Geraldo: “Low Down Dirty, Absolutely False” To Claim Trump Has Mental Health Issues

Geraldo: “Low Down Dirty, Absolutely False” To Claim Trump Has Mental Health Issues

“That infuriates me”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 5, 2018


Having spent time with Donald Trump both before and after he became president, Geraldo Rivera told Fox and Friends that it was “low down dirty” and “absolutely false” to claim that Trump has mental health issues.

The left has been on a crusade to declare Trump mentally unfit to hold office for months, pointing to his tweets and little else as evidence, in the vain hope that the the 25th Amendment could be invoked to remove him from office.

Yesterday it was revealed that, “Over a dozen lawmakers met with a Yale psychiatry professor for two days to meet and confer over President Trump’s mental fitness.”

Dr. Brandy X. Lee told Congressional Democrats and one Republican that Trump was “falling apart under stress,” a strange claim to make now given that his approval rating is on the rise and he has begun to have legislative victories. Lee cited Trump’s infamous (and now 6 month old) WWE CNN tweet as proof that the Commander in Chief is “being drawn to violent videos”.

Gerald Rivera vehemently countered the notion that Trump is mentally unstable during an appearance on Fox and Friends earlier, asserting that Trump is as cogent as ever.

“That infuriates me, because I have known this man for 40 years,” Rivera shot back, explaining how he saw an MSNBC commentator assert with scientific and medical certainty that Trump has intellectually deteriorated since he entered the Oval Office.

“Not only have I known him for four decades, I was on the last episode of Celebrity Apprentice with him every single day,” said Rivera, adding that he also spent an hour conversing with Trump flying back from Puerto Rico on Air Force One.

“It is a slander, it is low down and dirty, it’s absolutely false – this man is as lucid and as intelligent and as intellectually as he has ever been,” said the Fox News contributor.

Indeed, while the mainstream media spent much of the latter stages of the election campaign cycle disparaging “conspiracy theorists” who questioned the state of Hillary Clinton’s health after her numerous falls and coughing fits, they appear to have completely jettisoned such skepticism when it comes to Trump.


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