“Cash Will Be No Refuge Under CBDCs”-But Gold & Silver Will Be

Article today warning Fiat cash will not help you when the Usury bankers and their blackmailed and bribed political whore bitches try to force digital currency on you.

But then they act like you don’t have a choice.

“The world is headed toward Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and everybody knows it, even the people who don’t want them (which at the moment looks to be most people).

But the policy-makers have deigned it be so, and CBDCs provide such a compelling opportunity for surveillance and social control that they are irresistible. That the fiat currency system is in the process of imploding makes it an imperative.”

Then they pimp “Bitcoin” as a refuge.

“But real sovereignty will lie in having access to a digital hard-asset that is truly decentralized and that can be frictionlessly moved around the globe, impervious to capital controls.

I am talking of course, about Bitcoin. Start a dollar cost average today, get off zero – and you will be in an entirely different economic class from 95% of the people who get blindsided when retail CBDCs do roll out”.

Bitcoin would not be allowed to exist if the Globalist did not want it there to get humans used to a digital currency.
Bitcoin like Fiat paper currency is backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value.

When folks first started pimping Bitcoin they talked of how “governments’ could not trace or control it.

If you believe that I have some ocean front property in the Shara desert I will sell you.
Cheap too!

They said “governments” could not tax you with bitcoin.
The “governments” are already taxing folks on their gains on Bitcoin and have seized bitcoin from many sources.

When the Social security pyramid scam first came out, US had to promise the American people that their SS # would NEVER be used as an identification number.

Try doing business or having a checking account even in America today without identifying yourself with your SS # and see how far you get.

Once Bitcoin gets the sheep used to and trusting digital currencies, bankers and governments will take control of it by changing the rules just as they did after promising the SS # would NEVER be an identification number.

There is always a choice.
Humans convene Nuremberg Common Law Courts, arrest the evil degenerate criminals pushing this slave currency, give them fair trials and fair hangings.

Then humans form Freedom Individual God Given Rights respecting forms of governance which then reinstitutes gold and silver money.

Elementary my dear Watson!

The Ole Dog!

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