CNN’s Sellers: Blackwater Pardon ‘Stain’ on Evangelicals Who Lift Trump Up

CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers said on Wednesday’s broadcast of  “The Situation Room” that President Donald Trump’s pardon of four former Blackwater security guards who were convicted of a massacre in Baghdad that killed a dozen Iraqi civilians is a “stain” on “particularly Evangelicals who lift him up.”

Sellers said, “I mean, you hear people say the words corruption, but I don’t think that goes far enough, Wolf. To be completely honest, some of the people he’s pardoned were just murderers. They were brutal. They didn’t believe in the value or the sanctity of life. I was reading articles from the New York Times and Post on Twitter and everywhere else, and they were going back talking about the youngest victims of these slaughters that occurred overseas and how a father had to witness his son’s brains being blown out. The president of the United States, as we go during this holiday season, one of his last acts, before he gets to go spend time with his family, is to pardon individuals who were callous, who were murdering, who slaughtered.”

He continued, “There’s no justification for it. I get paying back a political favor for people who endorse you. Politicians do that. It’s obscene. You should be outraged by that. I understand he believes the Russia investigation is fake, so he is pardoning people. That’s obscene, but I understand the politics of it.”

He concluded, “But to pardon murderers, Wolf and people who have taken away young folk from their family, this is going to be a stain on not just Donald Trump but all those individuals particularly Evangelicals who lift him up and praise him. This is a sad day. People should pay more attention to these callous acts that the president is committing in the White House.

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