Another 9/11? NYC mobilizing 1,000 National Guard troops to patrol SUBWAYS

Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York is bringing in 1,000 National Guard troops and State Police officer to the Big Apple as a major show of force to patrol the city’s increasingly dangerous subway system.

The job of these State Police officers and National Guard troops will be to dodge poop piles and urine puddles all along the city transit system’s filthy terminals to deter criminals from terrorizing passengers.

According to an announcement from Hochul, 750 guardsmen and 250 state law enforcement officers will be sent to “the city’s busiest transit stations” in an attempt to put a lid on spiraling, out-of-control crime throughout New York City.

“These brazen heinous attacks on our subway system will not be tolerated,” the governor said, trying to sound tough.

Hochul’s plan with these militarized troops will be to implement her five-point plan to crack down on crime in New York City.

“No one heading to their job or to visit family or go to a doctor appointment should worry that the person sitting next to them possesses a deadly weapon,” Hochul added in a statement.

“They shouldn’t worry about whether someone’s going to brandish a knife or gun. That’s what we’re going to do with these checkpoints.”

(Related: Remember back in 2021 when DHS and other federal agencies teamed up to stage chemical gas attack simulations in the New York City subway system?)

Is there more to the story?

One wonders why Hochul is not simply deploying, oh, you know, New York Police Department (NYPD) officers to do the job, seeing as how there are plenty of them ready and able to do the job. The fact that she is bringing in the National Guard as the primary show of force points to a more serious threat that she is not disclosing.

“What’s puzzling – is if the only threats were violent criminals and migrants, why deploy the National Guard?” asked Zero Hedge about the matter.

“The NYPD is fully capable of increasing its presence and flooding subway stations with officers. This raises the possibility that the threat is more significant than just migrants, potentially hinting at terrorism-related concerns.”

Keep in mind that just a few short days ago, the FBI released information about what it claims is a rogue Iranian intelligence officer who is allegedly planning assassination attempts on both former and current U.S. government officials, of which Hochul is one. Is Hochul doing all this to protect her own hide from a possible attack?

Another possibility is that another 9/11-style terrorist attack could be in the works, and this is why Hochul, filled with crippling fear, is trying to militarize the National Guard in her state’s largest metropolitan area to try to deter one from happening.

“Calling in the National Guard for civil disturbance doesn’t make sense,” Zero Hedge further noted. “This also suggests that whatever threat has spooked NY and NYC officials could be much greater than what the NYPD can handle.”

“The threat could be related to Iran and a possible upsurge in attack vectors during the U.S. presidential election.”

It should be noted that when Donald Trump as president suggested bringing in the National Guard to America’s most dangerous cities to deal with Black Lives Matter (BLM) looting, he was accused of being a dictator – is Hochul not also a dictator for doing what she is doing?

What do you think? Will there be another 9/11-style event that occurs in New York City? Find out more at

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