BEWARE: Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Socialism Bill Is The ‘Great Reset’

The mission of “Build Back Better” is to grow government and to dismantle “capitalism” – and is directly related to the “Great Reset.”

With the help of corrupt republicans, the radical left has managed to pass horrific spending legislation under the guise of “infrastructure.” But despite the major win for socialism and inflation, progressives are doubling down to pass the so-called “Build Back Better” (BBB) bill. BBB can be interpreted as ‘222’ or 2022. The ‘Great Reset’ or Great Tribulation is to begin in 2022.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden assured his globalist masters that the Build Back Better bill will be passed “within a week”. “I am confident that the House is going to pass this bill,” he said during a speech. “And when it passes, it will go to the Senate. I think we’ll get it passed within a week,” he continued.

The mission of “Build Back Better” is to grow government and to dismantle “capitalism”. Build Back Better is directly related to the vision of the “Great Reset.”

The litany is repeated ad nauseum: the pandemic laid bare the supposed structural deficiencies of capitalism, and so in order to create a socialist globalist utopia, the planet must come together for a “great reset.” The idea is to crush capitalism, recreate the private sector and erase borders.

“To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism,” declares an article posted at the World Economic Forum:

“A true recovery from COVID-19 will not be about putting things back together the way they were: we need to ‘build back better’, to ‘reset’, if we are to address the deep systemic vulnerabilities the pandemic has exposed.”

The radical left leaders clearly are coordinating their messaging:
The globalist United Nations has also embraced “Build Back Better”. Whether the springboard is climate change or the pandemic, the goal of global socialism is the same:

How the Left Intends to ‘Build Back Better’ in America

The left has become quite adept at printing taxpayer money for the global socialist agenda, which empowers them to vastly skip over debate in Congress. Massive spending bills are dreams for those who want government control of the people, as the radical left can sneak all kinds of things into the legislation without real debate.

“The BBB includes progressive priorities we have been fighting for,” the Clinton-tied group Indivisible gushed in an email sent to supporters on Tuesday, “including climate action, paid leave, universal pre-k, and affordable child care, investments in affordable housing, elder care, and more.”

RAIR Foundation USA readers likely do not need to be told that these massive government entitlement programs are unconstitutional and dangerous. The entire point of the founding fathers’ vision of limited and representative government and self-rule is to thwart the federal government from gaining too much power.

The Great Reset is not worried about limited government, and it is certainly not interested in borders or sovereignty of nations. “To ‘build back better,’ we need a broad-based recovery that leaves no one behind,” an article posted at the World Economic Forum website explained in September. “We need to build a more resilient, inclusive society,” the author continued.

Democratic Socialists of America front group “Our Revolution” is naturally also fighting for the BBB act. In fact, they likely helped to write the legislation. Yesterday, they told supporters in a mass email that they are “sustaining pressure on corporate Dems to uphold their commitment to pass the Build Back Better Budget Bill in the House no later than this week.”

It should be pointed out that “corporate Dems” is a derisive term for democrats who dared to simply ask questions about the socialist BBB bill. In this case, the targets are Reps. Ed Case (HI-01), Jared Golden (ME-02), Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), Kathleen Rice (NY-04), Kurt Schrader (OR-05), and Abigail Spanberger (VA-07), because they wanted a score from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) before they made a decision.

Radical left groups supporting the “Build Back Better” legislation include IndivisibleMoveOn.orgCenter for Popular DemocracyDemocratic Socialists of AmericaProgressive Democrats of America, the Socialist AlternativeCommunist Party USA to name just a few.

Watch this great description at Sky News Australia of how the “Build Back Better” canard is directly related to the “Great Reset”:
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