Biden Volunteers Complain ‘Astounding Number’ of Americans Think ‘Biden Is A Pedophile’

Volunteers working for Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s presidential campaign are going on record admitting that “staggering” numbers of Americans are convinced the former vice president is a “pedophile.”

I have been doing a lot of text banking and the number of people who think Biden is a pedophile is astounding,” one volunteer tweeted last week.

They immediately start calling Biden a pedophile,” another phone banker told Mother Jones. “I send out 500 texts in a pop and maybe it’ll come up five to seven times.” 

When you consider that the vast majority of texts are not going to yield a reply and only a fraction of the recipients are Trump voters, that’s a very high response rate. 

It seems Creepy Joe Biden has a serious image problem among grassroots voters and the mainstream media is terrified to address it.

Another volunteer in Pennsylvania ranked the “Biden is a pedophile” response as the second most common “across the board” in her text-banking conversations.

Bradd Silver, a Biden volunteer from California, recalled a recent text exchange with a voter who told him that “Biden never goes by a young girl without smelling her hair or touching her on the back.

Imagine my shock. Where on earth could that voter have gotten that idea from?

My wife has gotten this about pedophiles a bunch, too,” the Biden volunteer added. “We have a response for that, which is sort of, ‘this is just nonsense let’s talk about real issues.’ But no one wants to talk about real issues.”

MotherJones dived into the debate and spoke to numerous Biden volunteers and phone bankers. They all confirmed that a “staggering” number Americans across the board think Biden is a pedophile:

After we spoke, Silver checked the Slack channel he’s in for Biden text-bankers to see if this had happened to anyone else. “Looks like 72 or so texters reported getting replies about Joe being a pedophile,” he wrote to me.

Another volunteer I spoke with, who said she gets at least one pedophile comment during every text-banking shift, sent along a smattering of screenshots of responses her fellow volunteers had received.

One voter said, “I personally believe that pedophiles should be fed feet first in to a woodchipper.”

Another said that they could not support a candidate who would “associate with know [sic] pedophiles while being accused by the public to be a pedophile.” 

“I’d rather catch COVID-19 then [sic] vote for that pedophile…Trump 2020 bitch,” responded yet another. 


When Crooked Media and Change Research asked undecided and infrequent voters for a one-word description of Biden, 46 different people said “pedophile.” 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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