A Parma Magistrate Jailed Me In Order To Get Money From You!

The video above is a VLog I did this afternoon discussing my recent 24 hour stay in the Parma City jail because I refused to be extorted by thugs who claim to work for the “City of Parma.”

As outlined in the video my ordeal with the “city of Parma” started when I changed lanes while driving through Parma, OH. The right hand lane was closed for construction work and all traffic was going through one lane. This caused a backup of cars in the lane I was traveling so when I had the chance to change lanes, I did.

Now I’m not sure if I did, or did not, use my blinker but it doesn’t matter. There was no one in the lane (because it was closed) to signal to and I didn’t cause any damage to anyone’s property. All I did was NOT use a blinker (allegedly) in front of a Parma Police officer road pirate and that’s why money was demanded from me.

Furthermore, I believe I was stopped because the road pirate wanted to make sure I knew that they (the local gang) could take my ‘booty’ (money) whenever they wanted. Needless to say, this led to a court appearance at the Parma Justice Center, but rarely is justice ever delivered there. I blogged about my initial hearing last week stating;

When it was my turn to be extorted I stepped up to the podium and said, “no contest.” I had thought about saying “not guilty” and pushing the 90 day speedy trial aspect, but I’m not sure I’ll be in Ohio this summer. So I sought to end this forced interaction as quickly as possible. The fake judge said, “I fine you $50 plus court costs. You can pay that downstairs.”

I replied, “I have no intention of paying you any money.”

“Why not?” Asked fake judge.

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In summary, I stated that the act of me changing lanes didn’t harm nor endanger anyone. In fact, due to the closed lane before, and how all the cars were congested from that, my lane change – without a blinker, which is my charge – was actually a safer one than had I remained in that lane. Therefore, I feel that my action was safe and that my failure to signal is irrelevant because no one could have possibly been in a lane that was closed, so who was I signaling too? That’s when the fake judge asked me if I was able to pay the fine or not. To which I replied that, “I have no intention of answering any of your financial inquires about my finances” and that if he wants to show the violence within the system than he should lock me up.

That’s when he said he was going to order an indigency hearing for me next week to see if I could in fact pay the fine. At that time I told him again that I wouldn’t answer his questions about my finances and that my refusal to pay isn’t about money.

This past Tuesday I had the above mentioned ‘indigent’ hearing and this time it was in front of an ‘almost judge’ that they call magistrates. This person, Fink (was his name), was dead set on getting me to pay, onto a payment plan or doing community service via one of the government’s programs. Since I have no interest in paying these people money, or giving them my time, I countered his offer by stating I would pay the total fine amount to a charity of my choice and that I would provide proof to the court.

Fink quickly denied that request and so I offered to pay $500 to a charity or do community service via the Police Accountability Foundation (a government recognized 501c3). That wasn’t enough for him either and so I stated that if it’s just about getting money from me he’d have to jail me to get it from taxpayers instead. At that time I was told that it’s not about the money and was accused of having an agenda.

Which really shows the system for what it is. Fink knew I wanted to show the force the system is based off of and he went ahead and did it anyways. I guess I could have accused him of having an agenda but, IMO, that’s pointless because everyone has an agenda. His agenda is to protect the state and mine is to show people what the system is really doing. Either way, Fink could have let me walk and dismissed my ticket. This would have left me looking very foolish, but we knew that couldn’t happen. If he allowed me to walk then how many others would head into the courtroom and tell him to pound sand too? Probably a lot. Which at the end of the day would mean he’d no longer have a job.

Instead, he proved both my points perfectly. That the system is out to get money and ensure that others won’t stand up and refuse their extortion demands either. Yet, even though I went to jail, others might be inspired to do the same in the future. You don’t even have to go to jail. If enough people would simply plead ‘NOT GUILTY’ to all traffic offenses that have no victims and ask for a jury trial, the system would crumble under its own weight. There are far too many tickets written that if everyone said ‘take me to trial’ the state would never be able to do it. Even if they built bigger courthouses and hired more cops, prosecutors and judges, it would never happen. Why? Because at some point the court would be completely backed up OR the taxpayers would be paying everything they had to continue to process these non violent offenders.

And that is not sustainable.

Banner - Tunnel1Banner - Tunnel1Do I think what I did will be the start of that? Nope, not at all. I wanted to make a point about the system and it’s violence. I did that. The reason I choose to do that here is because those working for ‘Parma’ have some real issues with transparency, understanding rights and a perverse view of what they are supposed to be doing for the ‘community.’ They’ve caged my friend for 240 days, charged another person with a felony over a fake FB page and attempted to extort me for $156. I’d much rather stay out of their cages but slapping these guys in the face was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

And it’s not over yet. Immediately upon being released from jail I filed a number of Records Requests with the courthouse. Not only do I want the audio recordings from both my hearings (so that we can all laugh at their stupidity), but I also filed a request for all government emails that contain Adam Mueller (my legal name), Ademo Freeman, Deo Odolecki, Greater Cleveland CopBlock and CopBlock. I did this because during my hearing I noticed that Fink had a print out of my most recent Facebook status. So obviously someone in Parma is paying close attention to me and I figured I’d start to find out why.

That means that the saga with Parma is not over and I look forward to digging into their records over the next couple of months while I await the release of my good friend. Until then, remember that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”


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Want Liberty in your lifetime? Click banner to learn more about Free Keene.

Source Article from http://www.copblock.org/158056/a-parma-magistrate-jailed-me/

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