Belgian Soccer Player Refuses To Apologize For Chanting He’d ‘Rather Die Than Be A Jew’

Jews in Belgium are shocked and aghast after failing to publicly shame an unrepentant star soccer player into apologizing for joining fans in singing that he’d “rather die than be a Jew” — a tradition among many rival teams in Europe:

Noa Lang wrote an unapologetic message on Instagram on Saturday following the discovery of a video showing the 21-year-old Holland native chanting about Jews following a match in which his club, Brugge, defeated the Anderlecht team from Brussels.

The reference to Jews, according to Belgian sports papers, was about supporters and players of Anderlecht, whom rival teams refer to as “Jews.” The same phenomenon exists for Amsterdam’s Ajax team, the Hot Spurs club of Tottenham in the United Kingdom and Bayern, Munich’s soccer club.

Ignoring calls to apologize, Lang wrote that he didn’t mean to offend but would not like to further discuss the subject.

My dad’s Surinamese and my mother’s Dutch. I know all about racism and bias,” he said. “I chanted enthusiastically with supporters I met for the first time after winning. As a former Ajax fan I know very well the soccer world’s nicknames. I did not mean to offend anyone. I’m done with the subject and won’t be revisiting it.”

The Royal Belgian Football Association has started an ethics review of Lang’s conduct.

The Brugge club was similarly unapologetic, saying in a statement that Lang had “no antisemitic undertone.”

Michael Freilich, a Belgian-Jewish lawmaker, said “Lang needs to hear how offensive his words have been to Belgian Jews.”

Jews hate it when they cannot make someone apologize and beg for forgiveness — once you try to defend yourself, the Jews have won because you have given credibility to their inevitably false accusations.

As Joseph Goebbels once trenchantly observed, “Nothing could be more mistaken than to defend oneself. That is just what the Jew wants. He can invent a new lie every day for the enemy to respond to, and the result is that the enemy spends so much time defending himself that he has no time to do what the Jew really fears: to attack.”

And that’s exactly what the Jews do — every day in their press, they whine about some trivial accusation of “antisemitism” that someone feels forced into responding to and apologizing for.

And for the Jews, the more trivial and ambiguous the antisemitism the better — make the “goyim” constantly concerned about how anything they write, say, or do will impact the Jews.

If the Jews completely had their way, that’s what all news would be — reports of “antisemitism” along with contrite “goyim” apologizing, groveling, and begging for “another chance.”

On top of all this, it would be hard for Jews to find a more tolerant and accommodating people than the Dutch/Belgians — after all, when Spain rightfully expelled the Jews, many fled to Amsterdam — and it would be those Jews who would go on to foment and finance Cromwell’s “English” revolution.

As a takeaway for this story of unrepentance, we will present Dr. Goebbel’s “Top 10 List” of advice to Christians about how they should deal with Jews (we have substituted Christian for “German” in the original to make his advice more universal):

1. One cannot fight the Jew by positive means. He is a negative, and this negative must be erased from Christendom or he will forever corrupt it.

2. One cannot discuss the Jewish Question with the Jews. One can hardly prove to a person that one has the duty to render him harmless.

3. One cannot allow the Jew the same means one would give an honest opponent, for his is no honorable opponent. He will use generosity and nobility only to trap his enemy.

4. The Jew has nothing to say about Christian questions. He is a foreigner, an alien, who only enjoys the rights of a guest, rights that he always abuses.

5. The so-called religious morality of the Jews is no morality at all, rather an encouragement to betrayal. Therefore, they have no claim to protection from the state.

6. The Jew is not smarter than we are, rather only cleverer and craftier. His system cannot be defeated eocnomically — he follows entirely different moral principles than we do. It can only be broken though political means.

7. A Jew cannot insult a Christian. Jewish slanders are but badges of honor for a Christian opponent of the Jews.

8. The more a Christian or a Christian movement opposes the Jew, the more valuable it is. If someone is attacked by the Jews, that is a sure sign of his virtue. A Christian who is not persecuted by the Jews, or who is praised by them, is useless and dangerous as a Christian.

9. The Jew evaluates Christian questions from the Jewish standpoint. As a result, the opposite of what he says must be true.

10. One must either affirm or reject antisemitism. He who defends the Jew harms his own people. One can only be a Jewish lackey or a Jewish opponent. Opposing the Jews is a matter of Christian hygiene.

Source: “Der Jude,” Der Angriff. Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1935), pp. 322-324

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