Dry January? These Are The Most Popular Cocktails For 2024

Dry January might be be required to recover from the excesses of the holidays, but a whole new year beckons with more successes, milestones, and achievements, perhaps requiring more or less libations, depending on the country one is from.

But what are people craving from their alcohol mixes?

Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu charts out the most popular cocktail drinks in 2024, according to the annual consumer survey from the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report.

Ranked: Most Popular Cocktails for 2024

The ever-versatile, but long-enduring Gin & Tonic comes in at first place (28%) for the most popular cocktail drink chosen by Bacardi’s survey respondents.

Allegedly, the Gin & Tonic traces back to 19th century India, when English soldiers began mixing their daily rations of quinine tonic with gin. Quinine was a common malaria drug up until the early 1900s.

The modern G&T is coupled with a fistful of ice and makes for a refreshing summer beverage. Its popularity is unparalleled across the Commonwealth, but also finds patrons in Europe, the U.S., Japan, and the Netherlands.

Note: The survey was designed as multiple choice, thus percentages do not sum to 100.

Another classic summer favorite, the Mojito comes in a close second (27%) by those surveyed. The white rum based cocktail originated in Cuba, though there is much debate on who (or which group) invented it first. Variations include using tequila instead of rum, adding muddled fruit, and switching out lime for lemon juice.

The Margarita and Bloody Mary tie for fourth place and the unpretentious but clearly popular Whiskey and Coke rounds out the top five.

Another 19% also love Piña Coladas (and possibly also dancing in the rain), a delicious blended mix of white-rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice. This island favorite is the official drink of Puerto Rico, from where it originates.

Ranked seven to 10, are two more rum-based drinks (the Daiquiri, and the Rum and Coke) and two lemonade mixes with gin and vodka respectively.


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