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New Jersey schoolchildren offered cash prizes for pushing Big Pharma vaccines

The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) has come up with a new ploy to generate more interest in childhood vaccines: a contest for children called “Protect Me With 3+.” According to reports, the campaign is aimed at young children and teenagers to indoctrinate them into the “benefits” of vaccines. Using posters and videos, Protect […]

Russian schoolchildren are learning drone technology while U.S. students focus on “gender ideology”

Russian schoolchildren are learning drone technology while U.S. students focus on “gender ideology” Russian students are now getting lessons in combat readiness, according to a senior official, with schoolchildren learning about drone technology for both industrial and military applications. According to Russian Senator Artem Sheikin, some of the topics that will be covered in schools […]

End Times Education: Four men strip naked in front of a class of schoolchildren to show ‘real’ penis sizes

The second episode of Naked Attraction sees four men strip naked in front of a class of schoolchildren, while ex-Love Islander Dr. Alex George explained what the average penis size is Naked Education students were left red-faced when they saw four men stripping in front of them in a class. DailyStar reports The group of young […]

German Schoolchildren Subjected to ‘Ritual Humiliation’ Over Their Vaccine Status

An Illinois Democratic lawmaker who tried to introduce a bill that would have forced unvaccinated people to pay for their medical treatment even if they had health insurance has pulled the legislation, citing the division it created and “threats” he received. State Rep. Jonathon Carroll filed HB 4259 on Monday, with the bill outlining how […]

Scotland will let four-year-old schoolchildren change their gender without parental consent (and teachers better go along with it)

From Mark Crispin Miller (a Daily Mail article): So Scotland’s four-year-olds are so precocious and assured that they’ll just suddenly decide, all on their own, to “change gender”? Not likely. So where would they get that idea? Note that teachers aren’t allowed to question any four-year-old’s “decision”; but teachers (and any others working at the […]

Schoolchildren are being LURED into getting coronavirus vaccines –

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Gunmen release 27 schoolchildren after abduction in Nigeria

Gunmen in Nigeria have released 42 people, including 27 students, who were kidnapped from a boarding school in the north-central state of Niger last week, the state’s governor said. Their release comes just one day after a separate raid on a school in Nigeria’s Zamfara state, where a gang seized more than 300 girls. Twenty-seven […]

How Obama’s PROMISE program resulted in the murder of schoolchildren in Parkland

(Natural News) An Obama-era disciplinary policy that effectively shields “minority” schoolchildren from arrest and prosecution for certain crimes they commit appears to have been directly linked to the mass shooting incident that reportedly took place back on February 14, 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Known as the […]

israeli police teach schoolchildren how to shoot Palestinians

Israeli Police Teach Children How to Shoot Palestinians Shooting practice at an Israeli school: targets set up by police depicted figures wearing the Palestinian kuffiyeh headdress. Israeli police planned to teach children how to shoot at Palestinians as part of a training exercise in a school. The incident in the Menashe Regional Council, near Haifa […]

israel’s Army Injures Many Schoolchildren In Hebron

              Israeli soldiers fired, on Tuesday morning, several gas bombs at schoolchildren in Abu Sneina neighborhood, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, causing many children, and other Palestinians, to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation. Eyewitnesses said the soldiers fired the gas bombs into the Nahda […]

Undercover israeli “Soldiers” Attack Three Schoolchildren Near Ramallah

Childhood in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is anything but carefree. An everyday occurrence: Palestinian children often throw stones at Israeli army vehicles invading Palestinian land – but even if they don’t, they may be accused, arrested, or even abducted for “allegedly” doing so. from IMEMC News A group of undercover Israeli soldiers attacked, Monday, three […]

Israeli soldiers filmed harassing schoolchildren in occupied Hebron (VIDEO)

The incidents shown in the video were recorded in October and November by activists attached to B’Tselem, an Israel-based human rights group, near the Ziad Hamuda Jaber Elementary School for Boys, where some 300 pupils are educated. The facility is located in the Wadi al-Nasarah neighborhood of Hebron. Around 50 meters from the neighborhood is […]

UN database for Gaza aid may give Israel targets to attack — secret memo

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 13 January 2016 A Palestinian woman walks between the ruins of Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip, 12 August 2014. Basel Yazouri ActiveStills The UN was warned that its database of potential aid recipients in Gaza could provide Israel with targets for future attacks, a document obtained by The […]

Dogs proven to engage in moral evaluation of people and animals by observing their behavior

(NaturalNews) A Yale study is shining new light on the complexity of the canine mind. In more ways than one, man’s best friend is […]

‘Pope Francis Will Resign in 2016 Following Argentina Visit’… Says Vatican Insider

Pope has transformed the Roman Catholic Church into a monstrosity that has nothing to do with teachings of Jesus Christ! ~ Leo Lyon Zagami – Video Last week I went to visit two of my most trusted sources in the Vatican, one a member of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and the Pontifical Equestrian […]

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