Entertaining Statistics for 2017

Statistics is an interesting science that can provide us with diverse information.

Sometimes, that is just weird data like odds of being killed by dogs or percentage of men visiting a spiritual dating site.

But in general, it is hard to overemphasize the importance of statistical findings for different fields of human activity. They maintain the foundation upon which all forecasts and opinions are built.

Take social networks, for example. It is hard to find a person who is absolutely ‘untouched’ by Instagram, and statistics proves that. About 700 million people actively post their pictures and follow others on Instagram. Just two years ago IG had half this number. More than that, Instagram is one of the most favorite platforms for businesses. You can find 70. 7% of American Businesses on IG and enjoy their products or services. Though last year, you did not find half as many businesses IG has now.

As for relationships, statistics does not sleep either. For those who go all-in on online dating to find the significant one, it would be interesting to know that you are not alone in your pursuit of happiness on an online dating site. As of May 2017 more than 49 million U.S. people have done it together with you. So, if somebody mock at you spending all day and night on matchmaking sites, be ready to voice this statistical number.

What is the first thing you do after waking up? Some people drag themselves to the kitchen to make a cup of aromatic coffee. Other part of population starts their morning with exercises. But there are 50% of folks whose first morning movement is reaching out for their smart phones lying next to them. So, you start thinking you have some sort of a smartphone dependency, do not worry too much, half a population suffer the same thing. If to say in terms of the number of times Americans check their smartphone, it is quite impressive too. More than 9 billion times per day according to Deloitte survey.

Phone habits, in general, attract more and more attention. Phones have invaded our lives and are keeping on taking more and more space of them. By this reason, it is a crime to ignore this tendency, particularly for a business sector. Actually, only 32% of companies commit this crime. The other part, that is 68%, has already made a mobile marketing an essential part of their marketing strategy, and never regret for one moment. They remember the old saying ‘Who owns information, owns the world’. Statistics data help us and companies to do this and keep abreast of new tendencies.

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