Freedom In France Takes It Up The A$$ As Frenchmen Threatened With Kidnapping & Being Thrown in The Bastille For Flipping Off Fag Macaroni

The fag “married” to a child molesting old tranny did not seem offended by the bird here as he poses with some young meat

Never Kiss them “girls” with scarfs around their necks, it is hiding their Adam’s apple

When a Frenchman can not flip off a Rothschild’s boy toy French fag who is trying to emulate Joseph Stalin without being thrown in the Bastille it is time for Frenchmen to get them guillotines out of the museums, sharpen the blades and put them into use.

After fair Common Law Trials of course.
Fair trials THEN fair beheadings.
Just like during the French Revolution when Frenchmen figured out how to take care of “government” goons who were oppressing Frenchmen in their own country.

Macaroni, who real Frenchmen despise not only for his faggy ways but for his red Russian Rothschild’s communism he is forcing on Frenchmen helped get opressive communistic rules passed one is not allowed to “insult” a “public official”.

Respect is something earned, not awarded with a political position.

Disrespect is also earned.

Now the little French fag’s fellow treasonous criminals in France’s occupied “government threaten to prosecute three citizens who flipped off the fag president at an event.

When a country’s treasonous whores who sell out their countrymen for 30 shekels can not be told they are evil despicable pieces of hammered pig shit either verbally or in sign language, then that country has become a communistic dictatorship.

A patriotic Frenchman bitch slaps the treasonous communistic fag Macaroni for being a treasonous to France communistic faggy bitch

When a country becomes a communistic dictatorship that is the time the people need and want the most to tell the treasonous political whores they are treasonous pieces of hammered pig shit.

French people spray liquified pig shit on the French presidential palace in disgust at Macaroni

A political whore, a “government” or a country which is doing good things for their country does not have to pass laws to keep the people from spraying liquified pig shit on their house, bitch slapping them or flipping them off.

A political whore, a “government” or a country which is F##King the people up their collective ass needs to pass communistic laws to persecute the people for telling the truth or using actions to show their disgust for faggy communistic pieces of hammered pig shit!

The Ole Dog!


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