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HOMS:  The focal point of fighting in this area is between the Syrian Army and ISIS which is mostly ensconced in the eastern side of the province where its constituent rodents used to make a pretty penny selling petroleum product to the Erdoghan clan in Turkey.  No more.  Sorry, folks, but, that’s a thing of the past.   SyrPer is delighted to inform its readers that the evidence now points directly to a catastrophic decline in ISIS assets in the wild-and-wooly areas of East Homs Province.  It could be said that there are more ISIS rats in the barren desert than there are today in any productive area east or west of Palmyra.  Here’s why:

Umm Suhayreej:  On May 3, 2017, the SAA’s artillery units brought the heavens down on ISIS about 73 kms east of Homs City killing 6 rodents who were operating a missile launcher.  The army also confirmed the destruction of 1 Toyota pickup with 23mm cannon killing all 3 cockroaches aboard.  Intercepted communications proved that the ISIS vermin in this little hamlet were anxious to abandon their positions since the SAA had found its range with curious preciosity rendering the rodents’ stay there somewhat precarious.  I do not have any information about whether the rodents fled into the desert.


On May 4, 2017, the SAA moved decisively into the areas around Jubb Al-Jarraah liberating Al-Tadmuriyya, Al-Khaleeliyya, Al-Mahsham, the Shawmariyya Mountains.  According to my source in Latakia, the ISIS remnants were seen escaping helter skelter into the eastern desert areas without regard to all the weapons and ammunition they left behind.


And today, to the east of Palmyra City by about 18 kms, the army annihilated the last vestiges of ISIS at the Al-Talliyya Sanctuary pursuing the flies all the way to 4 points west of the sanctuary where the army confirmed the deaths of 37 rodents.  They left all their equipment behind them as the army and the PDC collected everything for use in exterminating the House of Saud.

Zhahra Al-Taweela Area:  the SAA struck with rocket fire a position held by ISIS east of West Habra Village.  No other details.


Point 968 – NW of Dhab’at Al-Maleeha has been liberated.

Points 881 and 876 west of Al-Mushayrifa near the Jubb Al-Jarraah Area has been liberated completely.


When you read about what is happening in Der’ah, you’ll have the impression that the entire Saudi house of cards is collapsing.  If you want to know why Jaysh Al-Islam went to Astana IV even though it is inextricably linked to Saudi Arabia, think in terms of what concessions Saudi Arabia would like to extract.  Already, Jaysh Al-Islam has agreed to the establishment of “de-escalation zones”, which are nothing more than the same “no-fly zones” circulated about for 5 years in Syria.  But, the difference is that the zones limit all combat activity for all involved parties including the United States with the exception of action against ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda and its clones.  Don’t be fooled by any of this.  Jaysh Al-Islam has just announced the end of “Operation Crush Nusra” in the East Ghouta.  This is not a very clever announcement.  What it means is that Saudi Arabia will not concede anything and will not be involved in taking down an important ally like Al-Qaeda.  Saudi Arabia has been told that the Syrian Army is merely finding ways to shift its forces to areas of greater interest.   By having areas like the Ghoutaa deconflicted, the SAA can move to areas like Idlib and Dayr El-Zor to finish off its most effective enemies.  Saudi Arabia will have none of this.  The Saudi chimpanzees know that the moment Alqaeda is vanquished, the Syrian Army will turn its guns on the other terrorists like “Jaysh Al-Islam”.

The facts are that the Syrian Army has managed to break the back of the Wahhabist resistance through siege strategy.  By forcing the rodents to concede defeat and accept humiliating transfers to Idlib, the army has effectively freed up most of the important areas around the capital and Homs City.  Add to that the liberation of Eastern Homs Province, especially the oil and gas fields.  Add to that the liberation of all Aleppo City and its resurrection as Syria’s main industrial hub.  Add to that the incontrovertible fact that the Turk/terrorist offensive in Latakia has flopped.  Add to that the fact that the Syrian Army is verging on complete victory in northern Hama Province.  But, the SAA’s advances in Der’ah are also of particular importance because MOK, the joint terrorist operation in Jordan, led by the United States is about to undergo a major cataclysm.

Last Tuesday’s chat between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is notable for the agreement to establish “de-escalation zones”.  But, that’s not all they discussed.  While I may not have direct evidence that Putin bargained for and got a promise from Trump to size down the American role in MOK, I have been told that movements inside the various MOK bases near Amman are seeing renewed activity resembling a process of dismantling.  If this is true, the United States will have a lot to explain when Donald Trump visits Riyaadh.  It may very well be that the reason Jaysh Al-Islam got the green light to attend Astana IV was because the Saudis are starting to see their plans evaporate and they had to make sure their role was not ignored.  They are fully aware that Iran is the victor here.  It rankles them because they are, in the final analysis, decrepit brutes with not the slightest intimation of human intelligence.



The internecine fighting continues unabated everywhere in the south.  This is an indication that the planners at MOK are losing control of their terrorist allies.  Today, Jaysh Al-Mu’tazz (named after another Abbasid Caliph) fought with Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyya (The Front for Syria’s Revolutionaries).  The combat took place in Der’ah City and was the result of differences over the specific roles each group was to play in the effort to dislodge the Syrian Army from the Al-Manshiyya Quarter.  In fact, they have a name for the effort:  “Battle for Al-Manshiyya Quarter” which is a branch of the overall strategy run by MOK in Jordan which is called “Fight to the Death and No Humiliation Operation”.  I swear, that’s what it’s called.

In any case, Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyyaa started the battle by attacking Jaysh Al-Mu’tazz.  Already, scores of the terrorist rodents in both groups have been killed.  Needless to say, the SAA will not intervene, but, instead will watch gleefully as rodent eats rodent.  The only curiosity is the involvement of Nusra/Alqaeda which sent in a pack of its most virulent scuzz-bags to extract the body of a major field commander from the group called Kateebat Shuhadaa` Hawraan, one Hassan Al-Masaalima, who was, interestingly, killed unintentionally while driving by the area of fighting.

Der’ah is Saudi Arabia’s last gambit.  If the stinking Wahhabists can get their claws into this city, it will mark a significant step toward Balkanizing Syria along the lines suggested by the diseased Ashkenazi cockroaches of Occupied Palestine.  But, it’s not working.  And with the de-escalation zones coming into play, the SAA will have even more troops to help in eradicating the microbes infesting Southern Syria.  And if it’s true Trump is going along with Putin by reducing America’s role in Jordan, then, the morale of the terrorists will become a factor in how long it will take to exterminate them.  There’s some rumors Britain is planning to embark on some aerial maneuvers over Syria.  If that is true, it might be because Saudi Arabia is desperate to conceal its ignominy.

With ISIS slowly disintegrating in both Syria and Iraq, the Caliph’s underlings must be wondering about where to go.  Turkey is evidently no longer in the “cheer for the cannibals” section of the stadium and it might not be so easy to get to Libya via Europe.  But, how about this for an alternative: I mean, who would be more happy to let ISIS terrorists into Iran in order to transport them to Bahrain or Saudi Arabia than Iran itself?  Just an idea.
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