Christian Nationalist MAGA Cultists Launch ‘The Courage Tour’ To Put Trump Back In Office

In 2023, self-proclaimed Christian nationalist and unabashed Trump cultist Lance Wallnau announced his intention to travel the country ahead of the 2024 elections in order to break the “demonic strongholds” in swing states that are supposedly preventing Republicans from winning elections. That idea eventually merged with the revival Fire and Glory Tour that Wallnau was doing with fellow MAGA cultist Mario Murillo, resulting in plans to merge political rallies with Christian revival meetings in order to help former President Donald Trump return to the White House.

Wallnau’s dream is now coming to fruition with the announcement of “The Courage Tour” in which Wallnau and Murillo will be joined by the likes of Floyd Brown, Lou Engle, and others for a series of events “dedicated to impacting the spiritual climate in 7 key states and 19 key counties!” The first three announced events will take place in the swing states of Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

The partisan purpose of the tour was made quite clear during a recent interview Wallnau did with fellow Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. Kirk, whose TPUSA Faith operation is also involved in the Courage Tour, told Wallnau that it is his mission to ensure that Trump receives more than 81 percent of the evangelical vote in 2024, asserting that if that can be achieved “there is almost no way Donald Trump loses.”

Energized by this plan, Wallnau said that his Courage Tour is “latching on” to Kirk’s effort by organizing rallies in key swing states.

Separately, Murillo promoted the Courage Tour on his own “Fire Power” program, saying it is being targeted “at specific cities where conservatives are there but they didn’t vote and we’re going to wake them up and get them to vote.”

The events will consist of two sections, Murillo reported, with the days being dedicated to political activism while the evenings are dedicated to “signs and wonders and a totally focused presentation on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

It is worth noting that Wallnau and others involved in this project are associated with the spiritual warfare-waging New Apostolic Reformation movement and Seven Mountains Dominionism, an ideology grounded in the belief that the nation will be “transformed” when the right kind of Christians have taken control of every sphere of influence in society.

As Right Wing Watch reported earlier this week, religious-right organizations and activists are gearing up to make a widespread and sustained effort to mobilize conservative Christian voters for the purpose of electing Trump to office. In turn, Trump has already promised to return the favor by giving them unprecedented power to use the levels of government to impose their Christian nationalist agenda on the nation.

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