Documents Implicate Macron in Offshore Holdings

Daily Stormer 
May 3, 2017

Here pictured with a mudslime at the Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF).

Zero Hedge:

Documents leaked online today appear to show that French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands. Macron claimed he was not concealing assets or holding secret offshore accounts less than a month ago.

The first document is an operating agreement drawn up on May 4th, 2012 to form “La Providence LLC” under the 1995 Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance bearing Mr. Macron’s name and signature. La Providence is the name of Macron’s former high school in Amiens, where he first met his wife. The decision to form a company in Nevis is suspect, as the Nevis Confidential Relationship Act prohibits the disclosure of information and guarantees the secrecy and privacy of offshore LLCs in Nevis. Information about company owners is not published nor is it available to the public. Nevis has been described by Bloomberg as one of a number of popular tax havens in the Caribbean.

Macron’s offshore Nevis corporation’s operating agreement.

second document is a letter sent to La Providence Ltd. from the First Caribbean International Bank, indicating a business relationship with Macron’s LLC. Forbes reported that First Caribbean International Bank was implicated as a facilitator of tax evasion in 2013. It has also been named by Reuters as a player in fraud relating to the 2015 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) scandals, after it emerged that a representative for First Caribbean had personally collected a check from a FIFA official and then returned to deposit it in an account in the Bahamas.

The French are commie socialists and pay really high taxes. Fillon started the race ahead of Le Pen but got knocked out after being found to do this exact same thing. The biggest issue in the French elections is really the economy and corruption. This could be a game changer. You never know. Le Pen could win.

On the other hand the French press have been utterly silent on stuff surrounding Macron’s corruption. They have been doing everything possible to throw this thing to him, and winning so far. People talking about this stuff on YouTube get shut down. They leave up rumors that Macron might be gay (probably true) because they know the French don’t care. This shows that they are actually worried about corruption scandals right before the election by leaving the fag shit up but screaming SHUT IT DOWN on anything about his scheming banker nature.

I am not high energy about Le Pen. We already saw with Trump that voting does not change much of anything in terms of policy. The first round of the elections also showed that the French people don’t care about nationalism at all so it isn’t like we get a high energy populist nationalist insurgency out of a Le Pen victory like we did with Trump. Le Pen getting victory now would only mean Macron’s kind of abject corruption and lies was too much, not that Le Pen’s policies or rhetoric are popular in France.

Le Pen is even more kiked out than Trump. She has an Algerian Jewish lover named Louis Aliot who she kicked her own father out of the party for because her dad was dismissive towards the gas chambers myth. She’s filled her entire campaign staff with faggots (and yet still gets called homophobic constantly). She hasn’t taken a hard line on nearly anything, and instead pandered to French mainstream at every point possible. The media says she is an evil neo-Nazi white supremacist only because she uses a name that her father (now removed) advocated for millions of forcible deportations under. Trump at least promised things that we needed, even though he ended up a hostage to Kushner and the kikes. Even if Le Pen managed to implement every policy she has ever supported it wouldn’t do anything to save her country.

It’s good to talk about this though, because it does show that the French media and state establishment are doing everything they can to throw the game to the preferred establishment candidate. Le Pen is viewed by the public as the opposition now, even if she is clearly controlled opposition.

With voting being a pointless and futile exercise, France has only one hope: military and law enforcement seizing the country. Democracy is not going to have any use there. It is a hopeless situation that can only be resolved by RWDS and WHITE SHARIA. We have long passed the era of democratic utility, and we are soon to enter the era of warlords.

WHITE SHARIA prophet Nathan Damigo prepares to free frogs from faggotry.

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