Black South African Woman Nostalgic for Apartheid: Says 28 Years of Black Rule has Been a Dismal Failure

I recently came across a video on Twitter that caught my attention. As I reported a few weeks ago, the black head of South Africa’s mining union spoke about how unlike the Marxist black supremacist ANC, the White Afrikaner nationalist government and their apartheid system at the very least were able to run a functioning state.

I saw a similar video today, although the woman featured had much harsher words for the criminal terrorists who control the ANC and the mindless masses who enable them. While the identity of the woman featured is unknown, she bluntly stated that over 28 years of black rule in South Africa has been a dismal failure.

“Let power go back to the White people. As black people we need to accept we failed dismally for 28 years. When White people ruled, you could get jobs. The streets were clean. You could go to a university. We need to admit we failed. Let us just swallow our pride and give power back to the White people. South Africa is a mess. Everywhere you go.”


I do sincerely appreciate her having the courage to speak the truth about what has happened to South Africa, however, had a White South African made a similar statement in public they would most likely go to jail for hate speech.

It truly breaks my heart to see what South Africa has become. It has become very clear in recent years that the South Africa template is the jewish supremacist’s ideal model for White genocide. Make Whites a minority, disarm them, agitate the black and brown hordes against the Whites and unleash their planned red terror.

The modern South Africa, also known as the rainbow nation, holds world records in many different areas.

It has the largest population of HIV patients in the world, it has the world’s highest murder rate; even surpassing war zones such as Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. South Africa is also the rape capital of the world, both by numbers and per capita.

We hear all about how violent and aggressive the White man is, particularly the White policeman. Since 1994, after the South African National Police was disbanded on Nelson Mandela’s orders, South Africa has been left with an unexperienced and embarrassing police force. White police officers who trained their entire lives were forced out, mostly went into the private security business while their inexperienced black counterparts took over from there.

Since 1994, reports of police brutality have increased by 70%.

Another key aspect of South Africa’s society that is no more would be the South African Defense Force. Once the most skilled and advanced military in all of Africa. The SADF was easily in the top five globally for effectiveness in counterinsurgency.

SADF Forces in Angola

SADF Trainees

After being disbanded, the SADF’s replacement is the South African Army. They are notorious for incompetency and carrying out acts of indiscriminate violence, rape, and looting on peacekeeping missions.

The guardians of the rainbow nation

While it is certainly good to see people speaking up about the horrible conditions inside of South Africa, the worst part in all of this is the fact that a vast majority of Westerners have no idea about South Africa’s true fate and the genocide unfolding there.

On a bright note, here is a video of beautiful Cape Town taken in 1991. Notice how orderly and clean it once was. Only three short years later everything would go to hell.

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