Former Democrat Political Prostitute Tutsi Gabby, Endorses Trump for US president,

Tulsi Gabby has been listed among the leading Republiphile’s candidate’s possible running mates.

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabby from the illegally occupied Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii has badmouthed her former party whores as enemies of democracy

driven by a lust for power, while praising the Republican favorite for the presidential nomination, Donald Trump.

When I was a young buck in the military when we got liberty and went to town in the Far East, the working girls would come up in the bars and try to sell their wares.

“Buy me a drink GI.”

Why should I buy you a drink we would ask

“Because I love you long time!”.

Prostitutes “love” anyone with twenty bucks to give them.
They will love you long time as long as the cash holds out.
After the cash runs out, they are off looking for someone who still has cash to “love”.

I have more respect for the gals selling their ass on street corners than ANY political prostitute.
Both will lie their asses off about “Loving” you to get personal gain, but at least the street walker don’t make you pay for a product you don’t want like a political whoire does.

The political whores hired goons who will come, kidnap you, kick you out of your home you bought yourself, throw you in prison, kill your if you resist paying the political whores for “services” you don’t want.

One is forced to buy the wares of the political whores under threat of kidnap, prison or death.

And it is always a transaction with political whores which ends the same.
The “voter” getting f##ked up the ass.
At least when one pays a street walker twenty bucks the payee is the one gets to do the f##king.

Donald Trump At The WEF: “Klaus (Schwab) Has Done A Fantastic Job…

Yeshua called Jesus in the Western world came not claiming to be God but he is recognized as a prophet by even the Islamics.

He told the people, look inside yourself for both the reason you do evil and also for your own salvation.
Because he refused to do everything for them while they continued in their sloth and evil, because he told them they were their own problem, they brought their own evil with them which caused them to continue in ignorance and slavery, they became very angry and helped the Romans murder him.

Today some of the the sheep are looking for Jesus to come back riding a white horse and kick all the evil one’s asses handing them on a golden platter a good world without evil.

They still have not figured out how they are going to have this world without evil if they do not get rid of their own evil, but I am sure they have a platitude to explain how that will be done.

Others are waiting for benevolent little green men from outer space to come kick all the bad guys asses and hand the sheep a perfect world.

Still others believe there are secret undercover organizations in the corrupt “governments” which farm their asses for the benefit of the evil “elite” globalist one world government child raping ass holes,

which in some future but near time, will rise up, arrest all the bad guys and hand the sheep a perfect world.

None of the sheep’s senecios where there is a free good perfect world involves them changing the way they do anything or their getting rid of their own sloth and evil ways.

The Ole Dog!


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