Coming Out of Psychological Hibernation: Astrology Forecast April 4th – 11th

April 5th, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Although we experienced a shift at the Aries Equinox on March 21st, we are still in the critical threshold point of the whole astrological year. The period between the New Moon in Pisces and Sunday’s New Moon in Aries is a time of dissolution of the whole cycle of the last year, to allow new energy to begin to arise from 11/12th April at the Aries New Moon.

Don’t try to jump ahead or push the river -that way you risk aborting the last crucial stage of alchemical change. Instead, allow this week’s liminal space to bring profound insights into what the waning cycle of the last year since March 2020 has been about and what the newly-forming one might bring. Re-emergence takes as much, if not more, psychic energy that hibernation, as you allow your compass to re-set to Self as Source.

The Aries New Moon marks the new cycle of the Astrological New Year with a firework display – a Super Conjunction of Chiron/Mercury/Ceres/Sun/Moon/Eris and Venus. Cardinal Fire sign Aries works through the 1st Ray of Will and Power, so it’s time to show up and engage in birthing what is emerging. This means identifying new paradigms just appearing over the horizon and following the clues. It’s a time to gently initiate something new and untried in your life-no matter how small it may seem.

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As Within, So Without…mirroring your inner shifts, expect some outer disruption as the New Moon in a powerful conjunction with Venus, Disruptor Eris and Mercury sets off several days of frictional squares to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Chandra Symbol New Moon ARIES 23:

A bottle labelled “Drink Me”.

 “The force of events sweeps away who we thought we were and plunges us to a deeper place beyond the known. The sheer immediacy, the sudden clarity shifts mountains of intent into a different octave altogether. Being taken by storm is the most direct path from here to there. And when cosmic worlds are urgently coming through, the only smart thing is to step aside and make a huge amount of room for unexpected guests, at events you could never have arranged in your wildest dreams.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

This week is your time with so many planets gathered in Aries. Mercury is back in your sign as Venus and Jupiter celebrate your solar New Year. Make the very most of Venus before she moves into your money angle on April 14th– do something lovely just for you, it could be anything that makes you feel good in your own skin… clothes, plants for your garden or a walk in the countryside. Before the New Moon on April 12th, there may be some work relationships to resolve as Pluto makes everything seem much more intense than it needs to be. Be diplomatic, build bridges and cut everyone some slack.

April 10th is very well starred for new beginnings.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

Make a note of two unusually supportive and lucky days – Sunday April 4th and Saturday April 10th.On the 4th, your personal planet Venus merges with Ceres -archetype of harvests of all kind. On the 10th, Venus and Jupiter reach across the sky between your 10th and 12th Houses of career, purpose, hopes and wishes. Pay attention to your dreams, to ideas that just won’t go away, no matter how improbable they seem. Share your thoughts with someone you trust and listen to their perspective. With such supportive astrology, be careful about overspending then having buyer’s remorse. The New Moon on April 12th is the last before your birthday month. Mark it with a ritual of writing down what you’re leaving behind and either burning or burying it.

Facing forwards.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

With your personal planet Mercury in Aries and Mars in your own sign, momentum is building to make some long overdue changes. Whatever you decide to leave behind, revive or begin, do it cleanly and quickly. No hesitating or backtracking. Anything connected to your networks, groups or teams has a green light. Share your ideas, involve people you trust and open to their feedback-it may surprise and encourage you. Saturday April 10th is going to be lucky for just about everyone and your greatest opportunities are in teaching and learning-whatever shape or form that might take. At the New Moon on the 12th, think about joining a new group or researching a trip for later in the year.

Expanding your horizons.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

With no fewer than seven planets clustered at the very high point of your solar chart, your popularity should be on the rise, if not soaring. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to mend fences, ask for a pay rise or get noticed (if that’s what you want). With Venus here, people will be drawn to you, listen to you and be willing to work with you, so strike some win/win deals while the iron is hot. April 10th ,11th and 12th are very well starred-some of your best days all year. If you have an important personal commitment or announcement to make, do it on April 13th just after the New Moon

Your word is golden.

Leo Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

With no fewer than seven planets clustered in fellow Fire sign Aries, you’re in your element and on a roll. This is a time to get moving, to start something new and exciting and to launch it in the days just after next Sunday’s Aries New Moon. Your 9th House of big ideas, writing, publishing, teaching, learning and traveling is almost literally on fire. If you have a project or accreditation to complete, make it your first priority and watch as the ideas come together. Saturday April 10th is a golden day to boost a partnership or rekindle the embers as Jupiter in Aquarius aligns with Venus in Aries. On April 12th, the stunningly pioneering Aries New Moon opens your eyes to a much bigger, much more promising perspective.

Removing your blinkers.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

The good news is that, for the first time in two years, action planet Mars is zipping across the highest point of your chart activating your career and public image. With both Saturn and Jupiter in your 6th House of work and service, not to mention health, it looks as if you have a lot on your plate, so this jolt of extra energy to restore your batteries should be very welcome. Looking ahead, make sure you have some time booked out for yourself in May and June. Don’t forget to make a special note of three golden days -April 10th,11th and 12th – when anything connected with longstanding partnerships of any kind, shared resources and intimacy is well starred.

You are more resilient than you think.

Libra Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

With a rare cluster of seven planets across the sky in Aries, your opposite sign, it’s all about relationships. Not the short- lived acquaintance type but those with the people you are closest to or have a longstanding contract with-romantic, business or professional. Given that Venus is in the mix, if you want to make a deeper commitment to someone, then this is a very good time, especially on Saturday April 10th. Listen more than you talk this week. Catch up on what’s going on in their lives and you’ll strengthen the ties that bind. This is a planetary reminder that the more you invest your love and attention in others, the happier you feel.

Harmony and understanding.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

Your personal planet Mars is crossing your 8th House of the hidden, taboo and mysterious. As a Pluto ruled Scorpio, these are topics you like nothing better than to explore, so here’s your once in two years opportunity. Personal issues such as money and sex are often kept under wraps but now something of that nature might nee some daylight casting on it. Is there something you need to discuss with a partner about money? If so, now’s the time but choose your moment carefully. At the same time, work is looking busy. Wait until April 10th/11th to ask for a pay rise or promotion or, if you’re self -employed, after the New Moon on the 12th to launch a new product.

Revealing the elephant under the carpet.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

With a rare gathering of seven planets in your angle of fun, leisure and romance, it’s time to lift your nose from the grindstone and stop and smell the roses. Cut yourself some slack and ask yourself what you enjoy most then pack as much of it as possible into your life. Anything sporty or physical is well starred. It’s the very end of another astrological year, so clear out anything that has outlived its value or usefulness so you can start afresh after the New Moon on April 12th. Pick one new tweak or upgrade to your daily routine and start creating a virtuous cycle.

How much enjoyment is too much?

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

This week and next, for you as a solar Capricorn, home is definitely where your heart is. With seven (!) planets including the lovely Venus lighting up the base of your chart, it’s time to strengthen, not to mention beautify the foundations of your life. Anything to do with buying or selling a home, renovating, redecorating or extending where your live is extremely well starred especially around April 10th,11th and12th.The Aries New Moon will start a fresh new chapter of belonging. You can’t do it on your own, so involve your tribe or friends in your plans and the project will get a boost of momentum.

Beautifying your surroundings.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

A heads up! Make the very most of expansionist Jupiter in Aquarius during April, before the gas giant move into Pisces between May and July. That means seizing any opportunity to broaden your horizons-literally and metaphorically- before it disappears. Coming back to now, no fewer than 7 planets are clustered in your 3rd House of communication. Get in touch with siblings and neighbours and restore your connection. It’s especially good for building a social media platform and expanding your people landscape. If you have a new product or podcast to launch April 10th is one of the luckiest days of the year .

Reach out and collaborate.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: April 4-11, 2021

With so many planets stacked up in your 2nd House, your finances are due a boost. Remember-whatever you focus your attention on, grows. With both Venus and Ceres in the frame, it’s about what you value enough to pour your time, love and effort into. Think about what and who is truly important to you, then look at your daily life to see if there is a gap between what you say and what you do. Channel this Aries energy into developing passive income streams to increase your cash flow without too much extra effort. Saturday April 10th is one of the luckiest days all year for you to have a financial breakthrough. It could be by selling something you no longer need or by investing in something that will increase in value.

Money brings more options.

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