter chimed in with “The danger of a Thai civil war” where the elitist think-tank skipped past their client-proxy Thaksin Shinawatra, and laid the blame for Thailand’s current political turmoil on the nation’s revered monarchy. Citing Marshall’s 3,000 unverified, unsubstantiated Wikileaks cables, who Marshall himself claims, is only “believed to have been downloaded by US soldier Bradley Manning in Iraq,” the Interpreter suggests it is “journalism of the highest order.”

Adding insult to injury, for those who understand how this network operates, the Interpreter cites fellow corporate-serving globalist think-tank, the Council on Foreign Relations to bolster their claim.

The Interpreter maintains a partnership of sorts with other globalist connected outlets like “The Diplomat” who echo the globalist consensus on any given issue and itself boasts partnerships with corporate-funded global think-tanks like the Soros-funded Foreign Policy Centre. There is a reason why the Interpreter, the Diplomat, and Andrew Walker’s “New Mandala” blog are all on the same page along with other corporate-serving propaganda outfits like CNN, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. It is because beneath the veneer of objectivity and academia, lies what is an obviously self-serving agenda propagated by a self-evident, omnipresent global despotic corporatocracy.


Upon the Council on Foreign Relation’s seal is the word VBIQVE, latin for “everywhere,” and manifests itself in the common English word, ubiquitous. Indeed as we see, regarding just the Lowy Institute alone, it contaminates an entire region’s news, media, universities, literature, research, studies, and of course, through the papers and propaganda it produces with the clout it puts behind them, the region’s politics and laws as well. The global corporatocracy is everywhere, affecting everything, perhaps so profoundly it escapes one’s notice.

However, upon seeing this network exposed, the people involved, their history of promoting an unaccountable, self-serving agenda at everyone’s expense but their own, we can begin rendering moot the false legitimacy they foist upon society with their fancy logos, lofty titles, disingenuous liberal-esque spin, their insufferable arrogance, and entire institutions co-opted or even contrived to serve their own ends.

We can begin by exposing these frauds for what they really are. We can boycott the corporationsthat fund and perpetuate these unsavory, dubious, and often well-hidden agendas. We can also begin to replace this nefarious network they’ve constructed by becoming self-sufficient on a local level. There is good reason why ANU imposter-academic Andrew Walker, along with the Wall Street Journal and the Economist are so adamantly against Thailand’s attempt at implementing nation-wide localism – it is because it will set a viable example for all nations to follow out from under the squatting parasites that make up the global elite.

For more on the illegitimate parasites that constitute the “international community” and how to remove them, please read the following:

Big Oil’s Tree Huggers: Harvard’s Belfer Center
Naming Names: Your Real Government
Wisdom from the Orient: Self-Sufficiency
Self-Sufficiency: A Universal Solution to the Globalist Problem

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One Response to “A globalist Jewish rat’s nest amidst the rise of Asia”

  1. S T says:

    Dear President Obama,

    Please do something fast.

    My life is in danger from these thieves.
    It is years and years they are hacking into my computers and my phones 
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    Are we slaves?  Do we work for these good for nothing losers to eat royaly while we starve and struggle.  I lost all, they made me homeless, my marriage did not survive
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    Even people on the top of the system, THE UN confirmed that the feds and that ex  drug addict, rotten president Bush jnr are the ones doing it with the clintons and all the ones listed in this message and more. All the other rats with them are protected by them.  

    About 10 yrs ago I had a huge transaction from the chinese  when i met that rotten thief of Jim Teague in Florida.  He was homeless, no teeth and no connections to make a deal.  Jim liked partyi g and sleeping with young men and with all the drugs in his sstem he did not have the head to do business.  Unfortunately, Franck Montout and I allowed that devil Bill  Trinche Van Boetzelear who resides in Bilbao Spain who said was a general from the feds/treasury  to become our partner. From the start Bill  falsified company documents, registered white swan international uk ltd one way erased what he registered and Franck and I documents where we are 3 partners, one third each,  it is purely fraud.  What a scammer, deceiver.  Had I seen his face, I would never ever allowed him with us.  He is scary looking.   I met that other scary 500 lbs Mark Forstein and his wife, another gangster rat, double faced thief.
    We did not know that  Bill was with  Izak schweitz and also brought in his boss general lorin  LWR , see LWR Got S.A.   And all the others. We worked for years while they pocketed all the money and were lying to us.  They got together with the clintons, the bush ex pres, the bernake, paulsen and all had a wild orgy with the trillions and trillions that were made.
    Frank Montout and I both got robbed on those transactions that made trilions, all the wall street hiding, the new zealand etc……..All over the world ghost accounts and by that time they involved bill and hillary clinton, bernake, bush jnr, general lorin which was the head of the feds at that time, some maussade people Izak schweitz  with his partners fromthe maussade and others with all the thieves below. The bad feds, Jim  Teague, Mark forstein, Bill Van Boetzalaer, Lars called also Israel was in new  zealand, Izak schweitz, Marc Barry, lady sarah barry his mother, a columbian computer tech that was working for mark forstein when he had his credit repair business in fort lauderdale and started the hacking from there and others involved with them.   Jim teague  and mark forstein that 500lbs wart face are the ones that started the hacking from the fort lauderdale office aided by that columbian computer tech working at the time for mark forstein.  Mark used to brag the best was working for him. I should have gone to the authorities when i first  caught them in my computer and stole my Juno account, my skype and all my info.  Jim always in bars the little boys lover always trying to pick up young boys while he had no teeth and looked like a bald drunk, a snake.  With his lies that he is from the familyof the elders in china.  They met Marc Barry and his ugly mother lady  sarah barry. Jim used to say she is so ugly and would not do her for a billion dollars.  Now they had in Marc Barry someone who had spent years hacking. Then they continued the hacking with marc barry' assistance and the others.  As they robbed every transactions from working brokers and people in finances and entered more and more contacts, they hired more and more hackers.  Think bush joined them with his own hackers.  It became a mess for everyone working in the financial world.     When I told Bill that it was not right, that I brought the transaction and traders and all, and allowed him to be our partner,  he told  me to shut up and threatened to kill me.  They also blocked me in all the banks, so that I cannot get paid on transactions because if I get paid and hire investigators, they will get in trouble.  That general lorin   LWR blocked my name so i never get paid and their wicked ways continued. they kept stealing my transactionsfrom my computers, pocketing my payments on transactions closing in my name or my companies.   Huge transactions they robbed as they kept With the help of the hackers and the companies owned by mark forstein, marc barry and that columbian computer tech.  I would have owned billions and billions today and done the work that is in my heart to do to help others.  They would use my clients and my sources and not give me a chance to finish a transactions.  They did the same to all the brokers and everyone in the banking transactions.   Bill on his sites had as friends my clients that he had no way of getting except by hacking as friends or family members introduced me.  Like water all my transactions vanished.  We are a network, connected worldwide and they control everyones computers, cell phones and even with tv/video cameras that have nothing to do with the computer watch all your moves, see all that is going on in your home, in your office.
    Now the feds which are about to get caught want to make hacking a law.  What right do they have to infringe into our lives lives like that???? Something should be done hacki g is illegal and robbing deals is fraud.  So why dont you take action for what they did and conti ue to do?  I am Canadian and fo not need these thieves in my life, my family's, my friends, my associates, in the world.  We are free and not to be controlled by these gangsters.  You better do something and fast as God has a plan and soon all will have to answer for allowing the masses, the nations to be subjected to this abuse, this robbery, this gangster way they are forcing on us.  If you are President of the United States it is your duty to deliver the nations of this oppression unless you are still controlled by them.  Do you also want to put me as a terrorist as bush jnr did, or will you do something.   You are under God and in the Bible they killed the wicked and destroyed them.  We, the PEOPLE are waiting for you President Obama to deliver the people of God.  It is your duty.  It s my duty to speak what God shows me to speak.  As I speak He is burning me with His love, ss this is what He wants you to do.  If you cannot, then let Ron Paul do it but do not turn your back on the PEOPLE, you will have to answer to God and who wants His anger?  Be strong and stand up for what is right and good and true.  Thank you !
    22B traded in my company and many transactions were done, they used paymasters use my passport, my documents, falsified my signature and whatever they did they pocketed my funds on tons of transactions and with their Hacking took clients away from me, stole from my computer my sources, my deals and all.  Who are they to take this liberty?  Do they thi k they are above us.  I am sorry for them, all the love, visits, attention my God gives mr, am sorry for their end, for when they face Him.  I do not have time to put a transaction through that they rob it. They send incredible fake offers to the brokers, clients  that work with me.  They made trillions and trillions on my back and I dont have a home, car or anything and my son is struggling to go to school. He used to do political debates all over the USA with his school and win all the trophees, he just graduated in political science with high honors altough He had to struggle and eat cans instead of good food ?  He wants to continue and do his masters but I am unable to help him, I lost all.  it is over 10 years they keep robbing me and really I had enough of this unfair treatment.  I did not know at first for several years.  I changed my computer, email and all but they kept remotely controlling all. They continued all this time to  hack into my computers which I changed 100 times steal my emails, steal all my transactions, They stole all my transactions and clients, they put me on the street.  i hired computer techs but to no avail.
    Now they stole another 44B that I was doing and threaten through that thief of jim teague that if I do a class action they will put me in jail, with false accusations from platforms.  It is enough of this abuse.  The whole world should take them tothe courts for their robbery, abuse and all their avcounts should be seized and everyone in the world repaid, this money belongs to the nations worldwide.  Eachperson in the world should get a piece of it and they should be locked up in a cave to rot.
    Where is the uprightness, the fairness, can these people rob and abuse and no one will
    do anything.   They shut down my computers and infect my emails with trojans that even in public, libraries they infect the computers in the library or anywhere i go the moment I open my email pouf they enter the computer and start downloading tneir programs.  We have strong evidence and if you allow them to keep hacking into us you are accountable, God wants His people restored to have a good enjoyable life.    they have shut down my computers and stole my emails and even when they shut
    down my latest sony computer, I sent it to Sony for repair and they infected Sony. Please seethe  article where they infected Sony and Sony is after them.  Call Sony and check Sony got infe ted when Isent my Sony P series to be repaired as they abused it. 

    They infect computer stores where I go to check my email, any computer I go to.
    It is a real mess.  Anyone on the system they infect.  

    They want to rule the world, they should be behind bars. MONITORING ME
    All my complaints to every agency, governments etc stayed unanswered because theypay people to put the complaints aside.

     Because I called  bush and asked him why he robbed a single mother on transactions that made trillions and trillions, next thing I know I am a high risk security
    threat.?????????????????????????????????????????????  Check please, They put me in the border as if I am a threat, a terrorist and when I went to the border the officer sees I do not look like a terrorist and tells me why are you on the list, did you ever go to jail, i said no, what list? He was perplexed and said I do not understand and just let me pass. I am a 5 foot woman that surely does not look agressive.  With all the stress and struggles I had to go through they ruined my health and my life. Am a  Jewish person that became a Christian and there is no reason for those thieves to do that to me. I went to Bible college and intended to work and do humanitarian projects and help people in the world. How can I be a terrorist.  I have tne Spirit of God blessing me with His love every day, how can I be such a thing.  Please!!!!!!!!

    Mark Forstein flooded the computers in his office in fort lauderdale to get rid of the evidence and even the insurance refused to pay and said it was a man made flood.
    Then they hooked up with marc barry and his mother lady sarah barry ad then bill van boetzaaer and the party started with the fed boys thieves., 2 ex pres and the rest of the gang.   Now they met the thieves of thieves joined together and had all the assistance from agencies and crooked government members. LWR general Lorin  brought the bush, clinton and his wife and the rest that followed.   
    They are by now in everyones computer in the business and stealing all the transactions.
    They did worse they stole inventions from people, stole their funds from their accounts and did as they wish to who they wanted and no one could stop them.  I dont care how much money they made, fraud is fraud, they need to be accountable for their actions as we all are.    they stole 12B  I read from King George III Tautariof the Maori, from his account, Ask Attorney General Neal Lyster. It is in the Intl Court of Justice in the Hague.

    Now see this

     Not long ago I went to the feds here in miami and said listen I need it to stop, Enough is enough, I am on the street and need to support my son and I.   It was like they were surprised I went through the border. They said how did you get in to the USA, I said just went through the border. These people are wicked for what reason cant i go to the USA am married to an american and have sisters and immediate family living in the USA.  
    The hurt my son and I endured because of them. I am their victim. It has gone on long enouh
    it has to stop.

    They  are in my  phones and my familys phones and all my contacts.  Am
    fed up of living like a woman tracked. I did nothing, I am the victim.  They entered 
    all 999 of my contacts on skype and all my email and steal from them too.  Each time I meet new clients or brokers, They get infected and have huge computer problems.  
    There has to be someone who can stop this abuse.  THEY MONITOR ALL MY 
    They write nasty things about me on the internet as if am a non performer and put emails that look like mine so clients contact them instead of me.  How can someone live such a nightmare and no agency does anything.  I demand an investigation for me and all the people I know that have the same problem and more will come forward.  
    I will start a class action if something is not done immedately.


    I sought help on a website and wrote the truth. Well I read that a few days later bush made it a federal offence to write something on the internet and not put your name.
    He should have made it a federal offense to write about him is more like it.  He obviously got wind of what I wrote and if it gets out in  the world there will be more truth about him and his gang than what is already out there.  The truth is known.  The sleeping must wake up and take action.  The world knows about these gangsters so why are they walking the streets and continuing.  Who is behind protecting them, they should be locked up . 

    God has a plan and I know the end of them will not be nice.
    I need to get them off my back and stop monitoring me 24 hours a day and my family and my contacts let me get back on my feet and be with my son that I have not been able to support for years.  I lost the best years of his life.
    They sent a threat that they will hurt me  a few weeks ago.  I need to be a person again, I have suffered so much am tired and older now and need someone to intervene.  My son
    has suffered tremendously  He is being evicted from where he lives, because of their robbery we do not have money. 
    HELP HELP HELP.  PLEASE I BEG YOU.THEY ARE DEVILS AFTER ME.  Worse thanthe mafia.  Criminals that must be stopped.  And I am not the only one they do that to.

    no one should be allowed to treat people in such manner and rob others of all their work.
    My heart is beating too fast because of what they did to me.  Something needs to be done.
    As far as I know hacking is a federal offence and stealing from hacking is fraud so with all the fraud these guys are committing I would like to know why they are not behind bars.


    Mark Forstein has in florida some video companies and cell  phone card company that
    He uses to hack our phones  do a network with all of us, connects us all remotely, with marc barry, jim teague and the others they found the easy way to make deals and mark forstein hides behind his garden boat company , marc barry behind his corporate hacking and it is easy huge funds, just hack no need to work hard. Marc barry even wrote  a book on the hacking and says he cannot say all he is put up to do and clearly  says he has the protection from agencies , generals, that there are things he is not abe to talk about and that he would be put in jail if he did what he did in other parts of the world.  See below.   There are others also with evidence and they are willing to come forward and show evidence .  Some agency boys monitored them as they monitor us.    Evidence is available.
    they made me struggle so bad, my health is not good anymore and I am exhausted from the hardships they caused me.
    I need my name cleaned up, I am innocent.  That general lorin that wrote lies and blocked me should be in jail with all the ones cited in this message.  Bush with him.  He was not president he was a loser as nations have all the right to ask questins of a so called president, specially when his actions are crooked.  What about the one trillion he is trying totrade through a chinese person.. That cameon my desk too and manyof the accounts they have.  Actually jail is too easy for them, the guillotine is more what they should be given for all the sufferings they caused to so many in my business and others.  This letter is going as of today to the whole world.    Something has to be done and now.

    See the book marc barry wrote and the interviews
    Marc Barry – The Hacker, Thief, and the Devil of Devils
    This guy with a gang of thieves are stealing deals in our computers.  We must do something.  They made so much money robbing us they grew and grew and now know our every move and rob us.  Read on

    Book -> 
    Adam Penenberg and Marc Barry uncover and describe in … The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers

    Interview #1 -> See attachment #1 (The Corporation) 


    Interview #2 -> See attachment #2 (A Conversation with Marc Barry)

    President Obama now that you finally are away from them and with the white dragon society support  (hopefully thisis not them in disguise) , I beg you do something as I am at the end, they killed my health and my life.
    I need to regain my power to work and get paid and have a normal life again.  Please 
    Do something so many are suffering like my son and I are.   LET THE NATIONS REGAIN THEIR STRENGHT.

    My email is       [email protected]
    I am in canada as I was not able to pay to continue my papers in USA as they robbed 
    All my work.   My phone number is 438  939  4380

    Please contact me, I am willing to bring many others that have the same problem with those gangsters. 




    Linda Oiknine

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