CNN’s Don Lemon Suggests Trump Said Coronavirus Was a “Hoax”

After it was announced that President Trump had contracted coronavirus, numerous leftists took to Twitter to vehemently argue that Trump had staged the infection in order to help his re-election chances.

The consensus opinion appears to be that Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 will harm his campaign because it will stop him traveling for 2 weeks and also highlight his supposed hypocrisy over the severity of coronavirus.

However, a vocal minority reacted to the news by insisting that the opposite was true, and that Trump staged the whole thing in order to recover quickly from the infection and bolster support for his argument that the threat of COVID-19 has been exaggerated for political reasons.

Twitter user Mitch Clark, who describes himself as an anarcho-communist, compiled a list of motivations for Trump to have faked the infection.

They include that it allows the president to distract everyone’s attention from issues that may be negatively impacting him, such as the post-debate charge that Trump refused to disavow white supremacists.

Another reason given is that Trump will garner sympathy for himself, making attacks against him harder, although this seems somewhat flimsy given that leftists are already celebrating him potentially dying from the virus.

Another reason is that it gives Trump the opportunity to avoid the upcoming debates, although again this is dubious given that Democrats have consistently urged Biden to avoid the debates.

The claim that Trump fake his own coronavirus diagnosis illustrates yet again how many leftists who have been quick to charge Trump with proliferating corona conspiracy theories do the very same thing themselves at the first available opportunity.

Numerous Twitter users amplified the theory under the hashtags #TrumpIsFaking and #TrumpIsFakingCovid.


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