Despite Everything Trump Did for Israel, 79% of Jews voted AGAINST Him in 2020



So despite everything Trump did for the Jews, despite all the groveling and boot licking, despite bringing a Jew in the White House, Jared Kushner who pulled the shots, Jews still do not support Donald Trump because they believe in their sick heads that he is pro-White and therefore a threat to their evil agenda.

No matter how pro-Jew you are, if you are also pro-White then that’s unacceptable because you see that negatively interferes with their white genocidal agenda, the Kalergi plan, Protocols of Zion, you know all of that…

76 percent of Jews voted against Trump in 2016 election even though he went at AIPAC and gave a speech there promising them how big of a slave he will be and that others before him weren’t good enough slaves!!! He criticized Obama for not being a good slave and he also criticized Hillary Clinton saying that she’s gonna be a fake slave and he’s gonna be the better slave. Despite that they hated him, 76% voted against him.

79 percent of Jews voted against Trump in 2020 election. So 4 years later despite Trump not building gas chambers and all of that, despite not giving them a single reason to fear him, in fact he was the best slave ever as he promised he would be at AIPAC, he gave Israel the West Bank, the Golan Heights, he moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and called it the “eternal capital of the Jews”, he made the peace deal of the century where basically everybody is forced to bow down to Israel, etc. so despite all of that, even more voted against him in 2020.

How’s that groveling working out for you? Go lick some more Jewish ass Trump. The question is why! Why were more Jews against Trump despite not harming them at all? Well as we said above, because they believe that Trump is somehow pro-White and Christian and tht’s unacceptable to the Jews. Jews hate Jesus, they killed Him and they still hate Him, in their Satanic book the Talmud they call Him all sorts of names. They also want all White people (Caucasian race) to go extinct and they believe Trump is a detriment to this agenda, even though he supports the Jews and Israel.

Now Joe Biden is the Jewish same slave as Donald Trump, perhaps not as good as Trump but still a slave, yet the Jews prefer him over Trump. Why? Why wouldn’t they support a better slave like Trump? Trump was clearly the better slave, he did all those things he promised he would do at AIPAC in 2016 while Biden didn’t do much while he was Vice-President under Obama. So WHY? Why do the Jews prefer Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump? Here’s exactly why:

Good for the Jews:

Bad for the Jews:

You can read more about this in the Israeli press Haaretz and The Times Of Israel.

This should be very revealing to you, unless you are mentally R-worded! Just so you know, Biden said the things he said in the video above to a group of Arabs and Africans all the way back in 2015 when he was a Vice-President. What a shameful thing to say in front of non-whites “We are going extinct and that’s a good thing, come, we invite you replace us, non-stop! We conceded, we want to be replaced!” What a bastard, what did the devil promise him to become such an evil traitor?

With these two videos in mind, Trump isn’t necessarily pro-White, he’s far from it, but he’s damn far from what a traitorous evil villein Biden is also.

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