Freedom & Ending The Control Freak Communism Of USA Has Always Been Waiting For Americans to Want It Bad Enough To All Stand Up Together

The skyline of San Antonio, Occupied Republic of Texas New Years just past.

There is a city ordinance against setting off fireworks in the city limits.
Absolutely no one pays the slightest bit of attention to that ordnance and the cops do not even try to arrest anyone for setting off fireworks inside the city’s limit.

What they going to do?
Arrest everyone?

No matter which way you looked in the city, you saw massive walls of exploding fireworks in the sky.

That’s how easy freedom is.

Don’t like them forcing useless as teats on a boar hog dust masking on you?
Everyone refuse to wear them.

Don’t want to take Killer Jabs for a mythical “virus” no one can or has scientifically proved exist?
Everyone refuse to get them or show a “”vaccine passport”.

Don’t want them teaching your kids disrespect for their families, grooming them to be sexual party favors for evil perverts?
Everyone stop sending your kids in.

Tired of paying illegal “property taxes” on your home to evil political whores who use your own money against you and freedom?
Everyone stop paying the illegal “property taxes”.

As Ben Franklin said when the American Revolution started:
“We must all stand together or we will hang separately”.

They are few, you are many.

If Americans really wanted freedom, an end to the evil in DC and the State houses which has made a 3ed world dung heap of America, and is actively working to finish America off as other than a slave plantation run by a handful of evil child raping usury bankers, all they have to do is stand up together, say F##K you together, give them the bird all at the same time, then ignore them.

The evil few simply can not murder or jail everyone, even with their military, hired thugs called police and their crooked kangaroo “courts’.

True freedom in America can be had any day Americans desire said freedom.

It is the fear of being kidnapped, thrown in prison or murdered by the “government” which keeps Americans in the chains of slavery to evil degenerate ass holes.

The does not have to be war in the streets, an armed revolution, years long struggle where they blow up the cities and utilities.

Just stand together, give them the finger, say no and began rebuilding America, began the process of forming a fair one for all, all for one system of freedom and a governance which respects that freedom.

If Common Law Courts must be convened and evil politicians who have mass murdered millions of Americans must be given fair trials followed by fair hangings to get their full attention, oh well.

The Ole Dog!


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