Dr. Naomi Wolf Details ‘The Chamber of Horrors’ the Jab Poses to Women’s Reproductive Health

February 4, 2023 • by The Vigilant Fox

Pfizer acknowledges 20-something different ways its shot can send a woman’s menstrual cycle into disarray.

“There is something irregular about their [vaccinated women’s] menstrual cycles,” professed Pfizer executive Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker in Project Veritas’ latest explosive exposé.

“So people will have to investigate that down the line — because that is a little concerning,” he expressed. “The [COVID-19] vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that [menstruation]. He then notes, “It [the Pfizer mRNA shot] has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.”

Walker leaves us with one last harrowing statement: “[If] the entire next generation’s super f**ked up, could you imagine the scandal? Oh, my God. I would take Pfizer off my resume.”

As expected, such statements took the internet by storm, receiving at least 10 million views on Twitter alone. The social media platform was also bombarded with over 90,000 tweets using the hashtag #Pfertility (fertility with a Pfizer P).

Project Veritas has done an incredible job in making such information accessible — with a spice of drama in confession format. Although severe dysregulation of menstrual cycles is newsworthy, it is not new news. Dissenting doctors, scientists, thought leaders, and women have been screaming from the rooftops about this subject for some time. One of the first to raise concerns was DailyClout CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf, who has been hammering away at this issue for the better part of two years.

The above tweet, from May 2021, led to Dr. Wolf’s expulsion from Twitter. At the time, it was labeled a “vaccine myth.”

“Her suspension was widely applauded on the social media platform,” The Guardian reported on June 5, 2021. Steve Silberman, a historian of autism, wrote:

A Twitter user responded to Mr. Silberman, saying, “We should all be concerned when anyone is de-platformed. If they can do it to someone you don’t like, they can do it to someone you do.” Silberman replied to the Twitter user, “Noted: You’re in favor of people shouting “FIRE!” in thousands of crowded theaters at once. Got it.”

Even people who were critical of the COVID-19 shots piled on. Alex Berenson called Dr. Wolf “counterfactual” and “batsh*t crazy.”

Well, it looks like shouting, “FIRE!” was justified because a study funded by the NIH found that 40.2% of women reported menstrual changes post-injection; this would equate to over 40 million women having their menstrual cycles affected by the jab. And a major voice, sounding the alarm, had her voice stripped away from the platform — only to be proven to have legitimate concerns — after millions of women were injected in circumstances devoid of informed consent or were coerced into getting injected.

Silberman’s “FIRE!” free speech argument has collapsed. Because instead of protecting people from a false claim, you metaphorically disabled the fire alarm and allowed the people inside to burn.

So, in light of #Pfertility making it to the mainstream conversation, we reflect on the past work of the DailyClout / War Room volunteers, summarized by no one other than Dr. Naomi Wolf. Let’s give her the floor:

Image Credit: New York Times

“We at DailyClout, over the last, I would say, six months, have broken story after story showing that these mRNA injections damage women’s reproductive systems generally and human reproduction in general. We broke the story that the lipid nanoparticles degrade the testes, even in fetal boys and baby boys.

“We broke the story that the Pfizer documents showed that there was polyethylene glycol in breast milk [of vaccinated women], sometimes turning that breast milk blue-green.

Dr. Robert Chander showed that within 48 hours of injection, there’s biodistribution throughout the body of the lipid nanoparticles and that they accumulate in organs such as the brain, spleen, liver, and adrenals — but especially accumulate in the ovaries if you’re a woman, of course.

See the right chart for LNP accumulation over time (48h). The faint green line is the liver, the yellow is the spleen, the off-white is the adrenal glands, and the orange line is the ovaries.

“And we broke the story that the lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta. And Dr. Jim Thorp has shown that they compromise the placenta.

“And of course, as I’ve been warning now, for ten months, we’re now seeing 13 to 19% drops in live births around the world, but especially in Western Europe and North America.

“So it [menstrual changes] is not news to us. I’m really glad Project Veritas broke that story. And I’m glad that everyone’s paying attention. But I’ve been screaming about this for literally two years. These War Room / DailyClout medical and scientific experts have demonstrated, abundantly, that there are horrific menstrual and other reproductive harms to women.”

That leads us to Pfizer Report 38 by Dr. Robert Chandler.

Dr. Robert Chander is an orthopedic surgeon and one of the 3,500 War Room / DailyClout volunteers — who spent countless hours of his time and energy digging and reporting on the Pfizer documents.

Pfizer report 38, which Dr. Chandler published back in August, revealed several eye-opening findings, but the main takeaway is the undeniable damage to women and their reproductive health.

While sifting through Pfizer documents 5.3.6 and Appendix 2.1Dr. Chandler found that women were two and a half times more likely to suffer an adverse event from Pfizer’s mRNA shot than men.

Sixteen percent of adverse events affecting women were reproductive disorders. And perhaps even more disturbing was the 20-something different ways Pfizer classified menstrual harms (not the entire list below).

But let’s take it from the top of Dr. Chandler’s report and work our way down, starting with Table 1.

This is a breakdown of the data from 5.3.6. (Post-marketing experience after mRNA rollout). Pfizer received reports of 42,086 adverse events from the rollout mRNA of its mRNA injection (12/11/2020) to 2/28/21 (about two and a half months later).

77% of the 42,086 adverse events affected women.

And the following chart breaks down the male vs. female occurrence of adverse events by organ system. In every category, women (blue) suffered more adverse events than men (orange).

Pfizer document Appendix 2.1 corroborates the disparity in the number of adverse events between men and women.

Dr. Chandler writes, “Appendix 2.1 recently surfaced following a FOIA request from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and consists of a 170-page document that tallies Adverse Events by diagnosis in 1,348,079 subjects (i.e., patients). The sex was known in 1,282,113 cases – 923,194 women (72% of those with known sex and 68% of total series including unknown sex) and 358,919 men. Data capture ended on April 15, 2022.”

“And there it gets really scary,” expressed Dr. Naomi Wolf, “because of those 72% of adverse events that are female, Pfizer characterizes 16% of those adverse events as ‘reproductive disorders.’ Those are Pfizer’s words. And that’s compared to 0.49% for men sustaining reproductive disorders.”

“Project Veritas, I hope you’re listening,” voiced Dr. Wolf. “Chart five shows the numbers of just the top 10 menstrual dysfunctions contrasted with a much smaller number of reproductive issues for men. … And it’s truly disgusting.”

As you can see, it’s no contest. The tenth most common side effect for women (oligomenorrhea – infrequent menstrual periods) has nearly ten times the number of cases (3,437) as testicular pain (362), the number one sexual disorder in men.

But let’s quickly take gloss over just a fraction of the number of ways Pfizer admits the mRNA jab can dysregulate or affect women’s reproductive health:

• Heavy menstrual bleeding – 27,685 cases

• Menstrual disorder (pain, heavy bleeding, or absence of menstruation) – 22,145 cases

• Menstruation irregular (irregular cycle lengths) – 15,083 cases

• Menstruation delayed – 13,989 cases

• Dysmennorhea (pain during menstruation) – 13,904 cases

• Intermenstrual bleeding (bleeding in between periods) – 12,424 cases

• Amenorrhea (absence of period) – 11,363 cases

• Polymenorrhea (multiple periods) – 9,546 cases

• Vaginal hemorrhage (excessive bleeding of the female reproductive system) – 4,699 cases.

• Oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods) – 3,437 cases

As you go down the list, the documented disorders often overlap the ailments mentioned above, naming 20-something different ways Pfizer’s mRNA shot can send a women’s menstrual cycle into disarray.

Click this link to be redirected to Pfizer Report 38 for the entire list.

The harm to women’s reproductive health is corroborated by preclinical studies performed on Wistar Han Rats — which Dr. Chandler details in Pfizer report 38 — demonstrating the abundant accumulation of lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries.

The left chart shows the decrease in the presence of the LNP/mRNA at the injection site over time (48 hours), and the right graph shows the increase in the presence of the injected materials in the liver, spleen, adrenal glands, and ovaries. The study stopped after 48 hours. We don’t know for sure what happens afterward, but the LNP/mRNA accumulation in the ovaries (orange line) is at its highest point at the 48-hour mark.

The accumulation of the injected materials in the testes is far less. The following chart illustrates the stark difference.

Dr. Naomi Wolf asks, “Why are they looking at ovaries versus testes concentration for a drug that’s supposed to be treating a respiratory illness?” She adds, “What’s so weird, creepy, and disgusting about the Pfizer documents is that their trials were about sex. Their trials were about sex and reproduction: testes, ovaries, placenta, menstruation, lactation, spontaneous abortion — they knew. They were utterly focused on reproduction and knew they were damaging it.”

So, Pfizer executive Jordan Trishton Walker’s concerns about menstrual changes have already been thoroughly acknowledged in the Pfizer documents. They knew what the mRNA injection did to women, and they kept going.

And while we’re focused on reproductive health, what about the dead and injured babies? We see adverse event after adverse event, showing the number of ways pregnancies can go wrong in Appendix 2.1:

• Premature baby – 181 cases

• Fetal death – 147 cases

• Fetal growth restriction – 124 cases

• Ectopic pregnancy – 67 cases

• Premature labor – 64 cases

• Abortion – 58 cases

• Stillbirth – 56 cases

• Premature delivery – 44 cases

• Fetal heart rate abnormal – 41 cases

• Uterine contractions abnormal – 40 cases

• Infertility female – 26 cases

• Postpartum hemorrhage – 26 cases

• Abortion early – 19 cases

• Threatened labor – 14 cases

• Fetal cardiac disorder – 10 cases

• Fetal growth abnormality – 10 cases

• Fetal vascular malperfusion (inadequate supply of oxygenated blood) – 10 cases

• Small for dates baby – 10 cases

Think about what you just read.

“This is for a respiratory disorder,” emphasized Dr. Naomi Wolf.

“This is an intervention that leads women to have every kind of horrible thing happen to their uteruses, their menstrual cycles, their fallopian tubes, their ovaries, their babies, their babies’ hearts … It is a chamber of horrors. They knew it, and they kept going.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Pic: AP

Dr. Wolf continues, “They told women to ‘get injected; get injected.’ ‘Get injected while you’re pregnant.’ ‘Get your children injected.’”

“To me,” Dr. Wolf reflects, “it says that this is a war against women.” She elaborates, “It’s a war against women’s fertility, women’s ability to nurse, women’s ability to carry and deliver live babies. And they knew it! They ruined women.”

And to this day, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refuses to acknowledge the 1,282,113 adverse events in Appendix 2.1. He’s doubling down and continuing to make rounds on tv. “We’ve not seen a single [safety] signal, although we have distributed billions of doses,” he dishonestly bragged.

But the evidence lies in the documents. “These people knew,” attested Dr. Wolf. “They are absolute criminals! We have to hold them accountable.”

One last point.

The information that you just read: Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep it hidden from you long after you were dead — for 75 years. It wasn’t until renowned attorney Aaron Siri led a FOIA case against the FDA that a federal judge ordered the documents to be released in 108 days, the same amount of time it took the FDA to approve the Covid-19 injections. And because of the judge’s decision, Pfizer report 38 was made possible — as well as the other 53 reports that have been published.

DailyClout has compiled the first 50 reports into an ebook – and made it available on Amazon. The issue we face is not the lack of a “smoking gun” — but convincing the public that a crime has occurred. So, please, arm yourself with knowledge and read this book — or gift the cold, hard evidence to a friend. We already have the blueprint for prosecution; we just need enough people to demand accountability:

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