End Times Education: Four men strip naked in front of a class of schoolchildren to show ‘real’ penis sizes

The second episode of Naked Attraction sees four men strip naked in front of a class of schoolchildren, while ex-Love Islander Dr. Alex George explained what the average penis size is

Naked Education students were left red-faced when they saw four men stripping in front of them in a class.

DailyStar reports The group of young teens, aged 14 to 16, were introduced to learn about male anatomy on the episode airing tonight (April 11) on Channel 4.

The “body positivity” sex education programme is hosted by Anna Richardson, who is joined by presenter Yinka Bokinni and former Love Islander Dr. Alex George.

Since it premiered last Tuesday, it has sparked outrage among parents who call it “filthy” and “not necessary”, particularly regarding the nudity in front of children.

The group of young teenagers were asked to see real naked bodies while learning about male anatomy

This week, the schoolchildren touched on the topic of male bodies and the boys admitted conversations about penis size are “more of boasting” and “a competition”.

“Boys definitely do brag about their penis size a lot,” one said.

When they were asked about the size of “an average penis flaccid”, they said “five inches”.

But they were shocked when Yinka and Dr. Alex asked four male models to de-robe in front of them.

Lara, 16, blushed and said: “I’ve never seen a full naked man before.”

Amelia, 14, put her hands on her face and looked away: “No, I don’t look at naked men. It’s just a lot of naked men in real life to process.

“We’ve never really seen it!

“It’s interesting to see how the same thing can look so different.”

Amelia, 14, was overwhelmed and said ‘it’s a lot to process’ (Image: Channel 4)

As for the boys, Elliot also didn’t know how to respond, adding: “Just don’t look at anything, just eye contact and look away.”

Yinka: “I hope that the teens take away from today that nobody is out of place, that you can fit in, that you can stand out, but that is all okay.”

Dr. Alex said: “I can tell you the average penis size in the UK is around three inches flaccid.

“If three inches doesn’t sound like much, be assured, fellas, there’s another 2.5 inches inside your bodies.

“And if you are worried your todger’s overactive, it’s normal to have up to 11 erections a day and four at night.”


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