Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid-So Everyone Involved Needs To Be Hanged For Mass Murder Via Loaded Syringe

If worldwide, politicians, preachers, priest, school teachers, “journalist”, hospital administrators, doctors/nurces, school board members, billionaires, business owners, cops and useful idiots on facebutt, twitter litter & other social platforms all picked up AK-47s and slaughtered millions of humans to include children

EVERYONE but the guilty would be screaming nonstop for them all to be hanged!

If they took the 30 shekels to help the Rothschild’s mass murder humans with the Rothschild’s witches brew voodoo Human Herd euthanasia assisted suicide killer jabs, they must be hanged so as they shit their pants when their necks snap.

If they are just so stupid they actually believed the bullshit and assisted the Holocaust of humanity for free, they must be hanged so they don’t pass their genes on so more stupid f##ks are born.

This whole SCAMDEMIC

was communism in action, and a violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, a hanging offense.

Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts must be convened world wide, every last evil son of a bitch and the evil bitches themselves must be dragged shitting their pants into these tribunals, their own words, their own post screaming to force killer jabs on everyone, lock out of society, throw into death camps any who would not voluntarily commit assisted suicide with the death darts, give them fair trials followed by fair expectant hangings.

No forgiveness, no mercy, just a steady stream of evil and stupid as shit f##ks being dragged up the steps of gallows world wide.

Get er done!

The Ole Dog!

Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid

This article was first published on March 19, 2022 prior to the release of Michel Chossudovsky’s book in August 2022.

The focus is to refute the Covid narrative by examining the timeline, the (official) data and definitions pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic. The data presented in this article pertain to January 2020-March 2022.


Today March 11, 2024: Four Years Ago the Covid-19 Lockdown was imposed in one fell swoop by national governments Worldwide.

The Lockdown implied: Confining the Labour Force and Freezing the Work Place.

Not a single economist has acknowledged this relationship. From their standpoint, it was the virus which triggered economic and social collapse. What nonsense.

What does this imply. The most serious economic and social crisis in World history which four years later is still ongoing, leading to economic chaos and mass poverty Worldwide.

Destabilizing the social, political and economic structure of 190 sovereign countries cannot constitute a “solution” to combating the virus.

But that was the imposed “solution” which was implemented in several stages from the very outset of the corona crisis in January 2020. It’s the destruction of people’s lives. It is the destabilization of civil society.

Fake science was supportive of this devastating agenda. The lies were sustained by a massive media disinformation campaign. 24/7, Incessant and Repetitive “Covid alerts” in the course of the last four years.

The historic March 11, 2020 lockdown triggered economic and social chaos Worldwide. It was an act of “economic warfare”: a war against humanity.

This diabolical agenda has undermined the sovereignty of nation states.

It has contributed to a wave of bankruptcies. It has impoverished people Worldwide.

It has led to a spiralling dollar denominated global debt.

The powerful structures of global capitalism, Big Money coupled with its intelligence and military apparatus were the driving force.

Using advanced digital and communications technologies, the lockdown and “closure” of the global economy is unprecedented in World history.

The video below produced by Global Research in December 2020 prior to the launching of the vaccine. It was released in early 2021.

It was the object of censorship. It was taken down.

Thanks to Vaccine Choice Canada, this version on Rumble was saved.


Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid


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