Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – November Updates

(30 November 2021) – If we can push the globalists back just one more month, we will have frustrated them for another year. So to help achieve this, I’ve put together a calendar we can use to track them day-by-day through December…

I’ll build my December Overwatch entry around this calendar, and I’ll adjust it as they try to squirm their way into alternative scenarios. As things currently stand, I expect the leading edge of the Big Event to hit this Friday, with the transition into the full “commie” sh*tshow happening by Tuesday. Our Nazionist false savior should then enter the stage mid-month.

If you are a new reader, I’ll explain what all this means over the next couple of days. But you can find everything you need to know if you continue reading through the previous entries below.

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After completing the calendar, I noticed something: Saturnalia is listed as a seven-day festival, just like Sukkot. So…

  • if you tack a “Roman version” 2-day “Shemini Atzeret” to the end of Gregorian Saturnalia, you land on Christmas, and
  • if you tack on the same two days to Julian Saturnalia, you land on Orthodox Christmas.

That said, if the globalists are unable to hit the two Hanukkahs, they might attempt to pull some Saturnalia-Sukkot connection out of their as$es and hit the two Saturnalias instead (the Roman version of Sukkot would be oriented to the “god” Saturn). I’ve therefore added this potential backup plan to the calendar to save them from embarrassing themselves.

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Ha! Look at what I just ran across…

…from the SkyWatch TV Store

It looks like I’m too late to save them from making fools of themselves; they’re already setting up for Saturnalia. According to Amazon, this book came out this month (November 15, 2021), and its author is a member of Tom Horn’s prophecy propaganda mill “SkyWatch TV.” I’ll therefore give the Saturnalia scenario full coverage.

(29 November 2021) – The Mercury-Sun conjunction + Mercury-Earth opposition alignment “sign in the heavens” last night was accompanied by a sign on the Earth: the Sunday appearance on the Drudge Report of a stylized solar eclipse (masquerading as an “O”) in Masonic black and white tied to news of the supposed “Omicron variant of COVID”…

And the “momentous news” I was expecting during the November 27-29 Event Window showed up this morning after the conjunction/alignment (and during Hanukkah Day 1)…

…from this morning’s Drudge Report. Here is an excerpt from the “WORLD SHUTS AGAIN” article…

Also take note of the Drudge Report photos to which the indigo arrows are pointing. The top photo has been filtered to take on a dim yellow and black look (the colors of a solar eclipse). And the Ghislaine Maxwell photo has been altered to have a similar look. These photos tie the coming second global lockdown and the Maxwell trial to the December 4 solar eclipse.

It’s quite interesting that the trial commenced on Hanukkah Day 1, especially given the longstanding prophecy propaganda talking point that “before God judges America, He will lay bare the sins of its leaders.” And since the globalists’ intention is to simulate “God’s judgment” at the end of Hanukkah, look for a big development in the trial between now and the eclipse — a development that will help set the Big Event in motion.

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Part of the Big Event will be a total worldwide lockdown and travel ban, yet Joe Biden continues to say that there won’t be shutdowns or lockdowns to fight the supposed Omicron variant. So if the globalists go for it in December, we can expect them to script one of the following developments before the eclipse…

  • the supposed discovery that “Omicron is more lethal” + its supposed discovery in America,
  • Joe Biden’s death or removal from office, or
  • the blooming of smallpox from the Thanksgiving parade in New York.

On the matter of the smallpox, I’ve previously noted that the first smattering of cases could show up on the 7th day after exposure, which would be Thursday, December 2nd. And look what the linked article says about that day…

On Thursday, I’ll be putting forward a detailed strategy outlining how we’re going to fight COVID this winter — not with shutdowns or lockdowns, but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more,” the president said during his brief speech at the White House.

Whatever “President” Biden (or newly sworn-in “President” Harris) says on Thursday, the Trumpers, antivaxers, and Christians won’t like it, and it will provide the scripted motivation for the staging of Operation Blackjack at the end of Hanukkah.

For more information about the scriptable smallpox attack, see the November 18, 24, and 26 updates.

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Here’s an interesting little tidbit as we watch for Joe Biden’s potential death this week…

President Joe Biden is scheduled to stop in the Twin Cities this week to discuss the federal infrastructure package.

According to the White House, the president is slated to be in Rosemount on Tuesday, where he will visit Dakota County Technical College to discuss how the infrastructure package will help Minnesotans and create good-paying jobs. – from CBS Minnesota

“Rosemount” caught my eye because rose symbolism is ubiquitous in the globalist cult due to its ties to Rosicrucianism…

…from Google

And if you look up the meaning of “mount,” you’ll see this: “to go up; climb; ascend

So might Joe Biden “go up upon the rosy cross” tomorrow, “martyring himself for the cause like Saint Andrew”?

Tomorrow, November 30 is Saint Andrew’s Day, and here’s an interesting passage from his Wikipedia entry

Andrew is said to have been martyred by crucifixion at the city of Patras in Achaea, in AD 60. Early texts, such as the Acts of Andrew known to Gregory of Tours, describe Andrew as bound, not nailed, to a Latin cross of the kind on which Jesus is said to have been crucified; yet a tradition developed that Andrew had been crucified on a cross of the form called crux decussata (X-shaped cross, or “saltire”), now commonly known as a “Saint Andrew’s Cross” — supposedly at his own request, as he deemed himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross as Jesus had been. The iconography of the martyrdom of Andrew — showing him bound to an X-shaped cross — does not appear to have been standardized until the later Middle Ages.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Uncle Touchy all week.

WARNING (28 November 2021): One of the reasons tonight’s Mercury conjunction and alignment is significant is that it will happen just a few hours after Hanukkah begins. And judging by the articles posted on the Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site Israel365News, the Middle East conflict will begin due to violent confrontations between religious Zionists and Muslims over menorah lightings this evening

…from (top, bottom)

Will religious Zionists also storm the Temple Mount to light a menorah there?

Once the violence begins over there — led by paid globalist thugs and agents provocateur — it will come to the US. The Department of Homeland Security have already telegraphed their false-flag strategy with the November 10 Terrorism Advisory Bulletin

Summary of the [Our] Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

“The Secretary of Homeland Security has issued an updated National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the current heightened threat environment across the United States. The Homeland continues to face a diverse and challenging threat environment as it approaches several religious holidays and associated mass gatherings that in the past have served as potential targets for acts of violence. These threats include those posed by individuals and small groups engaged in violence…” – (scroll down to the 11 November update for more info on this)

We can expect the false-flag “anti-Semitic” attacks on Hanukkah-celebrating Jews to be blamed on “Al Qaida/ISIS sympathizers” and “Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) who falsely blame Jews for the COVID crisis.” The “Omicron” Narrative that was rolled out over Thanksgiving and today’s news that “Fauci Opens Door To Lockdowns” provide the scripted motivation for the supposed “outburst of right-wing violence”: “We won’t let them do it to us again!”

Watch for an attempt to crack down on “anti-Semitic and antivax conspiracies” on the internet following the government false-flags.

(27 November 2021) – As of sunset today in Jerusalem, we have entered the November 27-29 Event Window tied (by the globalists) to the Mercury-Sun conjunction and the opposite alignment of Mercury to Earth. And as readers of my recent updates know, this event window is connected to the December 4-6 Event Window tied to the Antarctic solar eclipse with Mercury in attendance.

We can expect the current event window to bring either a massive incident or momentous news that will lead to a massive incident during the December 4-6 Event Window. Keep an eye on Jerusalem, Tehran, Nantucket, Ukraine and Taiwan.

I would write more, but my site continues to be hobbled by ill-timed “technical glitches.” We’ll have to ride this one out with very concise coverage.

(26 November 2021) – The expected “nu” COVID variant showed-up today, but they haven’t yet narrated it to be “more lethal”…

…from today’s Drudge Report

Once they do announce the increased lethality of this new boogeyman virus, the lockdowns will begin in earnest. And we’re only two days away from the big conjunction and alignment.

As for New York, there were no reports of a bioattack at the Thanksgiving parade, but that’s not unexpected. If a real or simulated attack was staged, the first indicator may be news of parade participants and attendees developing smallpox symptoms. The incubation period for smallpox can range from 7 to 19 days, but is typically 10-14 days. So a smattering of cases may emerge as early as December 2, with a wave of cases hitting on December 5 (during the eclipse event window).

Post-parade news reports prominently featured spectators from out of state and participating high school and college marching bands from around the country.” So by not “detecting” the attack on the day it occurred, all of these out-of-towners are provided the ability to return home. And once their rash develops and they become contagious, there will be very scary-looking reasons to lock down all local, state and interstate travel.

Of course, it’s also possible that they cancelled the attack (hence the heavy push on the new COVID variant today). Time will tell.

WARNING (24 November 2021): Be on the lookout for a US government smallpox attack on the New York City subway system during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow. To understand the reasons why, ask yourself some questions…

In COVID-Nazi New York City, why are spectators being allowed to return to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year?

Do you remember Homeland Security doing aerosol bioweapon tests in New York’s subways late last month? Were they doing a test run for an upcoming op?…

…from Bloomberg

Do you know that aerosol release is the preferred method to distribute a smallpox bioweapon?

Do you remember when the smallpox vials were found last week, but they later said that they didn’t contain the virus? Will they later say this was told to the public “to avoid a panic”?

Also, given what happened at the Christmas parade in Waukesha, watch for a conventional (firearms/explosives) attack on the Parade as a backup plan. These attacks may also target Chabad centers near the parade route.

I could write more on this, but this coverage should be sufficient to deter it (if it IS planned and it CAN be deterred). Scroll down to the 18 November update for more on this scenario.

(24 November 2021) – Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it offers the last obvious opportunity for the globalists to make a splash before we get to the November 28/29 target window for Operation Blackjack. With that in mind…

Biden arrived on the island of Nantucket yesterday where he is scheduled to remain through the 28th. He is staying in the home of David M. Rubenstein, who is the Jewish cofounder of The Carlyle Group and the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations…


“Illegitimate President” Biden staying on a vulnerable island at the home of the CFR Chairman makes for a very attractive target for “Trumper conspiracy theorists” / “Domestic Violent Extremists,” don’t you think? So the Biden Assassination Show could be staged there on Thanksgiving or during the 28th/29th target window. Interestingly, a CNN article about the Nantucket trip talked of a Biden “nuclear Thanksgiving.”

There is another potential Thanksgiving target that’s on my mind, but I’ll cover it later tonight.

(23 November 2021) – I’ve received notice from my WordPress provider that someone did indeed hack into my site, apparently from London. The dickhead responsible (DR) had access since Labor Day (6 September), which was an alert day when I was tracking something really big. So it is likely that the DR was the one who sabotaged my ability to update on 5 October when I was tracking something equally big. As for when my site editor got glacial last week on the 16th, that was when my provider locked down my account. Hopefully I can get everything running normally tomorrow.

WARNING (22 November 2021): If the globalists want to stage something big today on the 22nd, Biden’s official schedule offers the template. At the same time this afternoon that Biden departs for Fort Bragg (around 4:30 PM), the White House COVID-19 Response Team will give a press briefing. Biden will then arrive at Fort Bragg at about 5:30 PM.

Fort Bragg is full of soldiers (including lots of special ops guys) who would love to put a bullet in Biden’s brain, and he is arriving there just a week after his administration compelled the Army to start taking action against vax-resisting troops. This provides a perfect opportunity to script an “antivax Christian Trumper” soldier taking him out. And this would lead to President Kamala the Commie cracking down on the military and antivaxers in such a way that Operation Blackjack will be set in motion on the 28th/29th.

By the way, today is the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. He was the first Catholic president; Biden is the second.

(21 November 2021) – In another indication that something huge is planned for November 28/29, my partner Onnabugeisha has informed me that we’re approaching the Catholic holiday of Advent

Advent is a season of the liturgical year observed in most Christian denominations as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Christ at Christmas and the return of Christ at the Second Coming. Advent is the beginning of the liturgical year in Western Christianity, and is part of the wider Christmas and holiday season.

The term “Advent” is also used in Eastern Orthodoxy for the 40-day Nativity Fast, which has practices different from those in the West. – from Wikipedia

It just so happens that the Western Advent and the Eastern Nativity Fast start on the same day this year: November 28. So Advent begins on the same day “Mercury the Messenger” enters conjunction with the Sun (“representing Jesus, the ‘Son’ of God”), thus making the 28th/29th VERY attractive for scripting a huge event (like Operation Blackjack) or huge news that will start the countdown to the arrival of the Nazionist false messiah.

Tomorrow I’ll pull together all the indicators for November 28/29 from all the updates so everyone can see why the globalists definitely have something massive planned for that time. Pushing them out of it would be…

So Onnabugeisha and I will have to form a megazord or something.

(21 November 2021) – If you are wondering why Austria and Germany are the nations leading the way into the next lockdown of the West, it has to do with…

  • Austria and Germany’s history as the birthplace and homeland of Nazism,
  • the new Chancellor of Austria (who is from a “noble”/bankster lineage, and who took over after the previous Chancellor “got the Trump treatment”),
  • the incoming leftist/liberal government of Germany, and
  • the phony “Communist Deep State” versus “Nazionist Deep State” conflict.

Is it any surprise that as the commies make their final move to take down the West, they’re starting in the Nazi heartland? And is it any surprise that the Nazionists are orchestrating a populist response?…

…from this weekend’s Drudge Report

Events permitting, I’ll expand on this tomorrow.

(19 November 2021) – The lunar eclipse brings an ill omen…

…from this morning’s Drudge Report

They’ve started the pre-Thanksgiving / pre-Mercury Alignment lockdowns…

Austria announced a national lockdown and a plan to mandate vaccinations as coronavirus infections hit a record high Friday, forcing the government to walk back promises that strict shutdowns were a thing of the past…

The lockdown will start Monday and initially will last for 10 days, when it will be reevaluated, Schallenberg said. Starting Feb. 1, the country will also make vaccinations mandatory – though the chancellor gave few details about what that meant or how it would work. – from AP News

Austria will become the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full COVID-19 lockdown, it said on Friday as neighbouring Germany warned it may follow suit, sending shivers through financial markets worried about the economic fallout.

Europe has again become the epicentre of the pandemic, accounting for half of global cases and deaths. A fourth wave of infections has plunged Germany, Europe’s largest economy, into a national emergency, Health Minister Jens Spahn said, warning that vaccinations alone will not cut case numbers.

Austria said it in addition to lockdown it would require the whole population to be vaccinated from Feb. 1. Both decisions infuriated many in a country where scepticism about state mandates affecting individual freedoms runs high, encouraged by the far-right Freedom Party, the third biggest in parliament.

Party leader Herbert Kickl posted a picture on Facebook with the inscription: “As of today Austria is a dictatorship.” The party is planning a protest on Saturday, but Kickl cannot attend because he has tested positive for COVID-19. – from Thomson Reuters Foundation News

So as you can see, the globalists are…

  • initiating draconian measures based on a “COVID surge” instead of a “new, more deadly COVID variant” or “smallpox” (so far),
  • using the term “national emergency” for ordering lockdowns and vaccine mandates for all citizens (instilling rage in the “far-right” citizenry),
  • indicating that the measures will spread (“Germany warned it may follow suit” / The decision comes as a warning sign to other Western countries, including the US), and
  • having their controlled opposition leaders organize populist demonstrations (setting the stage for Operation Blackjack on the 28th/29th).

It is important to note that the Austrian lockdown will take effect on Monday the 22nd, the day I’m expecting Biden to make a similar move in advance of the Thanksgiving travel surge (see the 14 November update), so watch the weekend news for the rationale they’ll use to lock down America.

Given this development, I’ll be topping off my supplies starting tonight. If they proceed with their plans on Monday, the stores will be crazy.

(18 November 2021) – So who will they say was working at this lab, an “Al Qaida/ISIS sympathizer” or a “Domestic Violent Extremist”?…

…from Fox News

Whilst I research the next update, it should be noted that the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years will be visible across the entire US from 11 PM tonight through the morning of the 19th. So tomorrow offers an astronomically-cued opportunity for mischief in advance of the other astronomical events near the end of the month. The announcement of the more lethal COVID variant or a smallpox outbreak are among the options they might employ. Will they be adding the COVID “vaccine” to the smallpox vaccine to sneak it into more people? Will “exposure to smallpox” cause a deadly immune overreaction in COVID-jabbed persons? So many choices…

By the way, a reader passed along the following article a few days ago: Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds. The article was published on November 9 (11/9 <> 9/11).

So will they use a “smallpox terror crisis” as a substitute for the “new, more lethal COVID variant crisis” to do the pre-Thanksgiving lockdown we’re expecting? I can already hear the talking points from the coming news barrage…

  • lab worker was preparing smallpox bioweapons
  • lab worker distributed smallpox bioweapons to multiple terror cells
  • smallpox-armed terror cells in multiple cities across the nation
  • “stay at home” orders issued, leave home only for essential purposes
  • smallpox terror persons of interest include airport and mass-transit employees
  • air, bus, train and interstate travel halted as Homeland Security hunts down smallpox terror cell members
  • Russian intelligence may have provided assistance to lab worker, terror cells

(16-17 November 2021) – I’ve discovered what the globalists are planning to do to start a December war between Israel and the Muslims, and it’s a scenario we’ve tracked multiple times before…

…from Haaretz

They will send aggressive religious Zionists onto the Temple Mount during Hanukkah to break the rules against Jewish prayer and worship there. Palestinian militants will respond with an armed seizure of Al Aqsa Mosque and the surrounding grounds, which will result in an Israeli counterattack that will destroy the mosque near the end of Hanukkah (December 4-6). War on.

I suspect the destruction of Al Aqsa will occur on Day 7 of Hanukkah (sunset of December 4th to sunset of the 5th). This will result in the Muslims making war on Israel on Hanukkah Day 8 (Shemini Atzeret of “Hanukkah as Sukkot”).

It should be noted that there is a total solar eclipse over Antarctica on December 4, and it matches the eclipse portrayed in I, Pet Goat 2 — the eclipse that starts a catastrophic collapse of various things. But I’ll get into all that in the afternoon/evening.

In the meantime, watch this video sent to me by a reader (I’ve cued it to the proper spot) to see some astronomical alignments that match up with the dates I’ve been tracking. The video is “Run to Jesus” prophecy propaganda, but the information is notable nonetheless. I’ll cover these alignments too.

~ MORE ~

The following information is coming to me with a lot of energy, which means many people are coming to this conclusion and are dying to explain it to other people. So it flows to the “network printer” to be expressed…

I, Pet Goat 2 is predictive programming for the Second 9/11 and the events that follow it, including the emergence of the First Tribulation Antichrist (who appears as Jesus). And the events seem to be keyed to the December 4 Antarctic eclipse…

…from The Sky Live. This is the view of the coming eclipse from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Note that Mercury is above and to the right of the eclipse with a red arrow pointed at it. If you follow the link to the page, you can zoom in and out by using your mouse wheel. And if you click on the date and time (in yellow near the top left of the page), a widget opens that allows you to go forward and back in time to observe the progression of the eclipse.

So if you look at the configuration of the eclipse (with “Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods” attending it to the upper right) and compare it to three of the images shown in I, Pet Goat 2, you’ll see that they’re a match (except that the eclipse is mirrored off of Obama’s cheek, the floor, and in the Heliofant logo)…

…(click on the image to enlarge it)

With this in mind, I will start giving my take on what happens in the video, and I’ll post as I go (assuming I’m able; my site editor is working impossibly slowly). Once I get it all out, I’ll clean it up and add some more images.

~ MORE – 17 November 2021 ~

Now let’s get started looking at I, Pet Goat II from the perspective of what’s coming to me…

After the title sequence of the 666-barcoded goat in the FEMA concentration camp, the video begins with puppet George W. Bush in a classroom with a black teacher, just as he was when the first 9/11 happened…

He begins tapdancing, which indicates that he was putting on a show by pretending to be surprised when he was notified of the Twin Towers attacks that day.

If you look carefully, you’ll see a solar eclipse on his left cheek, which ties the concept of a solar eclipse to the concept of a 9/11 (solar eclipse = 9/11), even though no eclipse happened in close proximity to September 11, 2001.

He then says, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again,” which is a variation of the old saying “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Bush’s version is a famous flub from one of his speeches, but it has a specific meaning in this scene: “We fooled you with the First 9/11, so shame on you if you get fooled with the Second 9/11.”

Immediately afterwards, he contorts into the form of Barack Obama sitting in the same 9/11 classroom. And Obama winks when he shows us the solar eclipse mirrored on his left cheek, then starts laughing because he’s about to fool us again. The reappearance of the solar eclipse on Obama’s face indicates a recurrence of 9/11 under his occulted leadership, but the eclipse on his face is different than Bush’s: it shows Mercury above and to the side of the Sun. That keys it to December 4, 2021 (but not necessarily ONLY to that date).

The scene then shifts to a young girl sitting in a painted reflection of the solar eclipse + Mercury. Looking at it from the camera’s perspective, it appears that Mercury is to the bottom right of the eclipse, but if you were to look up from the reflection on the floor and into the sky at the eclipse itself, you would see Mercury to the top right (just like it will be on December 4).

The girl then lets go of an apple which rolls over to Obama’s feet — New York, the “Big Apple,” was the primary target of the First 9/11 — and the apple splits into two, indicating “9/11 numbers 1 and 2.” From the two 9/11s, a flower begins to blossom — a flower that Obama views with fear. This blossoming flower represents the rise of the messiah who will defeat him.

The scene then zooms out of the classroom to show it’s in a frozen place that resembles Antarctica (where December 4th’s total eclipse occurs). One half of a split-in-two American flag, indicating an America torn in two (possibly by civil war), is seen fluttering off into the sky. And a clock by the flag pole shows midnight (possibly a reference to the 12th month, December, and/or “midnight on the nuclear clock,” indicating a nuclear attack has occurred). As the camera continues to zoom out, the Twin Towers are seen to be on fire, indicating that the Second 9/11 has already occurred. They then collapse as the camera exits the scene with someone diving into the water (possibly indicating a tsunami attack is what caused the damage).

~ MORE ~

So far, I’ve covered the video from its beginning to the point when it pulls away from the opening scene and enters the dark tunnel of events that follow the eclipse. And in the opening scene as the “camera” zooms out of the 9/11 classroom in which the eclipse is featured, we saw that the US flag was already torn in two and the Twin Towers were already ablaze, as though Second 9/11 had already occurred (before the eclipse). So if Second 9/11 doesn’t happen during or after the eclipse, when does it occur? We find the answer to this question by looking at Mercury’s path in the days before the eclipse…

Mercury at superior solar conjunction
SUN, 28 NOV 2021 AT 22:54 CST [4:54 UTC, 29 NOV]

Mercury will pass very close to the Sun in the sky as its orbit carries it around the far side of the solar system from the Earth.

This occurs once in every synodic cycle of the planet (116 days), and marks the end of Mercury’s apparition in the morning sky and its transition to become an evening object over the next few weeks.

At closest approach, Mercury will appear at a separation of only 0°43′ from the Sun, making it totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun’s glare.

Mercury will also pass apogee — the time when it is most distant from the Earth — at around the same time, since it will lie exactly opposite to the Earth in the Solar System. It will move to a distance of 1.45 AU from the Earth, making it appear small and very distant. If it could be observed, it would measure 4.6 arcsec in diameter, whilst appearing completely illuminated. – from

So “Mercury the Messenger” will be in conjunction with the Sun and in opposite alignment from the Earth on November 28/29, and THAT will be the astrological cue for Second 9/11 / Nuclear 9/11 / Operation Blackjack.

And as Mercury moves away from that alignment in a direction upwards and towards the right of the Sun in the days following, it will appear to the upper right on the day of the solar eclipse (but will be seen only by those in the path of totality in and around Antarctica)…

Mercury attends a total solar eclipse

When: December 4, 2021

Where: Antarctica

On December 4, 2021 there will be a total solar eclipse in Antarctica. It won’t be witnessed by many — just those on cruises around Antarctica and a lucky few eclipse-chasers in planes — but those viewing totality may be able to see Mercury close to the Sun. – from Science Metro

Now if we look at Mercury’s solar conjunction / Earth alignment on November 28/29 and Mercury’s attendance of the solar eclipse on December 4 and compare them to what I wrote in the 13 November update, we begin to get “Mercury’s message” very clearly…

As for the “interesting scripting options” afforded the Kabbalists by the overlap of “Cosmic” Shemini Atzeret and (standard) Hanukkah Day 1, it allows them two opportunities to script a bad “Judgment Day” for the ordinary people of the world…

> the first “Judgment Day” would fall on November 28/29, “Cosmic” Shemini Atzeret / the first day of Hanukkah, and

> the second “Judgment Day” would fall on December 5/6, “Hanukkah as Sukkot’s” Shemini Atzeret.

The Kabbalists could schedule “Judgment Day” for either time period. Or they can schedule dual “Judgment Days”: one for the world (Nov 28/29) and one for Israel (Dec 5/6). The November 28/29 Judgment Day could bring Operation Blackjack and the commie reign of terror. And the December 5/6 one might bring the battle between Israel and all its neighbors — a desperate conflict that would last until the Moshiach’s arrival on December 14/15.

Remember that because it is keyed to Jewish days, the December 5/6 “Judgment Day” window begins at sunset of December 4 in Jerusalem, which is 4:35 PM local time on Saturday (the moment the Jewish Sabbath ends). And it should be noted that the eclipse occurs during the Sabbath day, reaching its peak at 7:34 UTC (9:34 AM Jerusalem time) on Saturday morning.

There is no sunset in Antarctica in December except that which is caused by the solar eclipse. So if they surprise us by using the Antarctic eclipse “sunset” as the timer, the Event in Israel could happen that Saturday morning.

So if you put together…

  • my previous writings (which are cued to Jewish holidays, both invented and real);
  • the astronomical/astrological conjunction, alignment, and eclipse involving Mercury and the Sun; and
  • the symbolism of the I, Pet Goat 2 video…

…we get the message that…

  • the West’s Nuclear 9/11 is/was scheduled for November 28/29, and
  • Israel’s 9/11 is/was scheduled for December 4/5.

And if the “Jewish messiah” shows up to save Israel on December 14/15 (Essene Shemini Atzeret), “10 Days of Darkness” will have occurred between Israel’s December 4/5 9/11 and the arrival of the messiah (the “fake Nazionist Moshiach ben David,” Trump / Pence / Kushner).

Check and mate.

In the next update, I’ll cover selected elements of the rest of the goat video, including Israel’s 9/11.

(15 November 2021) – They have scheduled the Biden-Xi virtual meeting for 7:45 PM Washington time today. Since it is occurring after sunset, Tuesday on the Jewish calendar will have already begun there, and it will also be the early morning of the 16th in Jerusalem. So the meeting has been set up to fall on “Cosmic” Yom Kippur. And since “God’s judgment is sealed at the end of Yom Kippur,” the globalists’ judgment of America’s death by means of the “lethal” phase of the COVID psyop will be sealed tomorrow at sunset (in Jerusalem or Washington). At some point after that, news may break of a “new, lethal strain of COVID” spreading in some part(s) of the world.

Also, given such news as “NATO Chief Raises Alarm on Russia Military Build-Up Near Ukraine,” it should be noted that my partner Onnabugeisha has identified “666” indicators pointing to Dmitry Medvedev (the supposed “friend-to-the-West Atlantic Integrationist”) and Mikhail Mishustin (the Russian Prime Minister who would take over as Acting President if something happens to Putin). So keep an eye out for an imminent attempt by “the West and their friends in Russia” to “take down Putin before he invades Ukraine.”

More details on both of these subjects later…

~ MORE ~

If we take a moment to think of the sequence of events that would have to occur for Biden to take on emergency powers under a COVID crisis and lock down the country before Thanksgiving, it would go something like this…

Step 1: They would bring COVID back to the top of the headlines, stressing talking points like “increasing infection rates” and “new variants.” And they did that over the past few days, including these clusters of headlines that stayed at the top of the Drudge Report for much of the weekend…

…(click on the image to enlarge it)

Step 2: They would roll out news of a “new, more lethal COVID variant” that has broken out in multiple places due to airline and interstate travel. And they would spend a few days elevating the fear language in a massive wave of press reports until it looks like a profound crisis.

Step 3: Biden would then announce “decisive action” under emergency powers “to stop a catastrophic spread of the variant from Thanksgiving travel and gatherings.” So on Thanksgiving, airlines would be grounded and COVID checkpoints would be set up on interstate highways.

These blatantly unconstitutional and freedom-destroying actions would outrage the Trumpers, patriots, antivaxers, and Christians, thus establishing their scripted motivation for “exploding in violence against the government and its perceived Jewish controllers” mere days after Thanksgiving on the first day of Hanukkah. This is how the government will blame them for the Operation Blackjack attacks.

Looking at these three steps, they’ve already done the first, so it’s time for them to initiate the second. But when?

Given that they scheduled the Biden-Xi virtual meeting for today, they may roll out the news of the “lethal new COVID variant” tomorrow, November 16. But since they will have already hit the “Cosmic” Yom Kippur marker with the meeting, they might also wait until the day after Yom Kippur is over, November 17. And Onnabugeisha has identified occult markers that would support that…

November 17 of 2019 is the day associated with the “very first confirmed case of COVID.”

November 17 of this year marks 616 days since the WHO declared COVID a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. 616 is the alternate “Number of the Beast”.

These indicators make Wednesday a “numerologically favorable” day for announcing the “first confirmed cases of a more lethal COVID variant.” The press would then have 5 days to gin it up into a hysterical crisis before a November 22 “emergency powers” move by Biden.

~ MORE ~

Among the occult indicators we’ll be looking at in the next update, there is one that Onnabugeisha just sent me…

November 16 (tomorrow) marks the 911th day (“9/11“) since Volodymyr Zelensky took office as the 6th President of Ukraine on May 20, 2019.

The appearance of this number may be why we saw this on the Drudge Report this morning

And it provides numerological support for the globalists to script a big event in Ukraine tomorrow. Will it be a military incident? Will it be a false-flag assassination of a Ukrainian leader that would justify a “reciprocal response” from NATO (by going after Putin)? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

(13-14 November 2021) – If you are a new reader, I should tell you that the “Cosmic” Hebrew calendar was invented by the globalist prophecy scriptwriters to give themselves another chance to schedule their big events on key Jewish dates. And the fact that “Cosmic” Shemini Atzeret (November 28-29) overlaps Hanukkah Day 1 on the standard Hebrew calendar affords our Kabbalist masters some interesting scripting options. To explain why, though, I need to cover a few things first…

The Process of God’s Judgment According to the Jews

According to Jewish tradition and Kabbalist doctrine, God’s yearly judgment of all the world’s people unfolds over the Hebrew month of Tishrei…

  • Tishrei days 1 and 2 are Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), the time when God writes down his judgment for each and every person. For the righteous and the wicked, that judgment is final and can be delivered immediately. But for all the people in between the two extremes (ordinary people), ten days are given to allow them a chance to repent and atone for their sins before the judgment is sealed.
  • Tishrei day 10 is Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). It is at the end of this day that God’s judgment for each ordinary person is sealed, but not delivered (according to the Kabbalists).
  • Tishrei day 15 is the start of Sukkot, a 7-day festival during which the Israelites made a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. It is after the end of this festival that God’s judgment for the ordinary people is delivered by the angels (according to the Kabbalists).
  • Tishrei days 22 and 23 are Shemini Atzeret, the days after Sukkot when the delivery of the judgments takes place; those days can be considered days 8 and 9 of Sukkot. Shemini Atzeret is observed only on day 22 in Israel, and on days 22 and 23 for Jews outside of Israel.

According to the standard Hebrew calendar, these holidays occurred during September. But according to the “Cosmic” Hebrew calendar the prophecy propagandists pulled out of their collective tuchus, Tishrei 1 occurred on November 7, which means Yom Kippur will fall on November 16 and Shemini Atzeret on November 28-29.

Hanukkah as Sukkot

In the 30 October and 5 November updates, I made reference to “Hannukah as Sukkot.” The time has come to explain what I meant by that.

Upon looking into ways the globalists could schedule their big events in conjunction with the Jewish holidays of December — of which there are only two, Hanukkah and Asara B’Tevet — I ran across the rationale they intend to use for Hanukkah…

Jewish scholars have also suggested that the first Hanukkah may have been a belated celebration of Sukkot, which the Jews had not had the chance to observe during the Maccabean Revolt. One of the Jewish religion’s most important holidays, Sukkot consists of seven days of feasting, prayer and festivities. – from

So in order to time their scripted events in accordance with the holidays of the Hebrew calendar (to make it all look like the fulfillment of prophecy), they will claim that Hanukkah is actually Sukkot, and “it brought God’s judgment.” This narrative will be aided by the fact that the coming war will result in Israel retaking control of the Temple Mount, just like they did during the Maccabean Revolt when Hanukkah was first celebrated…

…from Wikipedia

It is also critical to understand that there are two Hanukkahs that will be occurring…

  1. the Hanukkah of the standard Hebrew calendar, which runs from sunset of November 28 to sunset of December 6, and
  2. the Hanukkah of the Essene Hebrew calendar, which runs from sunset of December 7 to sunset of December 15.

One of the globalists’ top-tier prophecy propagandists, Tom Horn, has been claiming that the Essenes were the only Jewish sect that maintained purity in their faith and kept the true Jewish calendar, thus implying that the standard Jewish calendar is the distorted product of the “scribes and Pharisees” (a.k.a. “the Synagogue of Satan”). This has laid the propaganda groundwork for the Hanukkah of the standard Jewish calendar to be cast as “Satan’s Sukkot” and the Hanukkah of the Essene calendar to be cast as “God’s True Sukkot.” So look for bad things to happen during the first Hanukkah and good things to happen during the second.

Getting back to the other Jewish holiday in December, Asara B’Tevet, it falls on December 14 this year, and it commemorates the Siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia. And quite strikingly, it falls on the same day (December 14) as Hanukkah Day 7 (“Sukkot Day 7”) in the Essene calendar. So we can expect Jerusalem to be under siege come December 14, and we can also expect the Jewish messiah to arrive as soon as sunset of that day (when Essene Shemini Atzeret begins and “God delivers the judgment of mercy and deliverance to the Israeli people”).

So pencil in the Jerusalem arrival of the “fake Nazionist Moshiach ben David” for sometime between sunset of December 14 and sunset of December 15.

As for the “interesting scripting options” afforded the Kabbalists by the overlap of “Cosmic” Shemini Atzeret and (standard) Hanukkah Day 1, it allows them two opportunities to script a bad “Judgment Day” for the ordinary people of the world…

  • the first “Judgment Day” would fall on November 28/29, “Cosmic” Shemini Atzeret / the first day of Hanukkah, and
  • the second “Judgment Day” would fall on December 5/6, “Hanukkah as Sukkot’s” Shemini Atzeret.

The Kabbalists could schedule “Judgment Day” for either time period. Or they can schedule dual “Judgment Days”: one for the world (Nov 28/29) and one for Israel (Dec 5/6). The November 28/29 Judgment Day could bring Operation Blackjack and the commie reign of terror. And the December 5/6 one might bring the battle between Israel and all its neighbors — a desperate conflict that would last until the Moshiach’s arrival on December 14/15.

~ MORE – 14 November 21 ~

Armed with the new information we’ve uncovered, let’s pull forward the preliminary schedule of events from the 5 November update and add to it (the notation SSXX-YY means “sunset of the XXth to sunset of the YYth”)…

November 15: Xi-Biden virtual meeting / “Xi orders ‘Lethal COVID’ to begin”
November 16: Rollout of “More Lethal COVID Variant” psyop, SS15-16
November 22: Biden initiates “Lockdown 2” under “Emergency Powers”
November 25: “Canceled Thanksgiving” (no travel, no gatherings per “Dictator Biden”)
November 28-29: Operation Blackjack / Communist Reign of Terror begins, SS27-29
December 3: US Congress deadline on budget AND debt ceiling

December 4: US government shutdown
December 4-6: “Hanukkah as Sukkot” Days 8 and 9 (“Satanic version God’s judgment”)
December 7: Pearl Harbor Day
December 11: monthly big news / big event day 11
December 14: Jerusalem under siege
 14-16: “Essene Hanukkah as Sukkot” Days 8 and 9 (“God’s real judgment”)
December 17-23: Saturnalia (if celebrated on Gregorian without converting from Julian)
> includes December 21: winter solstice (“a time of rebirth”; “light pushes back dark”)
> includes December 22: monthly big news / big event day 22
December 25: Christmas (remember the real reason for the season: presents)
December 30-January 5: Saturnalia (if celebrated on Julian dates)
> includes December 31-January 1: New Year’s Eve/Day
> includes January 3-4: OSHA workplace mandate taking full force or being cancelled

(12 November 2021) – The virtual meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden has been scheduled for Monday, November 15. And my partner Onnabugeisha previously notified me of the following…

November 15 is the 9th anniversary of Xi assuming office as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. If you convert those 9 years into months, it has been 108 months since he took office, and 108 is a sacred number to the Buddhists.

Within the Act 1 script of the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay, Xi is playing the role of the Maitreya Buddha, who has incarnated here to save the world from destruction before the “End of the Age.” And according to the storyline, he has been endeavoring to take total control over the CCP so he can end the communist/Marxist system that was imposed on the Chinese people by the central bankers. In fact, he reached an important milestone in that “struggle” this week…

…from Bloomberg

Now that Xi has drawn so close to his goal, the central-banker-owned “Global Deep State” is desperate to take him down (according to the script). And for that reason, they will go to Phase 2 of their COVID biowarfare / world takeover plan after the virtual meeting next week. The “Deep State communists” will announce a new, deadlier COVID variant and initiate draconian measures “to stop the spread.” And this will lead to the big terror event near the end of the month and the commie reign of terror that will follow.

When the “Deep State Nazionists” make their move to “save the world from the commies,” they will take down Xi and claim that the was the one behind the communist plot: “When Xi talked to Biden on November 15, he instructed him to initiate Phase 2 of the Chicom biowarfare plan.” Look for India’s Modi and possibly even Putin to go down during the drama also — they too are “incarnated heroes” according to the story.

To read more about the “incarnated heroes” narrative, go to A Globalist Fairytale in The “End Times” Deception page.

(10-11 November 2021) – The US government issued a new National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin today, and it outlines precisely how the sold-out thugs of the Department of Homeland Security plan to hit us and exactly whom they intend to blame (and then round-up). Starting tomorrow, I’ll break down their narrative paragraph-by-paragraph so everyone will know exactly what they’re up to.

~ MORE – 11 November 2021 ~

Let’s get started with the paragraph at the top of the bulletin (interspersed with my comments)…

Summary of the Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

“The Secretary of Homeland Security has issued an updated National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the current heightened threat environment across the United States. The Homeland continues to face a diverse and challenging threat environment as it approaches several religious holidays and associated mass gatherings that in the past have served as potential targets for acts of violence. These threats include those posed by individuals and small groups engaged in violence…”

So the DHS are telegraphing that they’ll hit religious holiday gatherings with lone gunmen and small group attacks. And since December will bring Hanukkah and Christmas, they intend to attack next month.

“…including domestic violent extremists (DVEs) and those inspired or motivated by foreign terrorists and other malign foreign influences…”

The DHS will blame their terror attacks on the usual suspects: “domestic extremists,” foreign terror groups, and foreign governments (namely Russia).

“These actors continue to exploit online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity…”

The DHS are the ones exploiting online forums to spread violence. Paid webtrolls in the employ of the letter agencies, their contractors, and associated globalist organizations live on the forums and bombard them with hateful propaganda and calls for “patriots to show some backbone, pick up their rifles, and deal with the government tyranny like real men.” And if any weak-minded individuals in the forums show interest in getting involved, they are groomed by the globalist agents to serve as patsies for upcoming operations (both law enforcement arrests to establish the “reality” of the terrorist threat and actual terror attacks).

“The ongoing global pandemic continues to exacerbate these threats, in part due to perceived government overreach in implementation of public health safety measures…”

The DHS will use their massive wave of violent attacks to demonize anyone…

  • who speaks out against the loss of constitutional rights,
  • who speaks out against the COVID psyop,
  • who speaks out against the COVID “vaccine,” and/or
  • who refuses to be jabbed.

The massive all-media propaganda barrage that will follow the attacks will ensure that the frightened sheep see such people not only as “COVID deniers” and “selfish, inconsiderate, ignorant people who don’t mind killing others with their COVID,” but also as “ticking extremist time bombs who must be reported to the authorities before they explode in violence.”

“Further, foreign terrorist organizations and DVEs continue to attempt to inspire potential followers to conduct attacks in the United States, including by exploiting recent events in Afghanistan. As of November 10, 2021, DHS is not aware of an imminent and credible threat to a specific location in the United States.”

It takes only a small tweak to the first sentence to render it truthful: “Further, the DHS and affiliated contractors and organizations continue to attempt to inspire potential followers to conduct attacks in the United States, including by exploiting recent events in Afghanistan.”

~ MORE ~

Given today’s news, I’m going to jump ahead a little to cover something that’s both critically important and imminent. Here is a section from the second paragraph of the “additional details” part of the DHS bulletin…

“Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal strains and tensions, driving several plots by DVEs, and they may contribute to more violence this and next year. If a new COVID-19 variant emerges and new public health restrictions are imposed as a result, anti-government violent extremists could potentially use the new restrictions as a rationale to target government or public health officials or facilities.

Mere hours after this advisory was published, Israel telegraphed what’s coming…

…from MSN/Bloomberg. Here is an excerpt…

Israel on Thursday began a nationwide drill to test its readiness in the event of an outbreak of a new, more lethal Covid-19 variant.

The exercise, war-gamed over three sessions to simulate the passage of time after a potential flare-up, will test the resilience of systems that determine lockdown policies, monitor variants, offer economic support for citizens, enforce quarantines and watch border crossings.

So on the 11th day of the month — a day favored by the globalists for scheduling important events or releasing important news — we’re seeing preparatory propaganda for the exact scenario outlined in the bulletin…

…from today’s Drudge Report

As for when the globalists will roll out the “new, more lethal COVID variant” and the accompanying restrictions, the 16th, 17th and 22nd are good candidates…

  • The 16th is Yom Kippur on the “Cosmic” Hebrew calendar (sunset of the 15th to sunset of the 16th).
  • The 17th is the day in November associated with the “very first confirmed case of COVID” in 2019.
  • And the 22nd is the other day of the month favored by the globalists for scheduling important events or releasing important news.

New COVID restrictions implemented on one of those days would “enrage the antivaxer DVEs and lead to attacks” on the 28th/29th, which are…

  • Shemini Atzeret Days 1 & 2 on the “Cosmic” Hebrew calendar, and
  • Hanukkah Day 1 on the standard Hebrew calendar (sunset of the 28th to sunset of the 29th).

(31 October – 9 November 2021) – Once we get past the October 28 – November 2 summit danger period, the next danger period we’ll face is presented by the “Cosmic”/”Turn of the Year” Jewish calendar the Prophecy Propaganda Corps are pushing. According to this contrived timetable, Rosh Hashanah Day 1 runs from sunset of November 4 to sunset of November 5.

Jewish tradition holds that the wicked (and the righteous) receive instant judgment on Rosh Hashanah, while all those who lie somewhere in between total wickedness and total righteousness receive “God’s” judgment on Shemini Atzeret (21 to 22 days later). This being the case, the globalists might script the beginning of the Big Crisis on November 4/5, with the end of it coming with the Space Force intervention in the November 25-28 timeframe.

I bring this up now so we can stay a step ahead of them, and I’ll cover it in more detail after we get through the current danger period.

~ MORE – 1 November 2021 ~

The Israelis have something big planned for November 4/5 (or possibly the 6th), which is why they mobilized their homeland defense forces yesterday under the guise of a drill. My partner Onnabugeisha has identified an impressive cluster of occult indicators that point to Iran and Damascus, so be on the lookout for one or more of the following…

  • an Israeli false flag against themselves,
  • a big attack on Iran, and/or
  • a massive attack on Damascus that will leave it a “ruinous heap.”

I’ll show you the indicators over the course of the day (11/1).

~ MORE ~

I’ve decided that the best way to approach Onnabugeisha’s extensive notes on the coming days is to roll out the occult indicators a day ahead as we go forward. So let’s look at what tomorrow, November 2nd, holds…

November 2 is the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration…

…from Wikipedia. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s writeup…

The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government in 1917 during the First World War announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a small minority Jewish population. The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The text of the declaration was published in the press on 9 November 1917…

By late 1917, in the lead up to the Balfour Declaration, the wider war had reached a stalemate, with two of Britain’s allies not fully engaged: the United States had yet to suffer a casualty, and the Russians were in the midst of a revolution with Bolsheviks taking over the government

The opening words of the declaration represented the first public expression of support for Zionism by a major political power.

So tomorrow will be the 104th anniversary of the day the state of Israel began to manifest, and this little peek into the past reveals much of how the Kabbalists took control of our world. By orchestrating World War 1 the Rothschild-fronted Kabbalists brought down four empires: the three Christian empires of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia (by means of the Kabbalist-funded Bolsheviks) and the Muslim Ottoman Empire. They later went on to take over China by funding and supporting Mao through the Soviet Union.

In the course of looking into this, I ran across a decent blurb from a book on the subject

The Kabbalah – Book 3: The Rothschild Family

How the Kabbalistic leadership was able to get control of the world banking system.

A successful revolution requires a lot of money, but when the goal is to subdue the world and put it under a dictatorship, entire financial systems must be taken over. The Kabbalistic leadership wants to take dominion of the earth and rule it with their messiah and they need to control the banking system to achieve this objective. The Fugger family was promoted in the 14th century but they did not protect their wealth. Jewish traders became very wealthy during the next two centuries as they operated in all nations and supplied warring armies but there was no centralized control that could be projected over the banking systems of different nations. Meyer Amschel was selected to be the founding father of a global banking family. He was sly and deceitful and intensely loyal to the Jewish cause that is spelled out in the Talmud and the Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic leadership invested funds and coins which Amschel used to build a fairly strong banking house in Frankfurt and his five sons proved to be more shrewd than their father. In less than 50 years the Rothschild family had penetrated the financial markets in Austria, Germany, France, England, Italy and Spain. This is the story of the Rothschilds, who through the Kabbalistic leadership were able to set the policies in these nations and achieve a monopoly that is unrivaled today.

So tomorrow could be another day the Kabbalist agenda makes a big move forward. And one way of doing that would be to have the “Nazionist Deep State” false-flag a “Communist Deep State” attack on the COP26 attendees.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, whose departure for Scotland was delayed by the Japanese election, is slated to arrive sometime tomorrow morning [he is leaving Japan on Tuesday morning (Japan time) and arriving in Scotland on Tuesday morning (Scotland time)]. And since the national leaders will have to leave Edinburgh bright and early to get to the 9 AM session in Glasgow on Tuesday, the globalists would need to hit them during the night (by about 7:30 AM at the latest). That way, they would fulfill the Catholic and Kabbalist prophecies of “the kings of the Earth being destroyed in the City of Seven Hills except for those who have not yet arrived (Kishida).”

November 2 also marks exactly 555 weeks since the beginning of the Syrian “Civil War” on March 15, 2011. So the numerology-obsessed Kabbalists may orchestrate a precursor event for what they have planned for Damascus on November 4/5/6.

~ MORE – 2 November 2021 ~

The window for a prophecy-fulfilling COP26 strike officially closed around 9 AM Scotland time…

…from NHK

So it’s entirely possible that the globalist whiff in Scotland may lead to an abandonment of their plans for November 4/5/6, since the Israeli move may have been scripted to take advantage of the global disorder and confusion that would have followed the decapitation strike. We can’t just assume that’s the case, though, so let’s look ahead at the occult indicators for tomorrow…

November 3 will mark exactly 666 days (the Number of the Beast) since Vladimir Putin visited Damascus on January 7, 2020 (which was Orthodox Christmas Day). Putin’s visit was designed to fulfill an Islamic “End Times” prophecy that will allow him to be seen as Isa (Jesus) by the Muslims.

In Act 1 of the “End Times” stageplay, Putin is playing the returned Jesus/Isa and the Jewish Messiah. And in Act 2, he’ll be identified as the “Final Antichrist.” So having the Number of the Beast show up at this time is not a good sign for Damascus, a city that was visited by the Final Antichrist on Christmas Day and that the prophecy propagandists say this about…

…from The Christian Post

Onnabugeisha also notes that Putin was accompanied on the trip by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, his constant companion…


Shoigu has a role to play in the “End Times” Show as well, but I’m not yet sure if it’s as Putin’s betrayer, Putin’s tag-team partner, or the dark horse Final Antichrist hiding in Putin’s shadow.

November 3 also marks exactly 6 years and 16 days (616) since the Iran nuclear deal was adopted on October 18, 2015. 616 is the alternative Number of the Beast, and having it show up at this time is not a good sign for Iran. In fact, it’s an especially bad sign given that Israeli Prime Minister Bennett met with the Final Antichrist on October 22 to achieve strategic coordination

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here’s an excerpt…

“There was a huge conversation on strategic topics,” Elkin said. “They spoke in-depth about the current situation in the Iranian nuclear program, and had a very broad conversation about the situation in Syria, while preserving the coordination system. The prime minister presented his worldview when it comes to the ways to stop the Iran nuclear program and stopping Iran from getting a foothold in Syria.

So on November 3, the two Numbers of the Beast mark the two targets for what is/was to come: a decapitation strike on Damascus and attacks on Iran.

For more information on Putin’s “prophetic” visit to Damascus, read Isa’s Descent at the White Minaret in The 2020 Archive 5 (or simply click here if your browser supports link-to-text).

~ MORE ~

It’s already November, and there’s no sign of the Moshiach shofar…

…Tu B’Ad.

This year, Rosh Hashanah occurred on September 7. And all the related Jewish holidays that follow it ended with Simchat Torah on September 29. The globalist had big plans for those holidays, but they were unable to carry them out. So they have been working to give themselves a second chance ever since.

In October, they cooked up two “adjusted” Jewish calendars to give themselves an opportunity to restart Rosh Hashanah on October 7 and 8. This did not work. So they invented yet another “adjusted” calendar, the “Cosmic”/”Turn of the Year” calendar, to make one more attempt to replay Rosh Hashanah on November 5th. This is where we find ourselves now.

The central theme of Rosh Hashanah and its following holidays is “God’s” judgment and repentance. And this is how it works…

According to tradition, God judges all creatures during the 10 Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, deciding whether they will live or die in the coming year. Jewish law teaches that God inscribes the names of the righteous in the “book of life” and condemns the wicked to death on Rosh Hashanah; people who fall between the two categories have until Yom Kippur to perform “teshuvah,” or repentance. As a result, observant Jews consider Rosh Hashanah and the days surrounding it a time for prayer, good deeds, reflecting on past mistakes and making amends with others. – from

5 days after Yom Kippur come the 7+1 days of Sukkot, and that’s where the Kabbalists add more to the process…

Hoshanah Rabbah, the last day of the festival of Sukkot, is considered a day of judgment. According to the Zohar, although one is judged on the Day of Atonement, that verdict is not delivered until the last day of Sukkot, and until then a person may still repent (Zohar, Va-Yehi 120a; Terumah 142a). However, according to the Zohar the day on which the verdict is delivered is actually Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the festival, and not Hoshanah Rabbah (the day before). Hesed le-Avraham explains away the contradiction as follows — the last chance to change one’s judgment is actually Hoshanah Rabbah; whoever has not yet repented by then has his verdict handed down on Shemini Atzeret. – from Bar-Ilan University

Shemini Atzeret, the day God’s judgment is delivered to average people, is the 8th day of Sukkot. And outside of Israel, that 8th day is observed for two days (so God’s judgment for the ordinary folk could be delivered on Day 8 or Day 9). God’s judgment for the wicked, though, can be delivered as soon as Rosh Hashanah begins.

With this religious template for Rosh Hashanah through Shemini Atzeret in mind, the globalist strategy for their Big Event seems to be the following…

They will simulate God’s immediate judgment of the wicked by kicking off a massive campaign of violence on Rosh Hashanah Day 1. A terrifying parade of global events will then ensue over the following three weeks, causing the general public to fall to their knees, repent, and cry out to God for an intervention. The globalists will then simulate that intervention by staging the arrival of the Jewish Messiah on Shemini Atzeret, when “God will deliver his judgment by inscribing the surviving public to the Book of Life.”

According to the “Cosmic” calendar, Rosh Hashanah Day 1 will begin at sunset of Thursday, November 4. We’ll look at the occult indicators for that day tomorrow.

~ MORE – 3 November 2021 ~

File this one under “it should come as no surprise”…

…from Hampshire Live

So two aircraft carriers [one UK and one US Marine (USS Essex)] are in the Persian Gulf this week within striking distance of Iran. This means Israel’s F-35s aren’t the only ones Iran will be facing “if something should happen.” Speaking of which…

Covering all the numbers my partner Onnabugeisha has uncovered for November 4 would take more time than I have available today, so let me give you an “executive” / “lazy man’s” summary.

November 4 is the 26th anniversary of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a religious Zionist (and 26 is the gematric number of the name of the god of Israel). So an assassination / decapitation “according to god’s judgment” is something to watch for. And there are November 4 historical and numerological cues pointing to the following persons…

  • Barack Obama (the “Communist Antichrist”),
  • Esmail Ghaani (Commander of Iran’s IRGC Quds Force),
  • Ebrahim Raisi (President of Iran), and
  • Ali Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Iran).

Those men could be scripted as targets or instigators of what is/was planned. And to that list of targets/instigators can be added Bashar Assad (President of Syria), Naftali Bennett (Prime Minister of Israel), and Benjamin Netanyahu.

There are also November 4 historical and numerological cues pointing to the following events…

So tomorrow is quite the witch’s brew of indicators pointing to Iran, Israel, and trouble.

But there has also been a sign that the globalists may have already backed off…

…from Al Jazeera

~ MORE – 4 November 2021 ~

The Dark Jewish Winter Begins…

The big news today was the promulgation of OSHA’s new Emergency Temporary Standard requiring companies employing 100 or more to force COVID vaccinations or COVID tests upon all their employees. The impacted companies have until January 4 to start the forced testing, and the employees that are lost over the next two months will further add to the “supply chain disruptions” the globalists are orchestrating.

This new mandate was announced on the eve of Kislev 1, the beginning of the Jewish winter season, which starts at sunset today. So as the sun goes down tonight, we begin the “Dark Winter” Biden promised us, courtesy of the Kabbalist central banking cartel.

~ MORE ~

The same sign in the heavens — the appearance of the first sliver of the new moon — that starts Kislev 1 on the standard Hebrew calendar also starts Tishrei 1 (Rosh Hashanah Day 1) on the “Cosmic”/”Turn of the Year” Hebrew calendar. The first time the prophecy propagandists mentioned the “Cosmic” calendar, they said Rosh Hashanah Day 1 was on November 4. Later they went on to “clarify” that it “might be on November 5 or 6 depending on when the rabbis spot the new moon.” The purpose of their vague pronouncements is to allow some flexibility in the scheduling of events…

If the triggering event happens between sunset of the 4th and sunset of the 5th, they’ll say that Rosh Hashanah Day 1 is the 5th, which means Yom Kippur is the 14th, Shemini Atzeret Day 1 is the 26th, and Shemini Atzeret Day 2 is the 27th.

If the triggering event happens between sunset of the 5th and sunset of the 6th, they’ll say that Rosh Hashanah Day 1 is the 6th, which means Yom Kippur is the 15th, Shemini Atzeret Day 1 is the 27th, and Shemini Atzeret Day 2 is the 28th.

Onnabugeisha thinks they’re angling for the 6th because that would allow Yom Kippur to fall on the 15th, which is 9/11 on the standard Hebrew ecclesiastical calendar. Should we push the start of the violence out of this week, their next obvious fallback date would be Yom Kippur.

All this being said, if we put all the candidate days for Shemini Atzeret together, the November time period to script “god’s judgment of humanity” will run from sunset of the 25th through sunset of the 28th. So… to recap…

  • We could see the start of big trouble on the 5th-6th, which will end with a “heavenly intervention” on the 25th-28th.
  • We could see a warning event on the 5th-6th, the start of big trouble on the 14th-15th, and “heavenly intervention” on the 25th-28th.
  • Or we could see nothing of note because the globalists have abandoned their November plans.

As for occult indicators for the 5th and 6th, they are…

Although it’s kinduva stretch, these indicators could be weaved into the scripting of a Shoigu-arranged big explosion in England that causes a tsunami to wipe out the UN climate conference attendees staying in Edinburgh. And it can be tied to a “nuke-laden minisub” left behind in July when the Iranian naval ship Makran transited the English Channel and North Sea on its way to a Russian naval parade in the Baltic Sea…

…from The Drive

Of course, everything the globalists are doing is kinduva stretch from the perspective of a sane and rational human being, so I covered this scenario out of an abundance of caution.

~ MORE – 5 November 2021 ~

Let’s have a first look at “Satan’s Legos” for December…

I spent this morning compiling a preliminary list of December scripting dates, which are the building blocks the globalist scriptwriters can use to construct a narrative. And I found that they already tell a story of things going very badly during the first two weeks before the “heroes” show up in the second two weeks…

December 3: US Congress deadline on budget AND debt ceiling
December 4: US government shutdown
December 4-6: “Hanukkah as Sukkot” Days 8 and 9 (“Satanic version God’s judgment”)
December 7: Pearl Harbor Day
December 11: monthly big news / big event day 11
December 14-16: “Essene Hanukkah as Sukkot” Days 8 and 9 (“God’s real judgment”)
December 17-23: Saturnalia (if celebrated on Gregorian without converting from Julian)
> includes December 21: winter solstice (“a time of rebirth”; “light pushes back dark”)
> includes December 22: monthly big news / big event day 22
December 25: Christmas (remember the real reason for the season: presents)
December 30-January 5: Saturnalia (if celebrated on Julian dates)
> includes December 31-January 1: New Year’s Eve/Day
> includes January 3-4: OSHA workplace mandate taking full force or being cancelled

Tracking them next month will be very easy. They shouldn’t even bother trying.

~ MORE – 6 November 2021 ~

Which “Antichrist” is slated to be assassinated on November 8-9?…

In the 27 October update, I wondered aloud if Obama was slated to be assassinated in Edinburgh after flying to Scotland on the 4th to attend the COP26 conference. It has since been announced that he will arrive there on Monday the 8th, and I found the news unremarkable until my partner Onnabugeisha informed me of the striking cluster of occult indicators on the 8th and 9th.

In just a few hours, we’ll look at those indicators, which point to revolution and assassination and include another propaganda link to (nuclear) tsunamis. We’ll also look at how the Palm Beach and Miami residences of Trump and Kushner are, like Edinburgh, susceptible to tsunami weapons.

~ MORE ~

Here are the November 8/9 indicators Onnabugeisha found…

November 8 is the 5th anniversary of the 2016 presidential election in which “Nazionist Trump peacefully wrested control of the US presidency from the communists and their bought-out (by the CCP) allies.”

November 8 is the anniversary of the 1939 Munich beer hall assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler (by a communist).

November 9 is the anniversary of the 1938 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler by a Catholic (as Hitler marched to the same Munich beer hall).

November 9, 11/9, is the reverse of 9/11.

November 8-9 is the anniversary of the 1923 Nazi Beer Hall Putsch…

The Beer Hall Putsch, also known as the Munich Putsch, was a failed coup d’etat by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund leaders in Munich, Bavaria, on 8–9 November 1923, during the Weimar Republic. Approximately two thousand Nazis marched on the Feldherrnhalle, in the city centre, but were confronted by a police cordon, which resulted in the deaths of 16 Nazi Party members and four police officers.

Hitler, who was wounded during the clash, escaped immediate arrest and was spirited off to safety in the countryside. After two days, he was arrested and charged with treason.

The putsch brought Hitler to the attention of the German nation for the first time and generated front-page headlines in newspapers around the world. His arrest was followed by a 24-day trial, which was widely publicised and gave him a platform to express his nationalist sentiments to the nation. Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison, where he dictated Mein Kampf to fellow prisoners Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess. On 20 December 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released. Once released, Hitler redirected his focus towards obtaining power through legal means rather than by revolution or force, and accordingly changed his tactics, further developing Nazi propaganda.

In the early 20th century, many of the larger cities of southern Germany had beer halls, where hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people would socialise in the evenings, drink beer and participate in political and social debates. Such beer halls also became the hosts of occasional political rallies. One of Munich’s largest beer halls was the Burgerbraukeller, which became the site where the putsch began.

The Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I, led to the decline of Germany as a major European power. Like many Germans of the period, Hitler, who had fought in the German Army but still held Austrian citizenship at the time, believed the treaty to be a betrayal, with the country having been “stabbed in the back” by its own government, particularly as the German Army was popularly thought to have been undefeated in the field. For the defeat, Hitler scapegoated civilian leaders, Jews and Marxists, later called the “November Criminals”. – from Wikipedia

So in the Munich Putsch, the Nazis tried to forcefully take back control of their country from “traitors, Jews and Marxists” (the whole Nazi takeover was a classic example of the Kabbalists seeing a revolution brewing against them and sending in their own agent, Hitler, to capture the movement and lead it to ruin).

As you can see, the indicators feature communists and Nazis battling for control using the tools of forceful revolution and assassination, and they strongly feature Munich as well. On a hunch, I decided to see if Edinburgh might be a sister city of Munich. Lookee what I found…

…from Google

There are also some notable Eastern Orthodox Christian and prophecy propaganda indicators for Monday the 8th…

November 8 is Orthodox Michaelmas, a celebration of the Archangel Michael (who supposedly defeated Lucifer in the war in heaven) and other angels, including Uriel (the “Light of God”). Read the “Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and the Other Bodiless Powers” for more information on that day.

This connection to “Archangel Michael” is quite notable given the attention he’s been given by the Christian prophecy propagandists lately. They talk of “the day Michael stands up” to “move against the Antichrist on Earth like he moved against Lucifer in heaven.” This ties in with a Bible verse they associate with the “End Times”…

Daniel 12:1 “At that time Michael, the great prince who stands watch over your people, will rise up. There will be a time of distress, the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time. But at that time your people — everyone whose name is found written in the book — will be delivered.”

Note the verse’s reference to those “whose name is found written in the book” (of life), which connects with the theme of “god’s judgment” I’ve been covering in recent entries.

Also notable is the fact that a particular prophecy propaganda front I monitor has repeatedly connected “the day Michael stands up” to the “La Palma Tsunami” scenario. While that scenario is scientifically absurd, it’s quite interesting that they’re alluding to a destructive tsunami occurring on the day Michael stands up. Will such a tsunami occur on Orthodox Michaelmas or the day after? And whom will it target: Communist Antichrist Obama in Edinburgh, Nazionist Antichrist Trump in Palm Beach, Nazionist Antichrist Kushner in Miami, or some combination thereof?

As I’ve covered in recent entries, the VIPs attending COP26 have been spending their nights in Edinburgh, which is located on a small and relatively enclosed body of water, the Firth of Forth. So the city where Obama will be staying is vulnerable to a nuke-triggered tsunami attack.

Trump’s residence in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, is also located next to a small, largely enclosed body of water, the Lake Worth Lagoon…

…from Google Maps. So Mar-a-Lago is vulnerable to a tsunami attack, with the red star marking a possible detonation spot.

Jared Kushner’s residences in Miami, the Arte Surfside and Indian Creek, are located next to the North Bay of Biscayne Bay (another small, relatively enclosed body of water)…

…from Google Maps. The red star marks a possible detonation spot for a tsunami weapon.

And it’s important to remember that the Champlain Towers South building that collapsed this year is located very near Kushner’s residences…

…from Google Maps. His new home is located on Indian Creek Island, his leased condo is in the Arte Surfside, and the former location of the Champlain Towers South building (CTS) is marked with a red box.

Looking at the collapse from the perspective of the current script, it may be narrated that the building was blown up with a car bomb by communist Cuban agents as a warning to Kushner. What happens to Obama in Edinburgh would then be “Kushner’s response” to the commies.

~ MORE ~

Getting back to the prophecy propagandists and the “catastrophic tsunami” idea they’re pushing, one of them posted pictures of the pillars from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan. I found more pictures on another site, and there are two pillars that really grabbed my attention.

The first depicts Manhattan being hit by a giant tsunami…


The second depicts the Kabbalist Tree of Life…

…from (top) and Wikipedia (bottom).

Evidently, then, the Kabbalists do have catastrophic tsunamis on their twisted minds. And in the 17 September update (further down this page), I cover the nuclear tsunami threat to New York City and Washington, DC. Click here to open a parallel page at the right spot to read it (if your browser supports link-to-text). Otherwise, enter 17 September in your browser’s FIND feature or just scroll down.

~ MORE – 7 November 2021 ~

The Christian prophecy propaganda guys have stated that the “Cosmic” calendar Jewish New Year would begin “when the rabbis saw the new moon” this month. According to one of the propaganda sites Onnabugeisha monitors, that happened at sunset on the 6th….


So if the globalists are still scheduling their artificial prophecy fulfillment events by this “Cosmic” calendar, Days 1 and 2 of “Cosmic” Rosh Hashanah are November 7 and 8 (starting at sunset on the 6th and ending at sunset on the 8th). This means that…

  • they can script “God’s immediate Rosh Hashanah judgment of the wicked” during that time period, making sunset of today to sunset of the 8th (which overlaps Michaelmas) the most likely time period for the assassination scenario to unfold (Michael would be “delivering God’s judgment to the wicked”),
  • “Cosmic” Yom Kippur will fall on November 16 (sunset of the 15th to sunset of the 16th), and
  • “Cosmic” Shemini Atzeret, the time when “God’s judgment is delivered to the rest of us,” will fall on November 28 and 29 (sunset of the 27th to sunset of the 29th). That would be the time period when the decoy Jewish Messiah (Kushner/Trump/Pence) makes his move to save us.

If they proceed with their plans for Monday-Tuesday and are still running the communists versus Nazionists subplot, Obama will be the one targeted by the assassination attempt (which may not succeed). But if they’re skipping that subplot and going straight to Putin’s savior moment, the “Antichrists” on both sides will be targeted.

~ MORE ~

It has been reported that Obama has arrived in Scotland on Sunday night. There’s no word yet on where he’s staying. So now that the “Communist Antichrist” has arrived at a crucial “Communist UN” conference of all the world’s nations, let’s see if the Nazionists make their scripted move to crash the party.

Also, my partner has identified another sign underlying the globalists’ scripting for tomorrow. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, and on Monday the 8th when he gives his speech at COP26, he will have turned…

  • exactly 22,011 days old (numerologists consider 22 and 11master numbers,” and when these two are added together they’re 33, another key master number to occultists), and
  • exactly 60 years and 96 days old (numerologists do things like ignore zeros and flip numbers to make their childish beliefs work, so 6096 qualifies as 666, the Number of the Beast).

~ MORE – 8 November 2021 ~

Who would have guessed that Obama would stay here?…

…from the Edinburgh News

His lodging was likely arranged well in advance, so this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll go through with the tsunami attack. But it certainly suggests that they intended to.

~ MORE – 9 November 2021 ~

There is growing evidence that we avoided something really big on Monday the 8th. You might recall me stressing the following point over the past several weeks…

In the US, keep an eye out for the announcement of the vaccine mandate for employers taking effect. It may precede the outbreak of war by a day (or a few). This timing would allow Operation Blackjack to first be blamed on Trumpers, antivaxers, and “Mark of the Beast”-avoiding Christians “who erupted in violence due to their outrage over the mandate.” – from the early October advisory (further down this page)

As it turned out, OSHA promulgated the vaccine mandate on November 4, just four days before this was due to start on Monday the 8th…

…from Human Events (top) and #AxeTheVax (bottom, click to enlarge). Note that the “Brought to you by” section of the bottom poster includes known Trumpers, antivaxers and Christians. Here is an excerpt from the Human Events article…

Advocates for Citizens’ Rights, a California non-profit founded by attorney Leigh Dundas, along with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense have joined other high-profile groups and individuals to promote a Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom to take place November 8-11. The purpose of the voluntary work strike is to protest vaccine mandates in the workplace. This event carries the social media hashtag of #AxeTheVax.

The movement was started by regular every-day American workers reaching out to Dundas and others looking for a way to join together collectively in order to have their actions felt, and their voices heard. “This nationwide walkout has spread like wildfire, with white collar professionals joining the supply chain workers and truckers — and employees from every industry and all faiths, creeds, races and political affiliations — now pledging they will strike during the week of November 8, as a statement that jobs should never be conditioned on medical mandates and tyranny,” Dundas said…

Some names recognizable to members of the current movement in the U.S. protesting authoritarian government action are Clay Clark & General Flynn, co-hosts of the Re-Awaken America Tour, and Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors, along with Ann Vandersteel and Doug Billings, to name just a few.

This nationwide campaign was apparently organized by attorney Leigh Dundas. And upon looking into her, I found some very interesting information on a Democratic propaganda site…

…from The Underground Bunker. Here is an excerpt…

We first noticed Leigh Dundas, a Scientology OT and “human rights attorney” last year as she made a name for herself as a firebrand anti-vaxx and anti-mask activist who had driven away an Orange County health official with her brand of political extremism.

More recently, we’ve been posting information as it has come in about her remarkable couple of days at the US Capitol on January 5 and 6 as she took part in the speechifying and marching that ended up being a deadly insurrection.

On January 5 she urged on a crowd with this rhetoric: “We would be well within our rights to take any alleged American who acted in a turncoat fashion and sold us out and committed treason, we would be well within our rights and take them out back and shoot ’em or hang ’em…”

And on the day of the riot itself, she filmed herself pushing toward the Capitol and screaming “Traitor!” at Capitol police. Video also emerged showing her near the doors of the Capitol itself. Later that afternoon she gave another fiery broadside exhorting her listeners to “fight on! Fight for your country!” while protesters were breaking windows and pushing into the building behind her.

So Dundas, one of the globalist agents who helped lure the Trumpers into the Capitol Building for the “deadly Capitol insurrection” setup, has now lured them into this organized campaign of nationwide STRIKES. These workplace strikes would have been happening at the same time as the Operation Blackjack terror strikes, thus allowing the “commie” media to conflate the two campaigns and blame the terror attacks on the Trumpers, antivaxers, and “Mark of the Beast”-avoiding Christians.

Over the course of the day, we’ll look deeper into the details of this trap, including the clown posse of circus freaks who organized it.

~ MORE ~

When I wrote this morning that I’d add more to today’s update, I forgot that it’s my son’s birthday. So suffice it to say that all the “high-profile groups and individuals” behind the #AxTheVax setup are not those I would place my trust in. If you look closely at each of them, like the Scientologist “Operating Thetan” Leigh Dundas and the “methed-up hillbilly preacher man” Greg Locke, you see what a bunch of freaks and clowns they are — just the sort the globalists employ for their public circuses.


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