Dominos Pizza Uses Anti-White Racial Slur ‘Karen’ in New Zealand Promotion

Anti-white rhetoric is so ubiquitous and accepted in modern anti-white society that big food companies are now using anti-white slurs in ad campaigns.

New York Post:

Whichever way you slice it, Domino’s “Karen” promotion in New Zealand was destined to fail.

The American pizza giant’s branch in the country decided to give actual Karens a break since their name has turned into a derogatory term for entitled white woman in social media.

In a bid to give the women a break from the negative connotation, the chain launched a giveaway called “Calling all (nice) Karens” on its New Zealand and Australian sites, the BBC reported.

It asked women named Karen to describe in 250 words how they were one of the “nice ones.”

“The name ‘Karen’ has become synonymous with anyone who is entitled, selfish and likes to complain,” Domino’s regional chief marketing officer Allan Collins said in the promotion.

“What used to be a light-hearted meme has become quite the insult to anyone actually named Karen,” he said.

“Well, today we’re taking the name Karen back. At Domino’s, we’re all about bringing people together and we want to celebrate all the great Karens out there by shouting them a free pizza!” Collins added.

Alas, Domino’s was left eating humbling pie after the promotion was roundly denounced.

Many argued that “Karen negativity” was an issue that affected mostly “privileged white women,” according to the BBC.

“Most of the time Karens are entitled privileged white women. If a few people actually called Karen can’t handle the meme they should try handling 400 years of oppression,” one user wrote on Twitter.

To be perfectly honest, it’s actually quite hard to argue against the veracity of this ‘Karen’ stereotype of white women because usually these white women are directing their negative energy and sense of entitlement towards white men. Sometimes, white women will flip out on non-whites who inconvenience them in public, but this doesn’t mean they’re loyal to our race or cause. Most of the time, these white women will cave under the media/leftist pressure and go on a faggotronic apology tour. Rarely do you ever find a white woman stand by her public outbursts against unruly POCs.

It’s just interesting to see the anti-white media starting to throw white women under the bus. We all knew this was coming. Many of us awakened white men predicted this years ago. We warned these brainwashed white women that they were next on the chopping block after white men. The jewish system used white women for decades to break down and fracture our society. Through intense propaganda spread by the ZOG media and schooling system, they convinced the vast majority of white females to get on board with the satanic scam of feminism in order to extirpate the traditional nuclear family unit in white societies, the most important stepping stone towards white genocide.

And now that the elite backstabbing jews have accomplished their goal of turning most white women into nigger-worshipping, abortion-loving, open borders-touting rancid whores, they’re turning the tables on their kosher feminist pets. Some white women will take note of this change of tone from the jewish system’s media organs and come to our side, but most will just try to suck up even harder to the anti-white system so they can sustain a presence within the fake victim hierarchy of retarded nogs and sexual deviants.

The honest white females who share our views will be welcomed with open arms. Obviously, we do need white women in order to advance our cause of preserving Western civilization for our Volk. But they must demonstrate their loyalty to white men by actively aiding the cause and supporting the brave men who lead it.

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