Failed Turkey Coup Revealed As False Flag Operation

The failed Turkey coup was the most obvious and transparent false flag since Hitler had the Reichstag burnt down, framed his enemies, then suspended civil liberties and seized absolute control over Germany.

The failed Turkey coup was the most obvious and transparent false flag since Hitler had the Reichstag burnt down, framed his enemies, then suspended civil liberties and seized absolute control over Germany. Erdogan, often called Little Hitler due to his political tactics, has copied his master one more time. With the backing of Western governments and the support of mainstream media, he has fooled the world, purged all remaining opposition figures in the country, and further strengthened his authoritarian grip over Turkey.

This wasn’t an attempted coup, this was political cleansing. The President has wiped out his opposition, cleared out a staggering 2,745 judges who don’t support his hardline Islamic plans, and detained ten members of the country’s highest court – mere hours after the supposed coup was quashed. And they want us to believe this wasn’t planned all along?

It is becoming clear the New World Order – with Hillary Clinton installed as their next U.S. President – are embarking on a campaign of ultra-violent false flags in key parts of the world so that NWO endorsed politicians like Erdogan can take full control of their military and enact authoritarian rule over the people.

The screws are being tightened as we speak.

Some questions to ask, when considering if this is the sloppiest false flag of all time, and the most transparent since Hitler razed the Reichstag:

Why didn’t they take the President hostage, or kill him outright?

If they had control of the Air Force, why didn’t they intercept his plane while he was in the air? Everybody, even live TV viewers, knew exactly where he was on the flight radar.

Why didn’t they arrest senior officials, like in any other coup?

Why did they allow pro-government propaganda to continue broadcasting from the Turkish CNN office after they took control of it? Why didn’t they take control of the media and broadcast their message to the people, like in any real coup?

Why did the military fail to release any declaration of their intent to overthrow the government, like in any other attempted coup?

Why did it seem like gunfire from the military was actually aimed at nothing?

How could a police force capture and disarm an army that had access to tanks, helicopters, and jets – and seemed totally dominant, with shows of strength in the air?

And when Erdogan suddenly and unexpectedly returned from his exile in a Turkish Airways plane and suddenly and unexpectedly announced the coup was over, why did the military suddenly and unexpectedly lay down their weapons?

The answer to all of the above questions is: because the supposed coup was always acting under President Erdogan’s control. It was all a charade, with a storyline less believable than your average soap opera plot.

Low ranking members of the military were pawns in Erdogan’s plot. We now have information and quotes from 1,300 plus soldiers who have been arrested, with many of them claiming they were told by senior staff that it was “just a drill.” They say they only realised it was a coup and they were patsies when civilians started climbing on their tanks. This is entirely believable when you consider how many soldiers immediately laid down their arms as soon as civilians started getting involved.

Turkish public support for the overthrow of Erdogan was massive on social media, yet Western mainstream media downplayed this, and Western leaders, including Hillary Clinton, came out in support of the tyrannical Erdogan.

Anybody watching live coverage of this sloppy and transparent false flag could see something unbelievable was being presented to them as fact. A former CIA director stated his suspicions live on TV  and German newspaper Die Welt struggled to maintain a straight face:

What kind of coup is this, with five tanks and two planes? This country has seen many coups, but nothing like this. Apparently the air force is involved, but the President can fly to Istanbul in the middle of the coup?”

And now Fethullah Gülen, the reclusive cleric blamed by Erdogan for the failed coup, has said himself that he thinks the uprising by members of the military was staged by the government.

Our thoughts should be with the people of Turkey as they suffer under a tyrannical despot hellbent on dragging them backwards into Sharia law and New World Order purgatory – a direction the people do not want to go. Little Hitler has burnt down his Reichstag, purged his country of opposition figures, and tightened his authoritarian grip over the country.

Chalk this one up as another false flag by the New World Order.

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