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Punch The Empire In The F*#king Face

Punch The Empire In The Fucking Face Posted by Lou on July 21, 2023 Posted in: Caitlin Johnstone CAITLIN JOHNSTONE JUL 20, 2023 Speech is violence and cluster bombs are peace. Homelessness and war are normal and opposing nuclear armageddon is treason. You’re a serious person if you believe our brains are being scrambled by […]

One-two punch in ‘NYT’ includes longtime Israel apologist Friedman saying two-state solution is moribund

The New York Times appears to be tired of cheerleading for Israel, witness two opinion pieces this weekend: a long report by Thomas Friedman in which the columnist admitted at the start that “the prospect for a two-state solution has all but vanished;” then, a full page offering by the entire Editorial Board headlined that […]

Canadian Healthcare System Introduces Punch Card Where On Your 10th Visit You Get Free Suicide

OTTAWA — As Canada’s MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) system continues to alleviate the pain of patients and the financial strain on the nation’s healthcare system, a recent innovation is expected to further improve results: Parliament just announced a punch card that allows patients to receive a free suicide after 10 doctor visits. Source

Report: Cellphone Footage Shows Student Repeatedly Punch Georgia Teacher

Cellphone footage shared with a local Georgia television station shows a student repeatedly punching a teacher. Source

Cardiologist Who Wanted To Punch Antivaxxers In The Face, Dies Suddenly After COVID Booster Shot

“For those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons – whatever – I won’t cry at their funeral,” By James SamsonNovember 12, 2021 A 52-year-old prominent New Brunswick cardiologist who shamed the unvaccinated over the summer died suddenly in his sleep after getting his third shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Back in July, Dr. […]

Ivanka, Engel and Halbfinger– all punch Palestinians on their way out the door

It’s amazing that at a time when almost any expression of racism is considered unacceptable in the US discourse, it’s perfectly OK to slam Palestinians. Here are the three latest examples: casual expressions of anti-Palestinian racism out this week from the NYT’s Jerusalem bureau chief, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the […]

London: Savage Blacks Sucker Punch White Man, White Women Laugh & Call Victim “Racist”

The treachery of the white female knows no limits. She has been programmed by the jew system to abhor in-group preference among whites but to applaud it among ape-like negroes. This video shows some retarded gangbanger sucker punch a white man. As usual, they justify the violence claiming he was “racist,” the typical excuse blacks […]

WATCH: NYPD Officer Knocks Teen Unconscious With Punch Over Suspicious Cigarette

October 9, 2014 A video showing an NYPD officer apparently knocking out a Brooklyn teen surfaced on Wednesday — the same day footage of another cop allegedly stealing more than $1,000 from a Brooklyn construction worker went viral. The officer stopped 17-year-old Marcel Hamer on June 4 in Clinton Hill on suspicion of smoking marijuana, […]

Video: Democrat Governor Threatens To Punch Out President Trump

Video: Democrat Governor Threatens To Punch Out President Trump You would have to pick him off the floor Steve WatsonPrison January 12, 2018 During an Appearance on MSNBC, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe stated that he would punch out the President if he “got in my space”. Chris Matthews asked McAuliffe what his reaction would […]

WATCH: Texas Cops in Santa Hat and Face Masks Punch and Tase Man

Four officers from the Austin Police Department, one in a black Santa hat and three others wearing black face masks, led a handcuffed man to an out-of-the-way corner where they tased and punched him, according to video taken by a bystander. The officers arrested the man, Jason Donald, at a convenience store Tuesday evening in […]

Portland Police Say It’s Fine If Officers Punch Suspects They Think are Noncompliant in the Face

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“Every Nation, Every Race – Punch a Nazi in the Face”

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 7, 2017 ASHEBORO, NC: Rally at the courthouse downtown. “EVERY NATION, EVERY RACE, PUNCH A NAZI IN THE FACE!”#RedNeckRevolt #OrganizeTheSouth — anastasia kārkliņa (@brdngresistance) May 6, 2017 Dear leftists: I think you might want to relax for a minute, and just think if you really want to […]

Officer Found Not Guilty After Footage Shows Him Punch Teen Girl in the Face, Twice

05/05/17| ST. PAUL, MN — An officer has been found not guilty after video emerged showing him punch a handcuffed teenager. Officer Michael Soucheray can be heard in the video calling the girl a “f***ing b***h” and was placed on administrative leave when the footage was reviewed. The girl […]

A Parma Magistrate Jailed Me In Order To Get Money From You!

The video above is a VLog I did this afternoon discussing my recent 24 hour stay in the Parma City jail because I refused to be extorted by thugs who claim to work for the “City of Parma.” As outlined in the video my ordeal with the “city of Parma” started when I changed lanes while driving through […]

This Criminal Wins the “IDIOT Of The Week Award,” Check This Out (Video)

Blaze AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Every now and then America’s Freedom Fighters likes to take a break from the every day problems we all deal with when it comes to the troubles our country and world are facing and like they say, ‘Laughter is the BEST Medicine!’ We hope you enjoy! The smooth criminal of […]

War on Cash escalates: China readies digital currency as IMF approves

People’s Bank of China digital currency seminar held in Beijing. From the People’s Bank, Citibank and Deloitte digital currency expert, respectively, on the overall framework of digital currency currency evolving national digital currency, encryption currency issued by the State and other topics of discussion and exchange. People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan attended the […]

New Year, new gun control: Obama to issue executive order on firearms

The specifics of Obama’s executive order are still unknown as the plan is still not finished, CNN reported. However, gun control advocates are prepared for the actions to be unveiled sometime next week. The plan is said to be a unilateral action that will close background check loopholes. Federal law currently requires that […]

Scholar Kevin Barrett: Neocon-Zionists’ false flag attacks meant to stir up Islam and West tensions

     False flag attacks were carried out in Paris – the capital of world secularism — last year in order to stir up a strategy of tensions pitting Islam against the West, and because the French youth are turning against Zionism and supporting the Palestinians, an American scholar and researcher says. Dr. Kevin Barrett, a […]

French Jewish body calls for “mass voting” against Front National

From: The group representing half a million French Jews has called for “mass voting” against nationalist political party Front National following its wide wins in regional elections on Sunday. Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF), the French equivalent to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, issued a […]

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