“Good God in heaven … may all Jews die now”

Don't just throw a shoe, because you might have to buy another from a Jew somewhere

Don’t just throw a shoe, because you might have to buy another from a Jew somewhere

It looks like the blog posts on the Jewish issue on the Net are reaching critical mass; and are ready to move up to the next level, which is openly advocating the banishment of all Jews from Gentile hosts nations and/or the wholesale slaughter of all Jews found guilty of and culpable in the heinous crimes reprobate Jewry has committed against righteous Christians and innocent Gentiles since the Crucifixion.

For that’s just exactly where all of the information and research on the Jews leads; just as it has in the more than 100 countries, from which the reprobate Jews have been banished, after being given the benefit of the doubt on their promise to reform and stop seeking to morally subvert, pauperize, murder, and enslave their Christian and Gentile enemies.

The “shock and awe” type blog posts that have exposed the vindictive Jews’ evil machinations against their Christian and Gentile enemies have had their place to date. But it’s now high time to move on from that; and to something more practical and even deadly, before the Jews do to White Christian Americans what they did to their White Christian Russian and Ukrainian cousins under their commie Soviet regimes.

Vindictive Jew commies made White Christian Europeans eat sh*t; and they pissed on their heads once they had totalitarian control in the USSR---don't let this happen to YOU in the FEMA torture chambers and gulags in Jew run USSA

Vindictive Jew commies made White Christian Europeans eat sh*t; and they pissed on their heads once they had totalitarian control in the USSR—don’t let this happen to YOU in the FEMA torture chambers and gulags in the Jew run USSA

It’s now late in the day, and the time has past for being too PC and just posting more of the piles of ghastly information and pictures of the Jews’ ongoing and unrepentant evil deeds worldwide. What good is it, to just sit there behind a computer and gasp with shock and horror at yet another vile and brutal atrocity committed by some reprobate Jew somewhere. When that only gives the Jews and their many dupes, acolytes and lackeys more time to tighten the FEMA noose that’s already around almost every White Christian American’s neck today?

White Christian Americans need to be diligently preparing strategies and tactics, not to survive on the run from the cowardly, wimpish Jews and their proxy of the already heavily sovietized US government they completely control, but to deal with the Jews themselves that they meet on a day-to-day basis, individually and in a very practical way. Strategies and tactics that can only mean the use of brute force and lethal weapons on the Jew rats, that inflict death as swiftly and effectively as possible, if they’re to keep themselves out of Jew run FEMA’s gulag camps.

kill_jews (1)

Okay, so Jesus said that he who “takes the sword will die by the sword”. But he also said “he came not to send peace but a sword”; and “he that has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one”, so that his disciples would have something to hack and slash at anyone who would seek to kill them, rob them, or take them or their friends and family somewhere against their will. How much more then should White Christian Americans start unloading the magazines of their Glocks and assault rifles at the reprobate, conniving Jews they meet on a day-to-day basis, before the Jews and their lackeys and acolytes in the US government take them and their liberty fully and finally from them?

Let’s face it, if you kill a Jew you’ve killed something that’s the refuse of all of fallen humanity—scum rises to the surface of a boiling pot, and Jews and their lackeys either occupy or control all governments of the Jew-troubled nations the Jews are preparing for the last great social cataclysm. Actually because Jews are reprobate concerning the gospel of their salvation, you’ve really done the work of God when you kill them with a bullet in their horrible bodies, because God was going to kill them all anyway, after judging them at the great white throne and when he casts them into the sulphurous lake of fire, which is of course called the second death in the Bible.

I used to think the Jews have only ever had the cruel audacity to seek to subvert, destroy and enslave righteous Christians and innocent Gentiles because they’re blind to what’s of God and what’s not; and have really believed that they’re right about killing Jesus and worshiping a Unitarian idol. But then I thought no, they’ve really done it because they’re just plain vindictive and know deep down they’ll be damned at the end of the day, so they might as well do as much damage to Christians and Gentiles before they “die the death”.

Yes, it’s true that the Jews say they believe they won’t be condemned by God and will go to him in some airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky way after they die; because they argue that they’re ostensibly all racially and ethnically God’s covenant people. But I think the truth is that the Jews have realized that something just isn’t right about so-called Judaism; and that they’ve only half-heartedly accepted the Pharisaical rabbinical notion that they’re somehow safe and will go to God, so they can continue to cash in on the gullible goyim and live it up without the disturbance of a conscience and the thought of pay-back.

For the Jews must know that they’ve been under God’s curse for something they’ve done since the crime of the Crucifixion, because they’ve fulfilled the promise of God in the Torah that when they’re out of his favor they’d be dispersed among their Gentile enemies. Quite apart from the fact that they’ve also fulfilled God’s promise in their apostasy that they’ve been left without a prophet and a legitimate priest, and with no altar and acceptable blood sacrifice before God for their sins, since they rejected the altar of the cross and the blood atonement of God’s righteous, miracle working Son Jesus Christ.

Now check out this JB Campbell article … I like this guy and I intend to post more of his articles, because he’s a straight shooter when it comes to recommending that Americans should kill all of the Jews now, as a preemptive measure to ensure that the Jews don’t get to fulfill their depraved fantasy of incarcerating, torturing, and eliminating White Christian Americans, either in the FEMA camps or by the wicked, glistening blade of a Jew World Order guillotine …

Zionist Criminal Map

“We are entering the most dangerous period up till this point. It will get much more dangerous, but right now is the most dangerous so far. That’s because it’s a twilight period. Dusk. Neither light nor dark. There are threats out there but they’re hard to make out.

We’re in that uncertain time of US history in which we know that the government is getting ready to arrest and wipe out all critics but some of us aren’t sure when to start shooting. Most of us aren’t sure who should be shot first. This essay is intended to remove that doubt and hesitancy.

Our gun-running, mass-murdering attorney general has just admitted to a senator that Americans will be killed in America by drones. Our degenerate puppet president and his presumptive CIA director have been assassinating heroes overseas for years using this and many other methods, including death by torture.

Obama’s year-old NDAA authorized the arrest and disappearance of Americans with no due process. Thousands of Americans, mostly veterans, have disappeared into mental hospitals and VA psych wards, as revealed last year in the case of the young Virginia ex-marine, Brandon Raub, who narrowly escaped a chemical lobotomy. According to the Rutherford Institute, an average of twenty thousand people per year, just in Virginia, are sent to psych wards and mental hospitals, which we must admit is a shocking statistic. This is the Soviet form of warfare being waged against us by that delicate Communist stooge, Barack Obama.

The nigger in the White House is a satanic crypto-commie and a Judaized lackey with a chip on his shoulder and murderous intent, because he knows White Christian Europeans are the best Gentiles and niggers are beasts if left to themselves and ridiculed by Jews as apes and monkeys who failed to evolve

The nigger in the White House is a satanic crypto-commie and a Judaized lackey with a chip on his shoulder and murderous intent, because he knows White Christian Europeans are the best Gentiles and niggers are beasts if left to themselves and ridiculed by the Jews as apes and monkeys who failed to evolve

Military and CIA whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou are considered enemies of the state and are imprisoned and tortured to frighten others not to copy them. Technically, this in itself is a form of state terrorism.

The Jewish California senator, Feinstein, stated in the Senate, as this essay was being written, that virtually all American veterans are mentally disabled with post-traumatic stress disorder and should thus be prohibited from owning “assault weapons.” This may be the most shocking example of the Jewish mentality that I can come up with, an example that should lead to the rounding up of all Jews as the revolution gets underway. Has any Jew objected to this insane statement by Feinstein? How about our new “anti-Semitic” defense secretary? Could he possibly say a word in defense of the vets? No, not Hagel – he’s too busy kissing Netanyahu’s derriere and is desperate to avoid criticizing any Jew for any reason.

This website is an example of the crime of sedition. Since it is written rather than spoken, it is technically an example of what the government calls “seditious libel,” despite the fact that nothing in it is false, which is a requirement for libel. Legally, if it’s true, it’s not libel. That’s just what the government has always called it, which of course is self-serving.

Sedition is the crime of promoting in any way the overthrow of the government. This is something that this writer has been actively doing since forming the militia movement in January, 1989, the planning of which began in 1983. The FBI intended to arrest me in Medford, Oregon at a public speech on July 31, 1990 on the charge of sedition. A last-minute warning allowed me to cancel the speech and leave town for my home in California. The FBI apparently changed tactics and did not attempt to arrest me again, perhaps choosing instead to monitor me and my contacts to see how serious the militia threat was.

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    All I can say is that you are the most ignorant and insane asshole I have ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. Oh, and I might add FUCK YOU. You can kiss my mezuzah.

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