Alex Jones Shuts David Icke Up On Rothschilds

Alex Jones Shuts David Icke Up On Rothschilds

  • June 22, 2012 – 12:23 pm


Interesting how in this video David Icke starts off by not mentioning Jews as he realizes that Alex Jones wants to continue his Jewish propaganda that the new world order is nazi and not Jewish. Just as David is about to say that the Rothschilds set themselves up in London a long time ago as the heads of the new world order agenda and the core of Talmudic Satanism in the Western world Jones goes to a break. After the break Jones talks on trying to divert from the issue.

At one stage jones intervenes to mention Adolf Hitler, a mainstay of his brainwashing of the listeners on behalf of the Jewish bosses of his show. Davis Icke remains with explaining the background to what he wants to say but not getting a chance to bring the discussion to the point he had set out to bring it to at the beginning of the interview.

Jones’s inabity to keep his mouth shut when others are speaking is also emphasised in this interview. In the end when David does start talking about the Rothschilds Jones changes the subject and winds up the interview.

To some extent Icke homself is part of the control system. A fervent believer in mass-immigration and multiculturalism you have to ask why he remains unaware of the genocide of the indiginous native Britains by mass-immigration and cultural Marxist brainwashing? And why he does not understand that once indigenous whites become a minority in what was their own country it will slide into becoming another third-world failing state as North America is rapidly becoming as the elites use any and every excuse to target the US with mass inward immigration from South America in particular. David says some great things and he is the only person telling the truth about the Rothschilds but can you imagine a Nationalist being allowed to rent Wembley arena? Nationalism is all this government fears.

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