Events at Mizzou demonstrate the extraordinary benefits of ‘minority privilege’






(NaturalNews) If you’ve been paying even cursory attention to all of the racially motivated civil unrest unfolding at various academic and public venues across the country, you’re likely to have heard the phrase “white privilege.” Left-wing racialist activists who recently invented the notion out of whole cloth are attempting to convince as many Americans as possible that, after five decades and hundreds of statutes, “white institutional racism” still exists in the United States, the most diverse first-world nation on the planet, and that white people, in this day and age, are still reaping societal benefits that are simply not conveyed upon people of color. Ben Shapiro over at Breitbart News devoted an entire column to it recently.

As you might imagine, this notion of white privilege is incredibly insulting to most white people, the vast majority of whom are not the racist, bigoted, homophobic, low-IQ Neanderthals that the radical Left portrays us to be (Full disclosure: I’m a straight white guy with a Master’s degree, but to these radicals, I’m all of the above). But the charge has been made, and so it must be addressed.

Let me make another admission. I went at this piece with a preconception; that is, I’m not a racist and I’m not particularly advantaged in my daily life, what with having to get up every morning and go to a job (which, admittedly, I love), because I’m not independently wealthy and have to earn a living, so I just accepted that most other white people I know who do the same thing every day have similarly not experienced much “privilege.” And after researching this issue, here’s what I’ve discovered: There certainly is ethnically based “privilege” in America, but whites are not the ones receiving it; minorities are.

You likely won’t hear this opinion much, especially in polite company, but it’s the truth. Consider:

The last time elections were held in my part of the country, I had to produce a photo ID before I could cast my ballot. But to the radical Left, this is considered “racist.” The solution: Minorities should not be forced to show an ID to vote, but everyone else (white people) should have to comply.

I am expected to obey the laws of our land, unless of course I’m smoking dope in Colorado or Washington State – a violation of federal drug statutes that is practiced by minorities, too (so no “white privilege” there). On the other hand, were I Hispanic and in the U.S. illegally, there is a plethora of American cities that would specifically shield me from arrest and deportation. Heck, were I a minority who used to be the top cop in a major sanctuary city and supported such policies, I might even have a shot at becoming President Obama’s Border Patrol chief. How’s that for “privilege”?

As a white guy I would never get the benefit of the doubt from the mainstream media, if I were involved in something “controversial.” But were I a minority, I sure would (see here, here, here and here).

If I were a white student at, say, a high school in Houston, I wouldn’t get to attend a “unity” meeting to ensure that I was “okay” and “not being ignored” – only if I were a student of color.

Speaking of universities, where so much of the Left’s irrational racial “anger” is currently focused, as a white student I would have an opportunity to apply to the college of my choice. But if I were a minority, I could get special attention and even be admitted over a better qualified white student, and all with the blessing of the U.S. Supreme Court and federal law.

And when it comes to employment, as a white male I have an opportunity to apply for any job I want – but I might not have the ability to actually land one. That’s because in the United States, many employers are expected and even required to hire a certain number of minorities, even if they are nowhere nearly as qualified as a white applicant. That is especially true in Washington, D.C., just about the only left-leaning part of the country where job opportunities are aplenty – and if you’re a minority in the Age of Obama, then all the better for you.

Indeed, in every segment of society, whites are essentially forbidden (by the PC Police) from forming their own organizations, fraternities, media companies and businesses, but minorities are free to do so and even encouraged. This is the case in Congress, where there is a Congressional Black Caucus and a Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus but no “White Caucus”; in the media there is Black Entertainment Television and race-specific monthly magazines like Ebony; there are black-only college fraternities on many campuses that feature and require courses in black studies.

There is even privilege when it comes to crime. Blacks can target whites and knock them out on the street without facing federal “hate crimes” charges, but when the victim is black and the perpetrator is white, Obama’s Justice Department springs into action.

So, is there such a thing as “white privilege”? Or is it just a made-up concept employed by radical Left-wing racialists to gin up unrest and carve out even more special treatment for “aggrieved” persons of color?

I think you know the answer.


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